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Heyyo ~

First of all – YAY my first day at McDonalds is this Thursday!  It’s only a 45 minute orientation, but it’s something, hey.  On that day they tell me when my training starts.

Secondly, notice the new header?  Like it?  I like it =]

So, the world was rocked by news a powerful earthquake had struck Haiti.

Tens of thousands were killed, with many more injured and left homeless.

This latests catastrophe in a string of recent disasters begs us to ask a very important question – how can we help?

It is in times of need and times of trouble that we realise just how powerful compassion is.  Thousands upon thousands, millions upon millions giving selflessly not just their money but also food, clothing and their valuable time to help people in Haiti whom they never have even met.

People from every corner of the globe uniting hand in hand to assist these devastated victims.

These stories of compassion, of mateship, of love are inspiring and incredible.  People with literally no money for themselves are compassionately giving up their money to send to the victims in Haiti.

Being compassionate means giving even if you have none in the hope of helping others.  It is a truly remarkable feeling when you give a donation, even though the recipients of the donation wouldn’t know it was you.  Even your $1 donation helps enormously.

So don’t be selfish.

Don’t be stingy.

Be compassionate and give with an open heart, and let your compassion not be restricted to only disasters like these but day-to-day situations.

Learn more about how you can help.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

20 thoughts on “Compassion ♥

  1. Shortest deep post everrr. And it’s my first deep post since the fail trilogy in November.

  2. Heeey! I like ur new header! It makes you feel as if you were talking directly to me lol
    Regarding to this global happening, I like the way compassion works, it works just like in everyday life when something bad happens to you and everyone tries to help you but just in a huger way xD

  3. I love that united feeling we get in times of need. The sad thing is that it takes a disaster to make us band together like this
    Love the new header. ❤

  4. Compassion, huh?

    I don’t like the site you gave me… 😛 Nothing supports PayPal nowadays.

    Speaking of nice headers, remember that old animated one you had on RW? Even though it was pretty much so-so compared to what you can cook up now, why don’t you make one?

  5. How did your orientaion go? You’re lucky yours is only 45 minutes, mine was 6 hours and on a school night too!

  6. hey today i saw narnia pengy online on club penguin :O

  7. Really? I haven’t heard from Narnia in ages!?! Is she still alive… ?

  8. @ Squishy;

    If Logan said he saw Narnia… I don’t think she’s dead. lol


    I know what you mean, don’t worry! 😛

  9. Lol, maybe she’s a ghostie…. Woooooohhhh

  10. Jooosssshhhh, where have you gone?
    I want to know how Maccas went!?!

  11. Tomorrow’s Australia Day!
    But schools starts on Thursday -.-
    I’m sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy. I’ll have a post soon, hopefully, haha.
    My orientation was good, thanks Squishy. I start my training on the 1st of Feb.
    Logan, did you say hi to her? Lol. I wonder how she and Stellar are doing. I hope they come back =]
    Phi, YES THAT HEADER! That one with all the positive thinking phrases [your glass is half full not empty] haha that was cool.

  12. The worst part of all is that I didn’t told her HI! because I logged off lol

  13. Happy Australia Day!! 😀
    It’s good to hear that your orientation went well. Good luck on your first day!
    I hope Narnia and Stellar come back too. 🙂

  14. Hey josh, i need someone to design me a logo for my site. i was thinking about you :)but if ur too bussy its ok!

  15. Good Luck on orientation week. McDonald’s started my career and now I have run multiple companies over the years from that foundation of learning. Keep your eyes open and learn as much as you can.

  16. OMG Josh! Have you gotten your Myki card yet? :S

  17. Nice post. I donated $10 and bought the Hope For Haiti Now album on iTunes. 🙂 Im a good person.

  18. 😮 McDonalds! Job! Free food! Baha. Good for you, hope your training goes well!

    I donated $5 to Haiti. I would’ve given more, but I only had $5 when the Red Cross club came around at school… but I feel like a good person. I hardly ever donate, but I hope my money goes to a good cause.

  19. Joshhhhh oh where oh where have you goneeee? Yes, I sang that in my head!

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