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Yes, I Am Still Here, Just Lurking In The Shadows



I’m sorry for the lack of posts, once again, haha.  I’ve been busy, once again.  Hmh, I should probably get better excuses, but this excuse is an honest one.

As you may or may not notice, I have this really cool orange background for the site now.  No, I don’t have CSS; it’s one of the theme options of the theme I am using. It was Phi’s birthday the other day, so go on say happy birthday to him hahah.  Speaking of birthdays, I’m turning 15 on the 13th, which is this coming Thursday.  Hoorah!  AND GUESS WHAT?  I can now officially afford the MacBook I’ve been saving up for! It’s taken almost a year: my birthday money from last year, my Christmas money from last year, the money from 45 hours of working at my Aunty’s travel agent over a sweltering week in the Summer holidays and almost four months of working at McDonalds!

It’s been really hard saving up for so long, not being tempted to spend all my money, and I’m proud of me :]

Just a little reminder; there are games on this blog haha.  I also have a long list of reviews which need to be written: Blog review for Tea Mouse, Book Review for “The Riddle”, sequel to The Gift and a Blog Review for Poseidon’s Domain.

Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day, of course.  I got my mum this nice jacket.  I have tennis comp tomorrow.  Last week was pretty good, our opening round – I lost the singles 6-3 (my opponent served really well), won one doubles 6-3 and lost another doubles 7-6 in a tiebreaker [7-5].  Tomorrow three wins will be wonderful!

Have a nice rest of the weekend and a great week!  Hopefully I should post soon, haha.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

10 thoughts on “Yes, I Am Still Here, Just Lurking In The Shadows

  1. Hmm, this post looked longer whilst I was writing it haha.

  2. Ah, so it was the 13th. Haha, and thanks for the public announcement! ^^;

    Congratulations on getting enough money for the MacBook! Means you have a little extra money to spend on something else for your birthday! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! Wish I could have a Macbook, but unfortunately I don’t have the money for it right now. 😦 Good post! 🙂 BTW, Love the Orange! 😀

  4. @ Phi; that’s alright haha. Actually, I’ve tried to guess roughly how much money I might get for my birthday and added it in, giving me enough money bahahah. So for now, all money goes to the MacBook. If all goes well I should be going to the Apple Store next weekend!

    @HAM; Thanks and thanks and thanks 😀

  5. Well done to you for saving up! Not spending it all has got to take a fair amount of self-control. And a Macbook will be totally worth it, too. It’s true what they say – once you go Mac, you never go back :).

    Hope the matches went well for you!

  6. Sadly Amali, I use a mac for IT at school, and still prefer windows for most things.
    But I remember all the saving I had to do to get my baby (my computer, I mean). Her name’s Macy and it took so much effort to save for her, but that feeling of accomplishment when I brought home the boxes was totally worth it. Now I’ve got to do all that saving all over again for my trip to the US at the end of the year, hence the book buying ban! Ahh, it’s soo hard!

    You need to start thinking of names for this MacBook though! Male or female? Haha.

  7. My computer doesn’t have a name.


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments! 🙂 Awesome Macbook; I would just about die to have a laptop.

  9. @ Amali; Thanks! It will definitely take me a while to get used to using a Mac, but I know I won’t regret it! Tennis went well – I won all three matches [6-2, 6-1 and 6-2].

    @Squishy; Bahahah Macy? Hmmm, I should name my MacBook…McDonald. Get it? MACdonald? I work at McDonalds? Hahaha I crack myself up.

    @Phi; Lol.

    @ Chloe; No problemo!

  10. Then we shall have to name it Phi!!
    Haha Josh, sometimes you crack me up too. =)

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