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Blog Review: Umph’s Ultra Bunny Website


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Blog Review; Umph’s Ultra Bunny Website


In short; Regular posts let down by terrible design.


New posts are normally made daily, but there are sometimes long breaks between post, which suggests slight inconsistency.  The posts vary in size, from being ten lines to dozens.  Although the majority of the posts revolve around Umph’s life, some are detailed reviews and others contain videos.  The writing style is generally informal, making it hard to read for a long period of time.  The grammar used is also often redundant, meaning something is said that is already implied.  [eg. “They [Bob, Bill, Norm] went to investigate.  Norm was sent to investigate.” We already knew Norm was doing that]

The pages include a “Kitchen” which has had no material on it since October, a “Community Events” page listing important dates and things that people would want to do, and of course there is a “Games” page.

The content is so-so.  There is no major downfall but there is nothing that makes me want to read anything.



The colour coordination is atrocious.  Umph has bought Custom CSS, which allows her to make custom backgrounds for her blog, etc.  However, she would be better off without it.  The background, featuring multicoloured lightning bolts on a black background, is poorly made.  The header is a worst offender, sporting more bright and default colours on a black background with out of proportion and terribly extracted images.

The colour of the post text varies even more, from the hideous lime greens to dark blue and RED.  All on a white background.

If I were a first-time visitor, I would think Umph is trying to burn my eyes.

SCORE; 1/5


Umph’s Ultra Bunny Website is a site that, to me, screams “Average” and “Poorly Designed”.

However, with [a lot] more thought into the colours chosen, Umph can go a long way.  It all starts with organising a colour scheme that consists of, at maximum, five colours.  Avoid using red on black OR white background.  The only time you should use red as text is if it is a variation of the default eye-burning red and not used exceedingly.




Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

14 thoughts on “Blog Review: Umph’s Ultra Bunny Website

  1. I do realise I was harsh in that review…but they did sign up for it ;]

  2. Oh, the header looks funny. It looked great when I was making it, haha.

    I’ll fix it up later.

  3. Pwoah… I might wanna withdraw my submission. lol. nah jk. I’d like to see what you have to say about a development blog. haha

    How many reviews can a blog have?

  4. I like you’re constructive criticism. You’re not afraid to say what needs to be said, and you know how to say it. Good job.

  5. @Phi; haha. One review at the moment is the maximum. If you’ve had a review, you need to wait one month to request a new one.

    @Sssaam; Thanks

  6. See the new header? I made every bit of it all by myself =D

  7. Tweaking is complete. I love the contrast of black and orange more than having two oranges [in the background]

  8. you, should totally, review my blog. :p

  9. @ Josh;

    That’s a good idea. Gives people a chance to improve and return better than ever.

  10. I agree that my design looks…Not so good. But for now, until I decide to change it again and get the proper graphics, I’m gonna keep it like this. Thanks for the review and feeback 😀

  11. Nice review. I like how you say what you really think about her site.

    Awesome new theme, btw! I love the header! 😀

  12. A very nice header indeed. Sorry I couldn’t comment yesterday. It just wouldn’t load for some reason.

  13. love your review
    you kept it to the truth 🙂

  14. Hey! Thanks for the comment. Your site design is pretty awesome too, and I love the header. 😀 And yeah, if you’d like a review, you can just link me in your blogroll on your sidebar. It’s cool that you do reviews as well! I’ll get started ASAP, your review should be done in a few days!

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