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One Year On And An Apology



Today marks one year since the most devastating natural disaster in Australia, Black Saturday – the terrible bushfires killing almost 200 Victorians.

People from all over Australia have reflected on the terrible day that was February the 7th, 2009.  But with destruction comes rebuliding and regrowth, which is taking place in the areas affected.  Spare a thought for all those who were involved – the people who lost loved ones, the people who lost their homes, the firefighters who worked tirelessly, everyone involved.

On a different note, I’m sure you all know by now that I seem to have a habit of getting into WordPress fights.  Today I just want to say sorry to everyone I have hurt during my three years at WordPress, most imporantly Zipo, Brian, Opus and Chad.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you all so much and I hope we can be as close as we were before.   I know a lot of people have already forgiven me, but for those who remain distant, I hope you too will forgive me.

Expect more reviews soon, and an update to the games page and so on.

Joshy ☻


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

8 thoughts on “One Year On And An Apology

  1. Hi Josh!

    Black Saturday… I remember going outside to the smell of smoke even though I live in the more urban parts of Victoria (Melbourne).

    That apology was quite admirable, Josh. It’s good that you’ve decided to shed light on this and be mature enough to apologise. d(^.^)b

    School is going great for me thanks! Haha. We only had Wednesday-Friday to go to. I really didn’t care much. I was beginning to look forward to school. How about you, Josh? Is work giving you some slack? haha.


  2. Why didn’t you have to go Monday Tuesday?? I want days off! I for one, am completely sick of school and I’ve only been back a week and a bit!

  3. You lucky ducky Phi! I wish I had days off too!!! ACH! The holidays just flew past, didn’t they?
    Work’s good. I’m actually forever [for the time being, at least] in the back cooking the burgers and such. It gets prettttyyyy busy. And the days I’ve worked are the days I’ve had the most homework so far -.-


  5. I dont exactly remember us getting into any fights… but I do think weve drifted apart a little and i still want to be a close friend to you to!

  6. @Logan, I hope so too =]

    @Chad, I can’t remember getting in any fights with you either, but we have had a few mini arguments, lol. I think we have sort of drifted apart…let’s change that =]

  7. Oh, and BTW Josh, Happy 50,000 hits 😉

  8. Hmm, i dont recall anything, Josh. I dont ususally linger on the past. But thank you anyway. I too apologize for any mischievous deeds I have past performed. 😉

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