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Five Ways To Beat Procrastination


Hey there ~

Exams around the corner, so don’t expect many posts.

Procrastination kills us.  “I’ll do that report tomorrow.”  “I’ll finish that chore later.”

Putting things off is a terrible thing to do, but thankfully there are ways to beat procrastination.

1. Prioritise. Make a list and do the most important things first.  This really helps to reach your goals in both the short-term and long-term.

2. Think of the rewards. If you finish your homework now instead of leaving it until midnight, you get to sleep earlier and get it out of the way earlier.  Looking at the positives of doing things now is a good idea.

3. Persevere. This just keeps coming up, doesn’t it?  Persevere with the task.

4. Reward yourself for persevering. This will help you to do the same in the future.

5. Plan! Make a plan of exactly what you want to do, when you want to complete it and how you are going to do it.

Follow those tips and you’ll never procrastinate again!  …I hope.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

15 thoughts on “Five Ways To Beat Procrastination

  1. We got a MASSIVE 480 hits yesterday – the highest since opening day. Thanks ~

  2. But procrastination is so much funnnn! Ugh…don’t make me…lol

  3. Heyya… I’m just here again asking how it’s copyright if the 3 word game is nothing like urs… First of yes is actual sentences… Mine is 3 words each time… Also, your games is storybuilder so can you please explain to me how that’s copyright? I have copyright on my site too… I’m not going around blaming people for coming up with the same ideas as me… Because the person probably didn’t know me… Like the quote says, great minds think alike 😉
    -Luhy :mrgreen:

  4. ****first of all yours is sentences, mime is 3 words each time.

  5. ***also your games name is storybuilder, mine is 3 word game, so how is that copyright?

  6. I do all my homework at 10:00 every night. Doing your homework right before you go to sleep has been proven to help you remember the assignments and information.

  7. The argument your having with Luhy is Stupid. I dont want to be mean, but it seems like in your absence, you became the Internet Police. I know nobody likes it when they are copied, but you dont need to go to extreme measures to pick out every single person and force them to put a link to your site.

    The 3 word game is not like storybuilder. Sure your making a story, but its not exactly copying your game word for word.

    You left your blog in March. Luhy has had his blog before you quit, and after you came back. He’s had that game for a VERY long time on his website.

    Think about if you had this game that you thought of yourself (Because TRUST ME, this isnt an original Josh game, there are games like this everywhere) and out of nowhere, some guy comes back from quitting, and accuses you of copyright for something stupid, and threatens to get your site that you worked so hard on if he didnt put a link up so you could get a COUPLE MORE VIEWS?

    This is idiotic, and I recommend you drop it. Its stupid to make a fuss about, and he thought of it himself, because I assure you he didnt get the idea from one of your websites. He didnt know you existed until this.

    He’s just a kid with a site like us, he’s worked very hard, dont make things uncomfortable and awkward for him, because he’s one of my friends, and he’s sad and confused about this whole situation, and he’s afriad his hard work will get deleted, and he will go to jail.

    Im not trying to be mean to you Josh, your one of my best online friends and you always will be, im just telling you that you’ve gone over the top with this whole Copyright thing.

    Josh’s Response;
    Ah, the blogging fights all over again.
    First of all, before you accuse someone of “fighting”, please get your facts straight. It’s not an argument; I just informed him of the violation of the copyright stuff, and asked him to take action. He could add a link to me [as subtle as he liked, mind you] or he could delete it. He asked why, I responded. It’s not over the top.
    I don’t want to get into another fight – I’ve had my fair share of ones on Rainingwater and fylliper; I just asked him nicely and it doesn’t have much to do with you.

  8. It’s kind of depressing that only two of these comments are about the actual post.

  9. OK guys, woah…lets just calm down. Both are valid perspectives, and personally, I have no insight into whats going on so I’m not going to pretend that I do…however… lets not start something and make a mountain out of a molehill here.

    On a lighter note, I took your advice and actually ‘perservered’ with this French work that I probably should have started ages ago. I finished it and am feeling much better about myself. 🙂

  10. Josh, I am not trying to “fight” or anything. You are you good man[?], and I can see that.

    For many years, I’ve been around forums (+ blogs) and I can tell you one thing: Games like “ABC-Animal Game”, “Counting Game” & “Story Game” (whether it is a sentance or 3 words) are ALL classics. They, by no means, are “owned” by anyone.

    Look, Josh, I’m sorry if I break our l’il friendship or something, but I needed to make a point, and I don’t mean to “be against” you.

    Over all else, I agree with Chad’s statements.

  11. ^ Sorry for commenting the above comment before saying anything about the topic.

    I don’t really anything to say about this one. Only thing is that this post seems to reflect my blog posting habits. xD

    On my old (and current) blogs, I always have these post ideas in my head. I think up of all these things to write about… Then when time comes and I am sitting in front of the computer, I think to myself: i cbs. Sometime I would type up half the post and would give up half way. I must have a hundred posts in my drafts.

  12. Ah… I forgot to add:

    By the time I ACTUALLY get down to posting – it would have been too late, and I have lost all interest in posting. haha

  13. …Okay then, I guess I’ll just withdraw my request for Luhy to add the credit. If you insist, oh loyal viewers ;]

  14. I have like, a gazillion drafts too….they just pile up don’t they?

  15. Just sticking up for a friend, cuz he was worried, so thanks for taking away your request 😀

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