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iPod Nano 5th Generation Review



In September, 2009, the latest addition to the Apple iPod Nano family was released: the iPod Nano 5th Generation.  Available in nine colours [black, silver, green, blue, pink, purple and orange, as well as the Apple Store exclusive colours yellow and red] and two size options [8GB and 16GB], the new nano looked great!


The new nanos look very similar to their predecessors; the fourth generation nanos.  However, they have undergone minor changes.  The screen has been enlarged and the click wheel has slightly shrunk and been lowered towards the bottom of the music player.

On the back of the nano is a new feature, a video camera, which will be looked into later in this review.  The shiny finish is scratch-resistant and the nano is very sturdy.


A video camera makes its debut on the iPod nano.  Although the placing seems awkward and required you to hold the nano with one hand, often resulting in a thumb blocking out the camera, the videos taken are of reasonable quality.  You can apply 16 effects to the video such as sepia and mirror to make the videos more fun.  The nano stores the videos.

It also now includes an internal speaker.  The sound quality it low, but is to be expected from an iPod of such small size.  The nano also enables Menu Voice-over and a voice recorder.  The final new feature is a radio which detects radio stations, using your plugged in earphones as antennae.  The radio quality is good and clear and in certain regions, the nano allows you to tag a song you hear which you can purchase when the iPod is synced with your computer.

Final say

The iPod nano is a good investment for owners of old iPods and new users but is not worth buying if you own a fourth generation nano.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

6 thoughts on “iPod Nano 5th Generation Review

  1. Hm… This addition to the Nanos isn’t worth it. Sure, it may have a camera… But c’mon, VGA? No thanks. (: ‘Sides. I’m happy with what I got.

    Josh, it’s great seeing you back to blogging. Or is this a hoax?
    Josh’s [1st ever] Response:
    Of course it’s not a hoax! I hope this blog won’t be a failed comeback, though =]

  2. haha melissa + aanti- iPod 😀

    zune pwns

  3. How much is this Ipod?? I wish to purchase and own one! Maybe the fat man who lives in the melting ice caps can bring me one! Great review Josh! :-p

  4. Opus; in Australian dollars: The 8GB one is $199 and the 16GB one is $249. Check the apple store for prices in US dollars.

  5. Wow… $199? I got my touch recently for $230 Australian. A Melbourne shop, ‘swell.

    Off topic:
    Lol, I was at the Melbourne Central today and saw loads of people I know. Small world.

  6. superior sound, nice interface from creative, sleek, good ergonomic design..

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