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Don’t Call My Name…


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Ahh, Lady Gaga is the best.  How are you all?  I’m good, thankyou once again.  I’m working again tomorrow.  And Friday.  And Saturday.  Same shifts as last week.  11 hours.  Wowzers.

So I activated this new “Surprise Me” option on WordPress…and now the “Publish” button is mega huge lol.  I also noticed a new stats page – “Humanise” or something.  Does anyone know what else this option does?

There’s this guy called Carl Williams who died today in a prison.  He was a murderer/gangland figure, from what I understand.  He was bashed to death.  And on the front page of today’s paper was an article about taxpayer’s money funding private school fees for his daughter costing ~$8000 a year.  Connection between the death and the article?  I think not, but I can be pretty safe to bet that the Herald Sun will write an apology of some sort tomorrow.

Speaking of newspapers, Essendon, of course the best AFL team, is the best.  I’m a big Essendon supporter [Go the Bombers!]  Unfortunately, our season is looking pitiful so far.  We’ve had just the 1 win, and 3 losses.  We must, must, must beat the Magpies in the ANZAC Day match on Saturday.  Essendon has this habit of losing to terrible teams [hence why we lost to Fremantle and West Coast already this year] but we really step up when we need to [against Carlton this year, and against Hawthorn and St Kilda last year, especially].  I hope Essendon wins =D

And our business management business is running alrightish.  We’ve got roughly 20 customers, which is alright, I suppose.  We are actually doing two businesses; the photography one and a talent quest later in the term.  Basically in our current photography business, we’ve brought all these costumes and the kids dress up, we take their picture, they choose what they want their photos as [plain photos, magnets, key rings, PLAYING CARDS!] and we go to Big W and print them haha.

I’ve been pretty busy reading and playing my DS at the moment haha.  The book I’m reading is called Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.  When I finish it you shall see a review of it!  I’m playing Pokemon: HeartGold at the moment. Yes, I am a Pokemon addict lol.  The game is making me feel so nostalgic – it’s a remake of a game I played when I was 7!  Once again I’ll have a review up.  I also need to review Tea Mouse.

I think that is all =]



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Call My Name…

  1. Carl Williams… Hmm. I watched the firs season of Underbelly, which is centred around the gangland wars in which he was involved….
    Quite frankly, I didn’t like the series very much (it got boring) and didn’t watch the others.

    $8000 isn’t that much for school fees anyway. Especially for private schools!

    Nooo! Go the Swans!!

    The business sounds really cool! I wish our schools were that varied. As I said, all ours ar for based.
    And *sigh*, the good old days of Pokemon. I turned it on a whil ago, and everything was so different I couldn’t bear to watch it!! I miss my childhood, idealized version of the show. Back in the golden age of cartoons.

    Take your time with the review. There’s no rush. 🙂

  2. Lady Gaga is TOTALLY the best.

  3. I never got around to watching Underbelly, but the idea behind it is still pretty interesting.

    Haha, I’m one of the few Melbourner’s who don’t care at all about the footy, but, er, carn the dons!

    Aw, I used to play pokemon on my old gameboy. Now that was a quality program.

  4. @Squishy; I never watched any of the Underbelly series. WHAT?!? Well, it’s no surprise a person from Sydney goes for the Swans, haha, but Essendon is waaaay better. I like the old cartoons too.

    @Chad; Yes.

    @Amali; Haha, I still have the old Gameboy game!

  5. Bah!

    Kids these days with their fancy touch screens and wireless connection. Back in the day, I only had a one-screen Gameboy Color (yes, ‘color’) and a half a meter link cable.

    Lol when I was eight, I was playing Pokemon Gold Version. Seven years on, my brother, who is now eight, is playing the remake.

    I still have my Gold cartridge. What about you? (Didn’t realise how bad the DSi’s camera quality is.)

    Anywho, I believe Nintendo is, yet again, taking another hit at the Pokemanz franchise with Pokemon Black & White.


  6. Oh, and hi there Joshua! How are you?

  7. @ Phi; I had a grey Gameboy back in the day. Then I got a purple Gameboy Advance when I was like 8, with a link cable that never seemed to work too haha. Then a DS, now a DS Lite with a broken hinge lol.
    I never had Gold, though I had Silver, and still have Silver. And I still have Crystal. And Blue. Lol. Yes, I saw they are making new games, Black and White. From the previews I’ve seen, they are actually 3D. Nice picture lol. I’m great, how are you?

  8. Lol, I haven’t played a Pokemon game in years. 🙂 I got: Red, Yellow, Gold and Sapphire.

    My Nintendo handhelds include: Light green Gameboy Color (which I love), Purple Gameboy Advance (which I sold for an SP), Gameboy Advance SP and a DS. And that was the end of that. Lol

    Didn’t get those fancy DS ones. However, my brother did continue the collection by getting the other ones. Lol

  9. Let’s see…I have Blue, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Platinum and HeartGold. And my brother has Yellow, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum and SoulSilver.

  10. Wow… That’s virtually all of them.

    Did you and your brother end up catchin’ ’em all?

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