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Merry Christmas!



Yeah, so I kinda forgot some songs that really deserved to be high up on the list the other day – “Red” by Melbournian Daniel Merriwhether and “She’s a Genius” by Jet and I can’t remember if I put Miley’s “The Climb” on either – but that doesn’t matter.  Just put those three in the list in place of the Black Eyed Peas’ songs – I don’t know what made me put Boom Boom Pow on the list at all, or I Gotta Feeling in the Top 30.  Oh well, it’s too late now =p

Anyways, have a great and safe Christmas and New Year, I’ll see you NEXT YEAR!


I leave you with a joke that you’ve all probably heard…

What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?

Santa stops at three ho’s!  HAHAHA.

Get it?  With all the Tiger Woods controversy and stuff? =p

Remember the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus, and have a great time with your family and friends.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. You too, Josh. 🙂

    I haven’t heard of the Woods/Claus joke yet.

  2. Im sick of hearing the ho ho ho joke!!!

  3. id like to know why were so obsessed with the lives of celebrities. lol

  4. This blog is a copy and past of so many others. Not very original.

  5. Merry Christmas Josh, Hope you have a great one.
    This year went very fast didn’t it? We’ll be old if it carries on any longer 😆

    Check out my blog too!
    http://www.imagineaworld.wordpress.com (If you don’t allow links, you can take this out)

    – xMr Fun

  6. Merry Christmas to everyone (even though it was yesterday…). Stay safe. ❤

  7. woah! hey there!!!
    its been a while
    i like ur blog
    ill be back

  8. Hey Josh, can you put it on hold please? That would be nice. I’m setting up my blog today. Just give me a week or so. 🙂

  9. Hey, I set up my blog. Can you review it around New Years? Thanks.

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