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Blog Review: App Data


Ho ho ho!

Please note; this is my second post today, and my second blog review today.  I also wrote a review on Phi’s Blog, which you can read here.

Before the review, some housekeeping things:

~please enter the contest.  Now.  It can be found here.

-I got rid of the Home page.

Note: The purpose of reviews are to offer constructive criticism to improve products and/or to sell item(s).  If you signed up for a review to merely get praise, you can go to any of the other far-too-nice reviewers.  I’m not the meanest reviewer out there, mind you, but I will help you improve your blog.


Blog Review

App Data

In short; A generic review site that screams “average!”


“App Data” is an iPhone/iPod Touch App Review Blog.  Although the blog claims to offer reviews on not only apps but also cases and other products, this are seldom seen.  The first thing I see is a sticky post welcoming me, with a “click me for a random post” button that doesn’t actually take me anywhere.  The reviews are very detailed and informative.  If I were looking for reviews for apps, this would be an excellent place to go to.

However, a lack of variety and so many posts could scare me away.

RATING; 3.5/5


Red text – eye burning red, that is – is terrible.  I really don’t see why so many people use it so terribly.  The crew at App Data would be much better off using the default black coloured text or creating a workable colour scheme, because at the moment the default red and default blue aren’t working too well.  The moving header is nice, and the colours used could help steer “App Data” into a colour scheme.

There are several clear graphics in the posts, obviously required in a review blog.  But the colour of the text is a big turn-off.

RATING; 2.5/5


There’s really not much else I can add to this [fairly short] review.  “App Data”, while having great reviews, is just a generic review blog with very little to make me want to visit again.  It also suffers from colour scheme problems, and needs to sort that out immediately.





Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

16 thoughts on “Blog Review: App Data

  1. haha, you have alot against the color red… i like redd, it doesnt burn my eyes 😉

    Josh’s Response;
    Bright red on a white background is terrible in terms of design…that’s all.

  2. I want a review!

    Josh’s Response;
    Head over to the reviews page. But nominations for reviews are closed until January.

  3. Thank you for the constructive criticism Josh. I have to say that a lot of your comments I agree with. We soon will get Css which will allow us to drastically improve our design quality. The only thing that puzzles me is that you claimed our welcome button doesn’t take you anywhere, but it does. Please change that comment because a lot of users have found that button useful and utilizable.

    Josh’s Response;
    It wasn’t working when I reviewed it…

  4. Ilan’s right. The link: http://theappdata.com/?random is in working order.

  5. Shut up No one. No one (here, not you) wants to hear your bee.ess.

    Why don’t these kinds of emails go to moderation?

    Josh’s Response;
    Refer to my edit on Squishy’s comment =]

  6. Emails? I meant comments. 😆

  7. Yeah, I know….as if anyone ACTUALLY believes that crap. Just the excessive use of capitals turned me off…let alone the actual content of the comment. Geesh. Where have our moderating filters gone to?

    Josh’s Response;
    I deleted the comment now. For those who are wondering, it was one of those “DONT STOP READING THIS IM A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL WITH NO EYES” or something like that. Because it didn’t contain excessive links or didn’t seem “Spammy” to Akismet, it appeared.

  8. Ahhhh I seee…..still, who even thinks that they are real?

  9. Only one person:

    No one (argh, this is getting confusing in itself. I meant No one as in the little runt who posted the comment, not no one as in… uh… no one…).


  10. Yeah…what kind of name is no-one! Jeesh!

  11. Actually…now that I think of it, I read a book with a character called ‘no-one’ once…

  12. hai fylliper straw here, I do rmb you : ) so wat have you been doing lately?? 😀

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  14. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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    Note: Sorry if you consider this spam, or annoying. This also is a re-posted comment to inform my friends (yes, you) about my site. Thanks.
    Josh’s Response:
    Link deleted. Advertise again and I will not be a happy chappy.

  16. Hey thanks Josh. I was gonna secretly review them in March and make them the Blog of the Month on my site! Lol, Im kidding, about the secret part. Ill tell them this in a few days, but right now one of them is probably happy reading this. 😉

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