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Erm, Default Title. 10,000 Hits!



I honestly cannot remember the last time I wrote a post with a title that meant absolutely nothing.  Well, this title does mean something, of course, 10,000 hits!  Yay!  And Squishy and Phi counted it down!  Haha.

Anyways, I’m sorry for not posting much at all [I warned you: I never post in January]

I’ve been busy helping out my aunty at her travel agency from 9-6 or 7.  It’s really busy there.  We had a power cut on Monday night [I think it was that night] AND IT WAS SO HOT.  IT WAS UNBEARABLE.  It only went down to 30-something degrees celsius overnight.  That was the overnight minimum.  =O

Anyways, school starts in two weeks =[

Year ten already, wow, time flies.  By the by, did I mention that it’s been three years since I first started blogging?  Wow, time flies.  I said that?

And, before I forget because this has been on the site since November or something, on the siebar there is a button that says “Subscribe”.  Click it, please, and you’ll be sent e-mails whenever a new post is made, which is nice.

Anyways, I got tagged [you know, write five things about yourself] two weeks ago by Phi, who just so happens to be the very person who restarted the chain of tags on wordpress as of late.  So here are five facts.

1. I say “umm” and “erm” and “uhhh” way too many times, haha.

2. When I need to be really serious, I just can’t.  I burst out in laughter for no reason at the worst times =o

3. I learnt Indonesian at school from prep right up until year 8 [2008] but dropped it last year because the school no longer offered it.  Not enough interest for it, apparently.

4. Ummm…for dinner I had these homemade pies with chicken and corn and bean filling.  They were yummy.

5. Errrr, I wrote this fact at 9:47pm.  Yeah, that’s a good fact =D

And I’m going to try to tag people who haven’t been tagged.  I tag you:



And, erm, seeing as I think pretty much everyone else has been tagged, if I forgot you then I TAG YOU AS WELL!

And, — it’s bad grammar using a comma after and, by the way.  OH NO I DID IT AGAIN!

The contest!

The entries were fantabulous!  I’m tired and want to go to sleep so I’ll skip all the fancy pantsy stuff, but here are the entries:

From Josie:

And Squishy:

And Phi:

And, after hours of reviewing and grading the products, Mr J. O’shi will make his decision!  MR O’SHI COME HERE!

Mr J. O’Shi: Although I do not appreciate my portrayal in Phi’s game, it’s original.  However, everyone knows my hair is not grey, but green.  Squishy hit the nail on the head with our Christmas decorations.  And I must say the red looks quite dashing when coupled with Squishy – after all she’s going to be carrying around the posters.  And Josie’s was great, I love the colourful tinsel.  But I’m allergic to tinsel.  You’re fired!  Just joking.  You were all great, but the winner is PHI!

Congrats Phi, your prize is a one month sponsorship deal [I’ll tell you the details later] and a header deal, but if you want something different, please say so.  The prizes are negotiable.

Squishy and Josie, you both did great so I’m going to give both of you little prizes too.  Comment on what you’d prefer; a two week sponsorship deal or a [virtual] medal.

I’ll tell you guys the details later, now goodbyeee!



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

18 thoughts on “Erm, Default Title. 10,000 Hits!

  1. Wow, you get to work at a travel agency? That’s heaps awesome! Btw, I think it’s alright to pit a comma after and in sone situations… I mean, I was told in primary school that I was only allowed to do it when I was older and know the correct time to use it. But don’t trust me, I’d need to brush up on that rule!

    I think i’ll head in the direction of the medal, seeing as I am supposed to have a sponsorship deal already but I’m too lazy to fix up my blurryness problem. Holidays make you so lazy, I tell you!
    Anywho, I left you a post about headers and what not on my site, but I’ll seek it out and repost it over here because i have no idea where it’s gone to.

    By the way, congratulations Phi. Yours totally deserved to win, it was completely awesometastical. Yours was seriously cool too Josie. 🙂

  2. Ok, um…headers.
    I had completely forgotton.
    Right, well, I’ll order something now then.
    Something in our current colours (navy blue, red and white) would be good…do you want the exact no.’s for them, or can you just printscreen a button or something and eydropper the colours from there? Let me know..
    Can it have ‘Tea Mouse’ in big letters somewhere on it, and maybe a tagline of..umm
    ‘Mice. Book Reviews. Tea. Not in that order.’

    If you want to stick any pictures on it, go wild, but other than that I’m going to leave it up to you because I really have no idea what I want..I know, I’m difficult. Sorry.

    Oh, and I was having some problems with the sidebar image. It kept getting really blurry when I trialled it on here…I tried saving as a jpg. and a and neither changed anything. Got any suggestions? I mean, I’ll make it, but I just want to get it un-blurrified first.

    That was straight copied and pasted on my site, so if anything doesn’t make sense… Let me know. I couldn’t be bothered reading it. 🙂

  3. My eyes are crying out for sleep… so I can’t say anything…

    Why’my so tired nowadays?

  4. Squishy, might I suggest saving it as .PNG? Better than .JPG, I can tell you that.

    Sponsorship deal, huh? Nice, Oshi-man.

    WUH? You have GREEN hair? … Am I gonna get fired, sir?

    Oh, do I have two prizes or something? I forget… Can you pleease remind me of all the things I need to do thus far? BOOTY Awards Prizes as well?

    Josh’s Response;
    Let me check for you. *checks*
    Okay, you get:
    a sponsorship deal, which is basically a little ad for your site at the top of my sidebar for a month;
    a header deal [negotiable], if you don’t want a header deal tell me what you want [what you really really want oh tell me what you want] because O’shi man is flexible;
    the booty awards prize was your site being the major sponsor with your ads all over the blog during that period…if you want I can add an extra two weeks to your sponsorship deal for this prize to make it 6 weeks for the sponsorship deal.

    If I’m talking complete jibberish…sorry haha.

  5. Hi joshyy! Congrats on your hits

  6. Congratulations on the big 10k views! *throws streamers* And those are some awesome contest entries.

    I got rid of the secrets page because it was pretty useless, not many people posted any so yeah. 😛

  7. Haha, didn’t realise you replied. No wonder why my comment seemed longer than usual. :S

    I shall request something then.

    I think I’ll join my graphic request and the sponsorship.

    Perhaps make an advertisement, whatever size you want, of the O’shi game? I’ll give you everything you need (Font and Mr. O’shi) everything else I pretty much want out of you. Good? 😀

  8. Phi wins everything over here… im starting to think you have a secret alliance >.> lol

  9. Josh, don’t tell him about the alliance! D:

  10. It’s too late now Phi D,=
    Yer, the smiley is crying.

    Like the new header? It took a while to make…I should’ve made Squishy’s first, though, haha.

  11. Congrats on the 10,000 hits! And I love your 5 facts 😉

  12. ohmg, you learnt Bahasa Indonesia? o: im indonesian (-8 but i have to learn bahasa indonesia quick because i have to go to indonesia over the summer for one month. raaaahhh.

  13. Ah, I can see it now.

    I find it hard to read the words though…

  14. i tagged you too 😉 But thats only cause i didn’t know you had been tagged already.

  15. I know exactly what you mean. People are just ignorant… what has become of the world? 😛

    I really like this theme! You’ve got a pretty awesome header there. My theme just came looking pretty, all I did was change the header. But thanks! 🙂

  16. Ooohhh, it’s all spiffy and new looking! I like the theme and the header. 🙂 Take your time with mine though, there’s no hurry.
    Oh, and I have to do my taggy-thing. Right..another thing to get around to! I should really start a list.. :mrgreen:

  17. Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ll make a new one. Soon. Haha.

  18. Hi Josh!

    I just saw the comment you left on your blog about forgetting about my prize. Lol I didn’t realise I even had a prize! xD But that’s cool. So, could I have the 2 week sponsorship deal if that’s ok?

    Thanks! 🙂

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