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Album Review; The Fame Monster (Lady Gaga)


Wassup? ;p

Album Review; The Fame Monster (Lady Gaga, 2009)

‘The Fame Monster’, originally intended to be another deluxe edition of Lady Gaga’s previous smash hit album ‘The Fame’, was released less than ten days ago around the world.  It is sold as a standalone, containing eight magnificent songs, or as a deluxe edition also including all the songs from ‘The Fame’ as well as bonus tracks ‘Disco Heaven’ and ‘Retro Dance Freak’.

Throughout this incredible album, Lady Gaga stamps her name in the music world, claiming her own unique electronic pop sounds with often raunchy lyrics.  Lady Gaga stretches herself to new heights in every song.

The lead single, ‘Bad Romance’, is a catchy song, similar to ‘Poker Face’ with its own catchy hook (“Ra ra ra ra ra, romah, romah mah, gaga, oohla la, want your bad romance!”)  Coupled with an amazing music video, this song sets the scene for a spectacular album.

“Alejandro” is a unique song, far different to any of the songs on ‘The Fame’.  ‘Monster’ is another standout.

Beyonce returns the favour by featuring on Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’, a groovy song.  ‘Dance in the Dark’ and ‘So Happy I Could Die’ are both also amazing songs which are similar to the tracks on ‘The Fame’.

The standout of the album, however, goes to ‘Speechless’.  This ballad shows Lady Gaga’s versatility as an artist and shows she is capable of just about everything (perhaps country next?).  This song literally left me speechless the first time I heard it, sending shivers down my spine.

However, ‘Teeth’ was disappointing.  The lyrics (“Don’t want your money, just want your sex.  Take a bite of my bad girl meat”) are extremely raunchy and, to me, go too far.

The second disk containing all the tracks on ‘The Fame’ fortify the album’s strength.

This truly monstrous album has cemented Lady Gaga’s place in the pop world and I honestly cannot wait to see what magic she brings out next.

Rating; 4.5/5



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

23 thoughts on “Album Review; The Fame Monster (Lady Gaga)

  1. why is the t in monster a cross? im not sure if thats creepy or not…

  2. Chad, I don’t know but I think it’s cool haha.
    Yay Christmas header ~

  3. I haven’t really listened to much of her music.
    Nice header…

  4. It’s inspired by Lady Gaga again haha. The phrase is from her song Christmas Tree. I’m not too sure about the colours in the background of the page. They’re taken from the header.

  5. That photo is going to give me nightmares.

    On a slightly more positive note, I love her album, and listen to it most every day.
    Good review, Joshyboy.

    don’t stop believing.. hold on to that feeling.

  6. I like that song “The Fame” from “The Fame” 😛 Its really catchy. I just got all of her new songs on “The Fame Monster” 😀

  7. If you ask me, I’d say it was inspired by Christmas itself. 😉

    You should make the background red/green ‘swell. 😉

  8. Josh…? I have a couple of friends that moved to Austrailia last year, I think around the Melbourne area. I know this is random but do you know a Emily and Maddie Trimble? (After your summer they will be in 10th and 8th grade)

  9. I love her and love her songs – BAD ROMANCE IS PLAYING RIGHT NOW AND 24 ON MY iPOD!!!

  10. Nice new header!

    And Lady GaGa scares me. xD Lol she’s so weird! The few songs I DO like are Just Dance, Paparazzi and Bad Romance. Poker Face is just annoying. xD I haven’t heard any others, but I don’t think I want to. xD

  11. LOL I think Poker Face is okay. AGAIN it’s playing on my computer – I LOVE IT!!

  12. and what ever happened to the booty awards on the 4th/.

  13. hi josh its me logan
    I wanted to thank you for remembering my BIRTHDAY and halloween you didn´t let my spirit die lol
    also zipo if you are reading this: thank you tooo i really appreciated it 🙂

    and regarding to your post: i like lady gaga’s music, specially paparazzi or however you write it.

    A big hug for all of you! maybe i will be back but in case im not: have a wonderful christmas and the best new year, good luck on this new decade

  14. I love Lady Gaga! She is so unique and creative, and her wild sense of fashion only boost her music career!
    In addition, she is a musical genius – teaching herself to play piano by ear at age 4, and writing her first piano ballad at age 12. Like WOW!
    My fave is Paparazzi, too Logan! But I got the audio from her VMA Paparazzi performance on my iPod, too and I like that version better, just because it’s her voice in all its glory and not super synthesized. Also you can just hear her raw emotion in the song. I LOVE IT!

    RA RA RA!

  15. WAIT! AHH! the Booty awards are password protected? Why?

  16. Hey Josh, I forgot to mention in my last review of your site that you can protect (you may know it as copyright) your work for free. Simply go to http://creativecommons.org/ and you can get a license saying that your site is protected and nobody can steal it, and it’s legit! 😀

  17. Bestt CD everrrr! 😀 Might i say your headerr is awesomee

  18. I personally think the CD’s overall theme is quite satisfactory in identifying just what the side effects of fame are.

    I’m trying to analyze and explain the motives and meanings behind Lady Gaga’s music, and I’d totally appreciate it if you could support my project, Fame – The Avant-Garde Pop Culture Experiment @


  19. so i wanted to find a blogger on wordpress who did a album review of “the fame”

    so i googled “album review the fame wordpress”

    your blog was the first one on the list and led me to this post 😛 just thought that was cool haha

  20. Hahaha yeah that’s pretty cool! This post has brought me bucketloads of hits [something like 800 haha] which is pre cool too.
    I was googling stuff to see how high Tinted Lens was on various things. I typed in something like ‘lady gaga fame monster cross’ and TL was quite high…and you were the only person who mentioned the cross T. Haha.

  21. hahah ikr? google is crazy 😛

  22. Thanks for snpeidng time on the computer (writing) so others don’t have to.

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