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The BOOTY Awards; The Nominations Are In!


Howdy ~

JOSH: I’m Josh, the owner of Tinted Lens, and you’re watching The BOOTY Awards Voting Night!



JOSH: Thankyou for joining me at St Kilda Beach, here for the announcement of the BOOTY Awards voting thingys!  Boy, do we have a show for you!


JOSH: But first, let’s cross over to Mika, who is in the green room!

MIKA: Hi Josh, it’s me Mika!  Thanks for having me!

JOSH: Mika, what’s up?

MIKA: I’m with the people who entered that contest, Josh.

JOSH: Yes you are.

MIKA: I’m here with Chad, Sssaam, Bones, Phi and Squishy!  Hey guys!  How are you all?

BONES: Puzzled by pirates…GREAT THANKS.

SQUISHY: *looks up from book* Great, thanks, my exams are now over and I’m really into this book.  You should read it.

MIKA: And do you remember what the prizes were?  We decided to reduce it to one winner because there will be more contests.  Prizes?

SSSAAM: The lucky winner gets a header made by Josh and gets to be listed as the major sponsor for the BOOTY Awards with ads everywhere.

MIKA: That’s right.  Envelope please. *grabs envelope* And the winner is…




MIKA: Phi, you’ve just won a header and you are now the official major sponsor of the BOOTY Awards!  Would you like to say anything?

PHI: Woooooo! *cough* Oh, sorry, I have a cough.

MIKA: Well party till the night is day, Phi, my bud.  Back to you, Josh.

JOSH: And we’ll be back after the break!




Project XV VIII IX, the major sponsor of The BOOTY Awards


JOSH: Welcome back, you’re watching the BOOTY Awards!  Announcing the finalists in the first category, please welcome Michael Buble!


MICHAEL BUBLE: Thanks Joshy.  The first category is SONG OF THE YEAR!  So many entries, but so few could make it to the final round.  The finalists for song of the year are…

Love Story, Taylor Swift (Fearless)

Poker Face, Lady Gaga (The Fame)

I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas (The E.N.D)

Knock You Down, Keri Hilson feat. Ne-Yo and Kanye West (In A Perfect World…)


MICHAEL BUBLE: There are the finalists for the first category! Vote for them by dialling 1902 – 321 – 888! The second category, female artist of the year, had many submissions, but only four finalists emerged.

Lady Gaga

Taylor Swift




MICHAEL BUBLE: Remember you can vote by dialling 1902 – 321 – 888! And the finalists for male artist of the year are…




John Mayer


MICHAEL BUBLE: Remember, you can vote by dialling 1900 – 321 – 888! Thankyou and goodnight!


JOSH: And now the finalists for the band or group category.  This was a very hard category, and the four finalists are…

The Black Eyed Peas

La Roux

Cobra Starship

The Script

JOSH: Personally, I could only narrow it down to the best eight bands which shows just how close it was.  To the bands that missed out, sorry, but please vote by dialling 1900 – 321 – 888! The finalists for album of the year are…

Funhouse, P!nk

The Fame, Lady Gaga

I Am…Sasha Fierce, Beyonce

Circus, Britney Spears


JOSH: Remember, vote by dialling 1900 – 555 – 888!  We’ll be back after this ad break with a performance from Mika!



DivumDev, the home of Project XV VIII IX


JOSH: Let’s hear it for Mika with his smash hit, Happy Ending!



JOSH: Thankyou Mika!  Woohoo!  The finalists for movie of the year are…


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Get Smart

JOSH: Once again, call 1800 – 321 – 888 to vote! Now please welcome BRITNEY SPEARS!


BRITNEY: Oh my —


BRITNEY: Josh this is crazy!  I love this!  Wow!


BRITNEY: The finalists for actor of the year are…

Heath Ledger

Robert Pattinson

Johnny Depp

Nicholas Cage


BRITNEY: You can vote for them my dialling those numbers flashing on the screen. Actress of the year finalists are…

Megan Fox

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Aniston

Julie Benz


BRITNEY: I think you know you can vote for them, right? The nominations for TV Show of the year are…

Spongebob Squarepants





BRITNEY: And on that note, I’m handing it over to the Glee Cast with their magnificent cover of Don’t Stop Believing!



JOSH: Thanks Britney, we’ll see you again a bit later!  After the break, the final batch of finalists!



Play the demo at divumdev ~


JOSH:  Welcome back, and welcome local blogger Phi!


PHI: So I’ve just been told I’m announcing the rest of the finalists. Thanks Josh.

JOSH: You get my pity.

PHI: Hahaha.  The finalists for blog of the year are…

“That Boy Who Blogs” by Ilan

“The Panic Button” by Sssaam, Pablo, Sreimer, Jjacobb and Cstarr

“Feelin’ Red” by Josie

“Moose Prints” by Carly


PHI: Once again, by calling 1900 – 321 – 888 you can vote for your favourite!  Possibly the toughest category was the blogger of the year, and the finalists are:

Chad, DarnStraight

Melissa, Stephanie and Christine, The Chipmunk Club

Ilan, That Boy Who Blogs

Brian, The Lights & Buzz


PHI: You can vote by dialling the number on the screen. Nominations for celebrity of the year are…

Lady Gaga


Brad Pitt

Shia Labeouf

PHI: The finalists for most inspirational person were truly touching.  The finalists, with their original reasons given by their nominators, are…

Ben Underwood

Why: I remember seeing him on the news or something (and I had to look him up to find out what his name was because I completely forgot) but he was diagnosed with retinal cancer (that means his eyes) at the age of two. However, he proved that though he was blind, he was still a capable, remakable and beautiful person. Amazingly, he was able to ’see’ where he was going by using a type of sonar. This meant that he could tell you what a room looked like by clicking his tongue.
Unfortunately, Ben died this year in January (he was 16), but has proved to the world that any obstacle can be tackled, no matter how hard. He is an inspiration to all.

Nelson Mandela

WHY; After being jailed for 27 years for being accused of terrorism when he fought against the South African government to oppose black slavery, Nelson Mandela won the Presidential Election by a huge majority. He is one of the most inspirational people I have ever seen.

Kate Cook, Australian Idol Season 7

WHY; Kate grew up in a small country town in Queensland and her mother committed suicide when Kate was a teenager. Before going to idol she was a meat abater and she has come a long way. Although I hated her music, she was an inspiration to go for your dreams no matter what.

Carrie Underwood, American Idol Season 4

WHY; Carrie grew up as a poor child living in a small country town with 2 sisters and her parents. She had a hard life working on the fields but she always had a great voice. After she won american idol her life changed drastically and she encouraged everyone that no matter how big their dream is, they can always achieve it.


PHI: Truly inspirational and deserving of a vote, don’t you think? The final category.  The finalists for word of the year are…






JOSH: And that brings to an end the nominations post of the BOOTY AWARDS!


JOSH: And please thank our fantastic special guests!  Give a hand for Michael Buble, Mika, Phi, Chad, Sssaam, Bones, Squishy, Britney Spears and the Glee Cast!


JOSH: Remember all you need to do to vote is dial 1900 – 321 – 888! Voting closes on Monday 30th November and the awards show will be held during that week!

JOSH: I’m Josh, thanks for watching!




-This post took four days to write!

-The polls may take some time to put up, so do not fret if you cannot find them on the page

-Sorry for the delay

More notes:

-I used a random number generator to decide the winner of the contest.  I assigned all the participants a number from 1 – 5 in the order in which they commented, and the winning number was the one Phi had.

-The voting lines are now ready

-The timeline has been changed again to make room for the time it took to write this

-There are more prizes you can get for voting

-Phi, I’ll contact you about your prizes


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

22 thoughts on “The BOOTY Awards; The Nominations Are In!

  1. Pwoah!


    PHI: Woooooo! *cough* Oh, sorry, I have a cough.

    Af first, I was like, “what the hell?” Then I remembered what I’d been doing all week: coughing.

    Ommigosh! I actually spoke to Mika last night without even knowing! (:

    I’m quite disappointed that Ronald (McDonald) is a no-show up there, though. ): *cough*

    That nearly took ME four hours to write. haha

  2. I just realised something.

    People ’round here seem to have a specific “blogging trend”.

    First it was all Club Penguin. Then came the big “I quit”. Followed by a “new” about me blog. Before you know it, kids everywhere will be blogging about their own in-development games. ;D haha


  3. Bahaha, I love this! 😀 Carrie Underwood and Glee are awesomely amazing.

  4. PHWAH!

    Bones: I’m Puzzled by Pirates

    That was fun. Grats to all the finalists of the BOOTY awards, and grats to Phi 😀

    Ebay o;

  5. great post! cant wait to vote!

    im obviously the quiet one in the group, arent i ?

  6. @Phi; haha, that’s what happens when a post is written over four days haha. and, your second comment…what?

    @Emily; Why thankyou.

    @Bones; I had to add something unique that you’d say.

    @Chad; Thanks. When you say quiet one, do you mean for the prizes part? Yeah…I couldn’t think of something for you to say. Or for Phi to say, but he ended up winning.

  7. Haha, the voting number changed half way through =x

  8. And the voting lines are ready =]

  9. “1900 – 321 – 888”
    when i called that number a lady wanted to have sex with me. :p

    Josh’s Response;
    That was my secretary, Boris.

  10. https://tintedlens.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/the-sweet-day-josh-came-back/#comment-798

    As for the “beta testing”. Maybe you should click the above link. – Takes you to an earlier comment of mine.:)

  11. OK, here is what I said:

    Hey Josh.

    If you’re going to write a review for my blog, maybe you should try out the Beta Demo first (and before any other person, haha)? I’ll send you an email if you decide to – just give me a shoot. 🙂

  12. June 30 is plenty of time to order a header.

    Perhaps you could make me a banner instead?

    Oh, and do the ads in the BOOTY Awards post count?

  13. First of all, WOW! Amazing blog. Two thumbs up. 🙂 I’d like you to advertise my blog, if that’s ok, if not keep being awesome! imapaintitblack.blogspot.com

  14. Wheeeewwww, big post there. Nice. Nice.
    And I would totally say that. LOL. I always have exams. I wonder what book it was (though I’m sure you should read it).
    Now I have to vote…whew..
    and congrats Phi, by the way. 🙂

  15. The BOOTY awards a great idea! I love it.
    Go Glee 😀 Best show on TV currently!
    Haha, weren’t Mika and Micheal Buble both on Aus Idol last night?

  16. Pingback: Failure: Part 1 « Tinted Lens ~

  17. Awesome post! Haha, I could actually imagine watching this on the TV. xD

  18. just wanna say… *SQUEE!* I love you! thanks you!

    and I LOVE MIKA! not even kidding! He’s my current favorite :]

    uber happy!

  19. Um, Josh, not to be rude, but you can’t just use someone’s name and say that they said something. That can, in fact, be considered defamation. I don’t mind you using my name, but just be cautious in the future. There can be some very harsh consequences of stating someone said something that they never actually said.

    Josh’s Response;
    I suppose today’s a day for strange comments. Seriously, it’s all fictional. Do I really have to put at the end “The contents of this post are all fictional and any similarities to an event in real life are coincidental and unintended” or something???

  20. Yes, it is very obvious that it was fictional, but impersonation and defamation is serious business. It may not apply to you right now, but as your blog grows, you may want to put disclaimers in posts when you state a false quote. Trust me, Josh, I’ve been down this road before, and it isn’t pleasant. The Panic Button was on the verge of being deleted because of this. I just want to warn you about how severe things can get when your blog gets busier. I don’t wish to fight with you, goodbye.

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