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Blog Review; The Panic Button



First of all, I must apologise to Sssaam and friends for the lengthy delay for this review.  …They requested the review at the start of November, haha.

And I’m waiting for McDonald’s to tell me when my first shift is.  Why McDonalds for my first job?  Well, I’m still not legal working age, and there are very few places that allow you to work at 14 9 months anyway, I applied everywhere and  only McDonalds asked me to come in for an interview.

On with the show.


Blog Review; The Panic Button

In short: A well-rounded blog suffering from extreme “lag”.


Without a doubt, The Panic Button is one of the fastest growing blogs out there.  With at least one post a day filled with funny pictures, videos or facts, or even a movie review or personal post, The Panic Button (TPB) will have you coming back for more.  However, because of the heavy amount of images and videos on the blog, it takes ages to load, which is a negative for any viewer.  Saying this, there is little that can be done to speed up the blog.  The variety of posts offered is great.

The first page is “All Pictures”…despite the name, however, this page only holds 500 of the estimated 2000 pictures on TPB.  The heavy load on this page is a negative.  I suggest splitting the pictures into several pages [like when you do a Google search, with users clicking on a “next” button at the bottom of the page to go to the next (sub-)page of preferably less than 50 pictures].  This page really kills dial-up users.  There’s a well-organised caption contest as well as a “things to do” page [50 things to do in an elevator].  The newly created games page is home to several flash games.  Once again, this kills many users with slow internet.  A page a game is the way to go.  The “And more” page is simply that – holding everything else from tips to the about us pages.

Unfortunately, after reading the sidebar, I realise that the majority of the blog’s images are actually not owned by TPB.  Credit for these images [not just “Credit to George” but an actual link] for every image/post is an absolute necessity.  I want to see more of these comics, but I have no idea how to.

Score: 3.5/5


Put simply, the design is calming and easy on the eyes, unlike other blogs I have reviewed.  Although there is no strict colour scheme the colours generally compliment each other.  The header is nice and bright yet not domineering.  However the multi-coloured links on the sidebar are not appealing.  That really is all that can be said about the design.  It is relatively simple with a nice blue CSS background.

Score: 4/5


TPB is a great blog with good, varying posts and a nice design.  However, it causes serious “lag” [for lack of better word] and I like to know where images I view on TPB come from.  Other than that, it is a good blog.



I should be able to get Luhy’s review done tomorrow.  Then I can start the overhaul of the reviews page.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

11 thoughts on “Blog Review; The Panic Button

  1. SO when you startin mah blog, Joshhhhhh? :p

  2. the panic button is a great blog!

  3. Thanks for the great feedback, Josh! A lot of times people review our blog and aren’t honest about things and hype our blog up too much. I thank you for the criticism and will look into ways of lowering the amount of lag!

    Thanks again,

  4. can’t wait for the review(: I kinda think ur gonna rip my blog apart but I really need the criticism because I don’t know what I need to fix I’m excited for the review btw greatt review (:

  5. Thanks for the Feedback!

  6. I feel kind of competitive now. jokes =D

    Great job on another review, Josh.

    But, in my opinion, having the same type of reviews after another kind of get boring. Perhaps you should try to squeeze a different kind of post in the middle?

  7. I agree with Sam, it’s good that you’re honest. If it were my blog up there, which someday it might be, when I am ready to face up to the criticism of my self proclaimed child (a.k.a my blog), I would at least want the opinion to be honest

    But Phi has a point, they can get a little repetitive. Maybe you could do something with the authors before you post them, like, get them to make a comment on the review or what they think about their site before the review and what they think afterwards…. ?

  8. Hiya Josh!

    (I am replying to the comment you left on my blog)

    About the “Tag” thing. All I can say is “LOL”. Let’s just see how far it will go.

    Fractals are graphics used to pretty much boost one’s graphic. When I work on banners and such, I normally add a fractal layer with a very low opacity. You can pretty much find these graphics anywhere. But, overall, just a suggestion.

  9. Wow Josh great review. And what Sam said earlier people don’t say what’s honest too much anymore, and good critisim. The pictures page they have is a serious lag and I’m glad you got that to their attention. Anyways, just dropping by and saying hi. Thank you for the comment on my blog and I hope we do make contact some time and become friends. Bye, and awesome blog! 8/10

  10. For only having a blog for about 4 months, and having almost 10,000 hits, I have to say great job. And love the graphics.

  11. Great blog. I want my blog to be like that!

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