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Ten Tips On Designing Your Website/Blog


Hey there!

First of all – wow.  The number of hits we got yesterday blew me away.  Over 600!  That’s more than Raining Water EVER got!  Thank you so much! ILY all ;]

We all know having a well-designed blog is super important.  To me, there’s nothing worst than a blog that looks terrible.  So, I have compiled ten fantastic tips to help you with designing your blog or website.

1. Use Colour Co-ordination – There are many handy websites, like colorblender.com that can help you choose the perfect colour palette for your site.  Experiment and find the perfect colours.

2. Automatic Coloured Text is the best- unless you have CSS where you can change the colour of all the text on your site, stick with automatic coloured text.  This means that although it all looks black on most themes, if you switch to a black theme all the automatic coloured text turns a grey colour, so everything is always easy to read.

3. Make your header stand out. A header is designed to catch attention so make it stand out and grab everyone’s attention.  Make it bright and colourful and make a statement about your blog.

4. Format your text. Make your text in posts look neat and unified – either all centered or all aligned to the left.  Add bold and underline where necessary to make key points stand out.

5. Use Headings – This isn’t so much design-wise, but using headings where needed can help unify your blog.

6. Don’t overdo design. One of the worst things you can do is overdo your design by having too many patterns everywhere.  Simplistic is often the best.

7. Avoid red. Red text, as well as yellow, burns the eyes.

8. Unify images. You have a header with stripes?  Make all your other logos look the same so everything looks unified; eg. on your home page and your linkback widget.

9. Ask for advice. If you are unsure, ask others if they like your design.  Make sure they are being honest!

10. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd – that is the best thing you can do when designing your blog.

If you have any other design tips, submit them in a comment.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

5 thoughts on “Ten Tips On Designing Your Website/Blog

  1. hii!! wow nice header ^_^
    missed your blog, happy your back!

    says yuppee!

  2. Cool tips! I’m going to try out your tips right now!

    Nevermind T_T

  3. Thanks for the share dude,, this is helpful

    nice share

  4. @Andrea Arga Santosa, no problem, thanks for the feedback.

  5. Very useful information! I especially like #10. 😉

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