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SACs Really Aren’t All That Hard


Hello there!

I just finished my shift at McDonalds and I’m writing a post at 10pm on a school night.  Now that’s dedication =D

I had not one but two SACs today.  My first SACs.  You know, School Assessed Coursework that I told you about in the past posts.  They were both pretty easy.  So why give them such a scary acronym like “SAC?”  Why not just call them “tests”???

Seriously, the Education Department has to stop giving all their test things scary names.  “ENTER” or “ATAR” scores as they are now known as.  They are the score you get to get you into a uni course.  NAPLAN Tests?!?  We had them last year – you have them in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in Maths (x2) Reading, Grammar & Spelling and Writing.  They were SO easy that it’s not funny.  What do they stand for, you ask?  National Assessment Program of Literacy And Numeracy.  They used to be called AIM Tests, but I guess the scary name makes us students do better.

It was raining insanely hard on the weekend.  Long weekend, that I spent studying for two easy SACs.  Did I mention I actually got to bring in cheat sheets?  Anyways, so far this year in Melbourne, where we are experiencing our worst drought in decades, it has rained over 120mm this year.  Compare that to the same date in 2009.  17mm.  I love it when it rains, because rain smells really cool, because we need the rain, because I love watching rain.  Let it rain more!

I should have either an Album review, a Blog Review or a tips post tomorrow.  Or possibly a deep post, who knows.

Until then,

Waddle On!  Lol.

>>FYLL =]

Josh =p


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

12 thoughts on “SACs Really Aren’t All That Hard

  1. Oh yeah, we made it past 13k hits recently too =]

  2. Oh, your signing off there reminded me. I was looking at one of my old sites, and I found the first time I met you! Lol! You asked me to put up cp pictures. Lol.
    Did you guys get the really bad rain that I saw on tv with the flooding, or was that only in the CBD?
    lol, we never had NAPLAN, instead ours was called SNAP and ELLA, weird huh? I’m glad your tests were easy though. 🙂

  3. You gonna take UMAT in year 12? lol.

    About the storm… We had just started driving out of Northland when there was this massive wind blowing. Moments later the storm started. lol

  4. Hey, Josh
    I remember freaking out last year when I had to do my first SACs, too. It stops sounding scary, though, and just ends up being annoying, lol.
    I’m guessing you’re taking 1&2’s this year?

    I usually love rain too, but this storm killed one of my fish. Can’t say I was too happy about that, but yeah, the weather ’round these parts is crazy.

  5. Hi Josh!

    how is you?

  6. I love rain. Especially thunder storms! I love the chaos and the loudness and how it goes all dark and flashes really bright. It’s just so awesome!

  7. I hate rain. It’s so cold and wet and unhappy. I like how it smells thoughXD

    Sun FTW.

    Mongol Calvalry

  8. @ Squishy; Are you serious? Wow, I can’t believe the first thing I ever said to you probably went something along the lines of “Hola! I’m Fylliper! Put up some CP Pictures! >>FYLL =]” Lol. The bad rain was probably concentrated in the CBD. I’m about an hour or so away. It wasn’t too bad here, but still really wet. SNAP! You failed your ELLA, Ella.

    @Phi; UMAT??? Lol. I’m good thanks. Yourself? =p

    @Amali; Haha, I guess that would happen. Yeah, I’m doing two 1&2’s – Business Management and Physics. Haha. I love Melbourne’s weather. Four seasons in one day!

    @Bones; I love the smell of rain xD

  9. I am doing mine this week they’re called SATs

  10. I remember when I met Josh. I met him through Olly (Olly was friends with Josh, and I met Olly first, and I just happened to visit his site through Olly’s Blogroll) And I believe i commented on his Q+A Page.

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