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Blog Review; Luhy Blog




Blog Review; Luhy Blog

In short; Potential for greatness with colour issues.


Luhy Blog“, or LB as I will be referring to it, is one of those random blogs.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it – in fact, it’s often a good thing.  No restraints, no expectations.  Post about whatever, whenever.  His posts are about virtually anything – from current events to posts about life to posts chockablock full of funny pictures.  As I said in another of my reviews, I like to know where these pictures come from.  And, although I know for a fact the majority are not made by LB, they don’t tell me where they are from.

Although this should go under design, the blogroll is horribly messy and impossible to read.  The bottom widget, “DO NOT COPY” is, erm, a caps-lock-only paragraph explaining that if you “…COPY ONE BIT OF OUR POSTS OR ANY IDEAS OR INFORMATION FROM THIS SITE, OR ELSE YOU WILL BE COUNTED AS USING PLAGERISM…” … Alright, then.

LB also offers reviews.  However, on the Blog Reviews page I can’t actually view past reviews written by LB so I can assess if he is a good reviewer.   A normal first time visitor wouldn’t search for a review, so I’m not going to either.

The “Some More…” page is basically a page to put all the miscellaneous pages, such as games [3-word game also features on the top bar thingy].  But the most important thing the blog is missing is an about page.  It is absolutely essential that the blog have an about page.  I want to know more about this blog and the authors, but I can’t find out more.  To be honest, I’m not too sure if Luhy is a boy or a girl because of no about page and a gender inspecific name like Luhy.  No offence, to you, of course.

I’m not a big fan of having a “Some More” page, unless you can utilise it to work well.  To be honest, Having just two other pages and the Some More page isn’t too impressive.  It implies that there isn’t much on LB worth to look at.

Score: 2/5


First of all, I love the header and the signoff thing.  The bright colours are magnificent.  Other than that, the design is quite lacking.  The theme, “Contempt”, seems too restraining on a creative blog like this.  A more “free” blog – less boxes and lines – would match the feel of the blog much better.  The colours used in posts range from default orange to default light blue to default dark green.  Default default default.  Instead of using default colours that not only don’t match, but make test unreadable, I suggest LB either stick to the automatic coloured text or extract colours from the header; however the bright orange and green will not look good as text.  The oranges and light blues in the sidebar make me want to leave.  It’s terrible design when you can’t read anything due to choice of colours.  And there are yet more clashing colours on the sidebar.

Score: 2/5


LB is an interesting blog with interesting posts.  It definitely has the potential to expand and grow if they can fix up major design issues and improve their content, most importantly adding an “About” page.



I know two reviews in a row are boring, but I needed to finish them so I can upgrade the reviews page and work on other things.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

13 thoughts on “Blog Review; Luhy Blog

  1. thank u for that, funny thing is I was gonna make an about page cuz I just learned in science research it is essential for readers… all that really helps me a lot and I thank you to tell u the truth u gave me higher than I thought I would get, I already know I need to fix stuff idk what anything to fix was, and now I do, so thank you very much and I will do all you said
    thankksss (:

  2. Apparently, or so I learnt once in science, there is research to suggest that the colour yellow makes babies cry…

  3. Oh my god! Squishy, have you finished your add for the contest? I keep forgetting!

    Mr. O’shi doesn’t sound like a nice guy.

  4. Haha, no I haven’t. But thanks for reminding me, I had completely forgotten! Oh gosh. When is it due again?

    I hope he doesn’t give us the sack :S

  5. @ Squishy;

    It’s all here: https://tintedlens.wordpress.com/contest/

    Oh, god… I never thought about getting sacked! D:

  6. i think black text is BOOORRIINNGGGGG 😛

  7. Yes your blog is famous in my book! 😉 And I know the Directory button on my home page isn’t working, I’m lazy right now to edit it. A lot of things are finished yet. And good luck with the new theme. I think a new header is in order though.

  8. Thanks Phi. 🙂
    Yep, you and me, we’re totally going to get fired…aye…we’d better find new jobs.. :S

    Brett…isn’t this header new already?

    Josh! I left a header order on my site for you…but I didn’t want to copy and paste it over here and clutter up your comments (a.k.a. I am lazy). 🙂

  9. 13 more hits, Joshy-boy.

  10. We’re onto -16 now.

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