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Failure; Part 3


Selamat pagi!

Wow, I haven’t spoken Indonesian for ages…

First of all, don’t forget to vote for the BOOTY Awards if you haven’t already.  Most categories have around13 votes already, which is quite good.  Only one finalist is sitting on 0 votes at the moment, and some categories are extremely close while others…just aren’t.

Secondly, I’ve been doing community service for school, which is cool.  I’ve been socialising with homeless people and helping out in soup kitchens, weeding farms that donate their food to charities and working in an op shop.  Of course for free.

Thirdly, I posted the second instalment in the failure series two days ago.  It has zero comments.  To be honest, I was shocked that it had no comments yet people had commented in other places.  I can’t remember the last time one of my posts had zero comments for 48 hours.  In the past three years, I don’t think that has happened too often.

Fourthly, I got some strange comments yesterday and the day before.  One was apparently from someone’s stepdad, but it sounded like the stepdad watched a lot of Hannah Montana [he said something like “homo say what?”].  Another was from someone regarding “defamation” by putting people’s names in the BOOTY Awards post.  Strange comments.

Fifthly, I’m going to stop using those words at the start of the next point.

We also made it to 6,000 hits, bringing up my 200,000th career hit!  Hoorah!  [A breakdown for you; fylliperguuse got 7000, fylliper 138,000, rainingwater received 49,000 and tintedlens has 6000).

So yay ~

And last but not least, regarding improving this blog, I recently had a review done of tintedlens and Emily [the reviewer] suggested some points of improvement.  But before making the changes, I thought I would ask of your opinion.  Tell me in a comment, please.

The Home Page

Emily says it is rather pointless.  Should I delete it, keep it as it is or keep it and add stuff to it?

The Chat Page

Once again, it seems pointless.  Delete it or keep it?

The Reviews Page

She says it is annoying to have them spread over pages, and suggests to condense them into one page.  Should I;

leave it as it is

instead of putting links on the separate pages [eg tv reviews, music reviews] put the actual reviews there

put ALL the reviews on the one page [with headings]

And now, concluding the failure saga.


Part 1: Your Failure

Part 2: Dealing with Failure

Part 3: Dealing with Other People’s Failure

Part 3: Dealing With Other People’s Failure

You know how to deal with your own failure now, don’t you?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the FailBlog, which allows users to post “fails” – failures, you could say.

epic fail pictures

And we all know those obnoxious people who make fun of all the mistakes we make, no matter how little.

Laughing at you, putting you down with mean, but often unintentional, words and actions.

When you see someone make a mistake, or “fail”, stop and think for a minute.

If that was you, you wouldn’t like everyone pointing at you and laughing or taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook or something like that.

So why do it to them?



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

14 thoughts on “Failure; Part 3

  1. Ok, umm, I like the homepage, so don’t delete it. Agreed that you should add something too it though.
    Chat page, leave it. It’s where you comment about random junk when it goes no where else. Besides, what’s the harm in leaving it there? Someone might have to spare a few seconds *gasp* to click it, find there is nothing they want to look at and go somewhere else? No biggie.
    Reviews.. leave it. Or change it. I’m undecided.

    Short and sweet post, but still good. It’s super annoying when you suck at something and you try and be alright about it so that you don’t sound like a downer to everyone else and then you get laughed at. Argh. Obnoxious laughing people.

  2. yeah so, if anyone messes with the chat page, ima attack them. So yeah, leave it :p

    Whats the fail of the picture you have shown? I dont get it.

  3. The fail says

    “Honey Straws – 1 for one dollar, 2 for one dollar, 3 for one dollar” which is strange enough, but then it says “16 for five dollars” which is just plain random, and then it feels the need to say “Honey Straw packs for five dollars” and that’s where it gets confusing.

    And I disagree with all of the reviewers remarks. I think all of the criticized pages are just fine as they are. The home page could have stuff added to it though =S

    FAIL! Wait.. That’s not nice ;(

  4. Hey the demo has already been made. Just making sure it plays and stuff.

    I’m not sure when to give it to you (it’ll be before the Beta Test which should commence in 2 weeks times).

  5. I think the home page is rather pointless. But the chat page is alright. And for the reviews page, I think one page would be more appropriate :]

  6. Also, the splash page to me is pointless.


    On my blogroll, I had to put you up as: http://www.rainingwater.wordpress.com/blog

    This is only because I use my blogroll to quickly access your blog. I (and other people) come to this site to read the content of your blog, not some splash page.

  7. No problems, Josh. Go ahead and review Ilan. 😉

  8. I think you should add more stuff to the Home Page. 🙂
    I’m not sure about the other two pages though. Maybe you should see how many people visit them daily, and if not many people visit them, delete them? Or something. xD

  9. Josh;

    Alright, thanks, and I don’t think you answered this question: do you want me to half-base your review on the demo?

    No probs.

  10. (To continue)

    Go ahead. You’ll be getting it a week in advance (V.I.P.), haha. I don’t mind you reviewing it either – if you do decide to post screenshots (I would be flattered if you did), they’ll be the first.

  11. Oh, Josh, I realised you liked to write (after reading your bio).

    I was wondering, since you’re going to get the short demo early, if you wanted to write the beta walkthrough guide (if it isn’t any trouble)?

    If you ever need anymore information, I’ll be glad to answer ’em.

  12. Lets see……….

    Puffle – 4,000
    Sparky – 50,000
    Noodles – 8,000
    DarnStraight — 18,000

    So thats like 80,000

    Wow thats sad .

  13. Alright, fair enough.

    Just remember that the place is still open for a dedicated writer 😉

    All secrets will be exposed to the writer of the guide BTW. 😆

  14. Josh, i am jealous of all the comments you get on your posts 😮 lol..

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