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Blog Review: Project XV VII IX Official Dev. Blog


Ho ho ho!

Before the review, some housekeeping things:

~please enter the contest.  Now.  It can be found here.

-I got rid of the Home page.

Anyways, on with the show!  Mind you, this is my first review since I reviewed  The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga in November.

Note: The purpose of reviews are to offer constructive criticism to improve products and/or to sell item(s).  If you signed up for a review to merely get praise, you can go to any of the other far-too-nice reviewers.  I’m not the meanest reviewer out there, mind you, but I will help you improve your blog.


Blog Review:

Project XV VII IX Official Dev. Blog

In short; a well-balanced blog.


“Project XV VII IX Official Dev. Blog”, or “DivumDev” as I will be referring to it in this review, is a developmental blog about Phi’s upcoming RPG Game, “Project XV VII IX”.  As you would expect from a blog of this nature, there are updates detailing the progress of the developments in the game which include screenshots from the game, headshots of characters and detailed descriptions.  Mixed in with the updates are posts about Phi’s life.  I enjoy reading Phi’s posts – his writing style, albeit casual, is easy to read and get used to, and often makes me want to beg for more.

The pages are straight-forward.  One page details the first beta testing event for the game whilst another shows you how to become a beta tester.  A further page lists the revealed characters in the game, each having their own subpage while the last has a few polls.  However, if  I were a newcomer I would be clueless as to what this project was.  Apart from a four sentence summary of the blog on the sidebar, there is very little information as what it is.  An “About” page, letting visitors know more about the creator and the game, is also a necessity.

Score: 4/5


The overall design of DivumDev is very pleasing to the eye.  There is a clearly visible colour scheme – sky blue, going hand in hand with the name “DivumDev” [Divum is latin for sky].  The header is magnificent and the colours used throughout the blog are wonderful.  Even the colour of the links seem custom tailoured to suit the blue of the blog.  The text on the sidebar, however, is a bit on the small side.  An increased font size would work well.

The screenshots and other graphics appearing throughout are also eye pleasing.

Rating: 4.5/5


“DivumDev” is a well-rounded blog with great content and marvellous design to back it up.



Yeah, I just couldn’t squeeze out a 4.5



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

2 thoughts on “Blog Review: Project XV VII IX Official Dev. Blog

  1. Ah, touche Josh, my friend.

    A fair, short, good review. 😀


  2. Something I found funny:

    I looked at the picture name and was like, what? Digital Versatile Disc (DVD’s)? Then I was like… oooh, DivumDev.

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