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Hello there ~

First of all, wow.  Today isn’t even over yet and we’ve got the highest hits we’ve had since the second day of this blog.  Over 200!  THANKYOU!

And we have officially past 3,000 hits [a bit late…it happened a few hours ago]  And I don’t trust the “Who’s online” widget, but it says 8.

This place is booming and I see a great future for it ;]

I’m sure you all remember my perseverance post.

On the recent wilderness survival camp I embarked on a few weeks ago, we faced our fears head on.

Abseiling down a cliff face, hiking in the middle of nowhere for hours, swimming in ice cold water at 7 am, being lost in the wilderness [that’s another story].

We were constantly being faced with life changing experiences.

At times we didn’t want to face our fears; we were content with being deathly afraid of heights or terrified of bugs.

The instructors shared something very powerful the morning of the abseiling.

Think of two tree branches.  One is young and soft but bent.  The other is old and hard, and also bent.

Which would be easier to make straight?  The young one or the old one?

The young one.

We are like the branches.  When we are young, it is easier to mould us and take away fears and taking away the bent part of us, making us “straight”.

As we get older, it gets harder to do so and harder to confront our fears.

Remember that when you are faced with challenges.

You will grow if you face them head-on and will never regret it.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

5 thoughts on “Face Those Fears!

  1. A post from Josh. Reading now.

  2. Heya josh,
    I recently got your comment on my blog and i’ll delete the page… But when I put it up, I had no clue who u were… So I’m sorry for that… But I have a question, I just looked at ur blog and I can’t find the game? Can you show it to me because I wanna see what you made outta the game… Sorry for taking the page from you… I’ll be sure to delete it next time I’m on the computer…
    -Luhy :mrgreen:

  3. Josh, I have to disagree with your branch analogy. I liked the rest of the post, though.

  4. Interesting…very deep there…
    Then again, I am deathly afraid of many things (grates [as in the ground ones], bugs, fire etc) though when it comes to spiders I am just a complete wreck. It’s bad.
    I think I’d find it pretty hard to overcome that. I mean, when I say I’m bad…well, It’s alright if I just see them…but if they’re anywhere near me I freak. I curl up into a ball and shake and occasionally cry, if they’ve touched me, like a 3 year old. I can’t ever see myself getting over that.

    Still, good post.

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