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Blog Review: DarnStraight


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Blog Review: DarnStraight

dstraIn short: A creative blog with witty posts that lacks the design factor.

As per normal, with all my blog reviews, this one is split into three categories: CONTENT, DESIGN and OVERALL.


The content on DarnStraight is witty and creative.  The posts range from funny ones with videos and images to ones about school and serious issues in life.  There are around three posts per week.

DarnStraight is home to many pages, including a detailed Visitor Centre, albeit not updated frequently.  Like the Visitor Centre, many of DarnStraight’s games, such as Ridiculous Riddles, are seldom updated.

Despite this, the content on DarnStraight is imaginative and appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences, mostly catering for pre-teens and young teenagers.

Score: 4/5


Chad, owner of DarnStraight, has purchased the Custom CSS upgrade for his blog, which has allowed him to make large modifications to the design of his site.  However, design-wise, DarnStraight isn’t doing too well.

The colours used clash – a dark blue and dark green striped background with default coloured blue, orange, yellow and red text (changing colour every line).  There is little unity between the colours used and with the fonts and headers.

The header, featuring a rotating image of the cover from the Black Eyed Peas’ album ‘The E.N.D.’, displays more different colours.

Score: 2/5


As I mentioned earlier in this review, DarnStraight is a magnificent site content-wise, but its design lets it down.  Chad needs to work on uniting the blog together with harmonious colours and fonts and appeal to the eye and needs to avoid the use of changing colours with every line.

There is a lot of potential in this blog to go further, and if some simple steps are taken, this may be so.

Final Score: 6.5/10



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

25 thoughts on “Blog Review: DarnStraight

  1. I’d appreciate your feedback on my first blog review.

    Do I think I was too harsh? Do you agree with my comments?

    Please note; you may have noticed the two scores don’t add up to the final score. This isn’t a mistake.


  2. Ah, the first review of the season. 😉

  3. And many more to come, by the looks of it.

    I’ve FINALLY started work on the awards.

  4. Read it. You really do look at every single aspect of the site don’t you? haha lol.

    As always, a very good post.

  5. What are you talking about???

    And thanks.

  6. [No edit button?]

    Oh, in my review? Haha. That’s what a review does.

  7. Haha, can’t wait for a review of my l’il game. ^^;

  8. You ever plan on purchasing CSS, Joshyboy?

  9. If someone gives it to me. Haha. I’m not spending my money ;]

  10. I’d work for it, if I had to, in a contest or whatever, because then I know I’d deserve it.

  11. 11 comments… And 5/11 are mine. lolol

  12. And the rest are mine =]

  13. Lol. Any heads on what your next post will be on?

  14. Many possibilities;

    ~another blog review
    ~the BOOTY awards
    ~deep post about learning from your mistakes
    ~blog tips
    ~tutorial on making a home page

  15. Wowzers…

    I’m at a lost as to what to post on my blog. Want to post a way early trailer for Project 15809… But I just can’t be bothered.

    I’ll just go and play guitar. ^^;


    P.S. Might as well play some games too.

  16. Well, have fun.

    I’m almost done with the pages for the BOOTY awards. Time consuming.

  17. THE BOOTY AWARDS ARE READY so visit the page please.

  18. thank yu! 65% at least isnt failing haha.
    And yuh i like changing the colors and i wish i knew how to frequently change the background too but ilan made it for me and im have trouble still figuring it out but, thanks anyways 😀

    booty xD

  19. heyy and i like my header :-\

  20. Reivewed By U

    Nice review Josh!

  21. Good review, I agree with your design comments. I like how instead of just saying ”Oh his design sucks, yadda yadda yadda” you actually gave some tipes.

  22. Hey there everyone i was just introduceing myself here im a first time visitor who hopes to become a daily reader!

  23. Hey everyone just wanna say hello and introduce myself!

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