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Every Villain Is Lemons


Hello everybody, welcome to Tinted Lens =D

As you can see, Project Project has started.  I’ve put up a new header, yay!  And new colour scheme, yay!  I absolutely adore the green and orange in the header, and I think the deep purple ties it all together well.  Next step is to make the home page all spiffy with new buttons, then the Games page then the reviews page.  But there’s more – they’ll be kept secret for now.

School started on Monday.  It’s going well so far.  I got 109% on a Math Test from last term haha.  Bonus questions =]  Physics is also going well.  I have a test on Monday.  As part of our Business Management class we are required to run a business in the school.  Ours is a very unique photography business.  Sure, we have no orders yet, but it’s a nice concept, isn’t it?

I have one review that needs to be written – a blog review of Tea Mouse.  Squishy’s actually in New Caledonia now, so I think I’ll write her review when she can actually read it, haha.

Yes, those are my shoes.

Hrmh, I think I’ve run out of things to say in this post, lol.  Don’t call my name, Alejandro.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

8 thoughts on “Every Villain Is Lemons

  1. If you don’t know where the title is from..shame on you =p

  2. Lol, it’s been about a year since I wrote a post about this:

  3. I like the new theme =). Ee, good on you for managing so much on this site – I can barely keep up with a basic blog.

    I had to do a business management unit at school a few yeas ago; a few of us started a carwash and managed to earn $200 over a month. Our teacher let us keep the profits, too!
    Hope the photography business goes well for you guys!

  4. hi joshy! happy easter and hope jesus guides you to a great life! a little bit late i know… haha!

  5. Our school does a buisiness management sort of thing each year for the year 10 commerce classes. They have to run stalls around the school, though ours are always food stalls. We all get to go around at lunch and buy food from them, and the profits all go to charity.
    Mostly they have sausages, souvlaki, cupcakes, ice cream, waffles, jelly, spiders etc. It’s always really yummy.

    How does your buisiness work? Any orders yet?

  6. @Phi; actually, it’s from Spongebob. BarnacleBoy leaves Mermaid Man and joins the bad guys who form an alliance known as Every Villain Is Lemons. And, lol, I vaguely remember that post!

    @Amali; unfortunately we can’t keep the profits haha.

    @Logan; Thankyou and thankyou!

    @Squishy; We would’ve loved to do food, but we can’t because our Business teacher doesn’t have a Food Handling certificate or something =|

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