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Exams are coming up for me — I have eight — in the next fourteen days so I won’t be able to post much at all.  Sorry!  I really need to focus and study hard to ace these exams 😀



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

23 thoughts on “Exams

  1. Good luck, Josh!
    My exams finished yesterday – the weeks dragged on, but it’s so great to be done.
    I’m sure you’ll do great (:

  2. Good luck! I’m just about half way through mine.

  3. I hope your exams go well!
    Luckily I had mine last term, so I only have smaller assessments and assignments this term. And then next term is trials…shudder.

    Anyway, enjoy studying my dear Josh, I’m sure you will do us proud!

  4. Im on summer break :))

  5. I think you should do a review on Gaga’s new video Alejandro and tell us what you think its about. I just watched it and i think its insane!

  6. Is it just me … or is “Gaga” not revelant to anyones’s life? It’s just music… and life is so much more.

  7. Oh, but she’s just so amusing. I mean, I don’t follow celebrities (my head is in a book to often) but I love her music. It’s daring, if you know what I mean, in a raunchy kind of scary way. I mean, who else dances in an outfit made entirely of police tape these days? I really don’t know why I like her, since I’m usually apalled by that level of sluttiness, but she’s strangely, hilariously addictive.

  8. 6 Exams down, 2 to go, hoorah!

    Oh, is the Alejandro video out? Then I must see it! But there’s no point in me doing a review on a music video…lol. That would just be a waste of time and I know already that if it’s Lady Gaga then I’ll love it hahah.

  9. Well I stand corrected Squishy. I see your point Lady Gaga is known for being avant guarde, out spoken, artistic and opinionated, and not exactly mainstream performance but it is after all entertainment (good or bad), and if it adds something to a person’s life, I guess it is a good thing indeed. I watched her interview on Larry Kiing, I believe they call it now the Church of Gaga.

    I have seen Madonna in concert. Now Gaga in the Alejandro vid is very madonnaesque. If you close your eyes, it even sounds like Madonna. Is it the copycat syndrome? Gaga uses her music, fashion, and style to explore and perhaps comment on many of traditional institutions, be it Catholicism or not. Madonna did the same in her day. Is it Gaga’s success and fame that’s got everyone riled up? Possibly. If she weren’t embedded to the top of charts on a regular basis, would anyone care what Gaga does or how she does it? Probably not. One thing’s for sure: we’ll only know years from now what impact Gaga has or will have on her craft. Madonna, on the other hand, has made her mark.

    Music is a big part of life and they say it makes the world go round, and I do love music ❗

  10. Oh, the look here is very nice. You must have you shades on! xd!

  11. *Your shades on. :-X

  12. You have nothing to be sorry for. You made a legitimate request and it created an intresting conversation.

  13. Hi Josh! How are you? lol

  14. Yeah, don’t be sorry! I love the random discussions that stem from comments around here!!

    Loving the new look by the way!

  15. I do believe random conversations have saved many a blog from deadville. I like an unscripted conversation. Why I think we should say thank you to Chad. ツ

  16. GAGA.

    There are few mainstream songs I actually like, but I get them all anyway so I can sing to them on the radio. xD

    and ewwww exams. I hate exams. Before my math exam I locked myself in my room and forced myself to study. It paid off, though 😛 I hope you do well!!!

  17. Exams are over, hooooray!

  18. Lol, congratulations! How do you think you went?

  19. Good! I’ve got back some results. There seems to be a pattern…TOO MANY 99%’s :[
    It’s so frustrating getting 99% haha.

  20. Just be glad its 99% and not 66% 😉 Some people arent gifted with natural intelligence and have a hard time reaching even 99%

  21. Oh, I know that feeling Opus. Boy, do I ever.

  22. I hit around 95%, normally. I feel lucky to get that. lol I never try to get cocky.

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