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A New Project Already?


Hello there.

Christmas is soon coming and fast approaching – did you know there are less than two months until the man in red suit comes visiting?

As is the tradition with my blogs, I will be decorating this site with a festive theme when December comes.  I have a lot planned.

One of the things starting earlier, though, is something I like to call The Best Of Awards” or the BOAS ;]

This will be appearing on the site within the next week.  I love award shows, as long as Kanye West isn’t there, and I thought it would be fun to have one of my own.

So when the page opens soon, you can send your nominations in for various things such as Song of the Year and Most Influential Person.  After two or three weeks, nominations will close and voting will commence for a few weeks more.  After that is done, I will announce the winners.

I want to get this done before Christmas, so I will be starting it very soon.  Get excited!

Another thing that is important that could hinder me from posting much is exams.  They will be happening in a fortnight, and I need to study.  Lots.  This weekend is a four day weekend due to Melbourne Cup Day, so I will be studying then.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get on much during the week of the exams, so please don’t fret if you don’t see a post for three days during that week.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

24 thoughts on “A New Project Already?

  1. Ughhhh, you guys are so lucky you get Melbourne Cup day as a national holiday. I want it tooo!!!! But good luck studying (and I’m psyched for the awards 🙂 )

  2. Not really a national holiday, seeing as its just our state, but a public holiday =p

  3. Meh, same thing. I’m still annoyed we don’t get it.

  4. It doesn’t seem fair does it…last time I checked you don’t have any NSW-exclusive public holidays (do you?) but then you have other benefits. Oh well, too bad for you ;]

  5. Other benefits? Please…it’s not that exciting out here. And no, I don’t think we do…?

  6. Sweet header

    Josh’s Response:
    Don’t advertise. Do I really have to say that? It’s quite obvious, really.

  7. Pfft. Holidays -_- Who needs ’em? (or more importrantly, who get’s ’em?)

    In other news, I have exams too. So I really should be studying o;

    The calm before the storm.. Thalmberm

  8. intresting… ill take part in this

  9. Hey Josh! I like the new site!
    Thanks a ton for the post. I mentioned you in my new one 😀
    Have fun with your new blog!!
    Josh’s Response:
    Thanks, you’re welcome, thanks and thanks =]

  10. This weekend is a four day weekend due to Melbourne Cup Day
    If only this could spread towards the rest of Aus…

  11. Agreed. Wait…four days??? :O Why four? All our pulic holidays are 3 day weekends (if they’re nex to a weekend)

  12. Four is just an epic number.

  13. Well, in all state schools you get the Saturday and Sunday off [duhhh] and the Tuesday off, but go to school on Monday. Our school is a private school and realise that it’s stupid to go to school for a day then have a holiday, especially since many people would go away for the weekend, so they give us the Monday off as a Curriculum Day.

  14. ARGGHHH! Our school is private, but they’re school obsessed so they’d make us come.

  15. Haha. I remember in primary school I went to a state school. On the Monday half the class were absent so we did snail races…with snails…[this was in Grade 2-ish]
    I can’t believe I was so silly ;p

  16. I bet that took…three? Maybe four hours to finish? XD

  17. Cup Day ftw.

    I, too, get a 4 day holiday (not to mention I get today off; Thursday). lolol

    How long have you been in Melbourne for, Josh?

    I was in Melb. Central just on Sunday and saw loads of people I knew. Small world.

  18. Oh, gee. Didn’t notice I’d already said that. >.>

  19. Atleast I’m getting out of school early to leave for a trip to Sydney…

  20. Lol; My family and I go up to Sydney every year.

    Have a good one 😉

  21. Thanks! I used too live in Sydney but I moved so just dropping in and saying Hi to everyone.-

  22. ehh, i think ill enter, maybe. idk, wait yes i will, i think. okay.

  23. SNAILSSSSS!!! Where did you get them from??

    Wizardly Idiot, uh…hi? Sydney is awesome-ish. Sometimes..lol

  24. Nah bro it good.

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