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November Wrap-Up and New Contest Alert!



I hope you liked the BOOTY Awards post, below this.  Because it took a LOT of time to make.

Reflecting is important, because it enables you to improve.  So quickly reflecting on November…which was so long ago:

-Total hits: 4625

Highest day: 480

-Average hits per day: 154

Yeah, that’s all I’ll look at, because I’m tired =D

Anyways, it’s getting late in the month and I HAVE to do a Christmas contest.  Sort of.

Contest is ready.  Check it out here.  https://tintedlens.wordpress.com/contest

I’ll be putting up a contest by tomorrow, and let me tell you it will be like no other contest I’ve ever done.

Mmmm, what else has happened?  School’s out till the end of January – yay – and I did super well on my report and got the $1000 scholarship again =D

It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday, happy birthday!

And I am legal working age in exactly two months!  YESSSS!

…Look for the contest soon.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

11 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up and New Contest Alert!

  1. Wait i thought you were already 14… here, 14 is legal working age…

  2. he lives in Australia, it might be different there. :p

  3. It is different here. haha*

    15 is the legal age for a part-time job.

    *Do I laugh too much?

  4. Actually, in some places it’s 14 and 9 months =]

  5. Whoah, really?

    I wouldn’t know… I’m self-employed. hoho

  6. “with your review, do you want me to review the game as well as the blog or just the blog?”

    Yeah sure, I don’t mind.

    The demo’s release date has been extended -.- hoho

    So, if possible, separate reviews would be best….

    If not, I don’t mind them being a joined review.
    Josh’s Response;
    Alright, I’ll review your blog now and later [most likely after Christmas, by the looks of it…] I’ll review the game.

  7. Ommigosh!

    The number of hits, as of now, is 7,777.

    (big) D:

  8. Yay holidays! I have 2 more days of school left, though.
    Wow, $1000, good job!

  9. Hi josh! How are you?
    I was wondering why your site is called tinted lens? lol I mean, is it for something in special? xD
    And do you watch Gossip Girl? random Q’s lol

  10. And may I be on your blogroll? If you don’t mind of course

  11. And what’s funny was my comment was written at 7:44 AND was the 7th comment here…

    Coincidence much?

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