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Game Review; Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)



Two reviews in two days seems a bit much, but it has to be done.

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Review; Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)

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The plot of Animal Crossing: City Folk [also known as Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City] is the same as its predecessors – you move into a town full of animals where you will spend the rest of your life.

The game starts with you travelling to a new town on bus.  You are asked various questions which ultimately determine what your character looks like.

As you arrive in your quaint town, a shopkeeper greets you.  That’s Tom Nook.  You’ll learn to hate him as the game goes on.

You settle into your empty house only to find that the rent for it is huge.  To pay it off you’re going to have to sell anything you can find – fish, fruit, carpet, furniture and even bugs – to the budding entrepreneur that is Tom Nook.  Luckily, he’ll buy almost anything your pockets can carry.Image 13

You’ve earned a few thousand Bells – the local currency – and head over to pay off your mortgage for good.  The moment you step out of the bank, Tom Nook wants to renovate your house to make it more spacious.  You agree.  And once again you’re stuck with a mortgage – an even bigger one.

This process repeats until you live in a mansion with half a dozen rooms decorated to your liking.

Don’t want to pay off your house?  Go fishing or finding bugs instead.  The great thing about Animal Crossing is that there is nothing you have to do after the first hour of play – it’s a free world, and boy does it feel good.

Image 15

You can socialise with your quirky neighbours.  They range from sporty roosters to angry wolves to peppy frogs.  You can trade items with them and engage in the odd fishing competition.  Although their phrases our limited [yes, Olivia, you told me about your new carpet.  Nineteen times] it’s charming to chat away with them.

These neighbours get sick and want you to buy them medicine.  They get sad and angry and happy, just as any chimpanzee or rabbit living in a house would.  But the time comes for all of them to move out.  Of course, you can try to convince them to stay, but the only way you get new residents is buy the old ones leaving.

Image 35

Developing friendships with the residents is one of the most worthwhile and fun tasks in the game.  They will trust you with “secrets” and gossip about other residents [did you know Harry and Shirley are dating?] and even give you framed photos of them that you can put in your house.  Or sell.

Everything that happens on the game goes according to the internal clock on the Wii.  It’s annoying that you can’t do much at night after you come home from school, but that’s how life works.

However, the snow that falls during Winter and the way the leaves turn orange in Autumn is divine.  The regular bug catching and fishing tournaments as well as community events [Yay Day and Ladida Day] bring the game together.

Image 23

Several visitors come in to town on a regular basis, such as Sahara the carpet camel saleswoman.

The new feature in the Wii version of the hit game is the ability to travel out of town and into the city.

Image 6

This feature is, however, disappointing.  There is little to do in the city if you come at a bad time, other than going to an auction [which takes weeks to work properly] and the fancy shop which sells clothing for hundreds of thousands of bells.  It’s a nice addition, but it wasn’t used to its potential.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is more or less the same as its predecessors.  Hardcore Animal Crossing fans [like myself] are sure to buy it, but if you own the DS version, it’s not worth spending more to buy what is really the same thing, without the portability.

It’s a charming game, though, and I love it to pieces.




Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

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  1. Oh, the pictures are bigger than the margins.

  2. Once again, a great review.

  3. I’m getting this game 🙂

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