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Book Review: Nina of the Dark (Ken Catran)


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Book Review: Nina of the Dark (Ken Catran)

Nina of the Dark

I was excited about reading Nina of the Dark.  It seemed like a good book.  But, to be honest, it was far from what I expected. And that’s not a good thing.

Nina of the Dark tries so hard to be a good fantasy novel, but it fails.  It revolves around a plot that makes no sense and an unlikeable main character – Nina.

Nina is this girl who is a slave.  She has a thumb which often, all of a sudden, starts throbbing with pain.  For some strange reason she is kicked out of her town [the townsfolk think she is a witch because she is a thumb-hurter, that is one whose thumb throbs].  And then for some inexplainable reason she goes on a perilous quest.

Her only allies are a giant and a thief.  How will she possibly…do whatever she is meant to do?  This is where it stops making sense.  She’s going on a journey for no reason, to do something that nobody knows.  Not even Nina herself.  For some strange reason, she lets Brod the giant travel with her without arguing, but when Alen the thief wants to help her she attacks him.

There are several reasons as to why this book was such a bore to read.  The major reason that I disliked this book so much was Nina.  She went from an annoying brat at the beginning to utterly disgusting in the end.  I hated her.  A protagonist is meant to be a likeable character.  Nina wasn’t likeable in the least.

The plot was hideous.  It made no sense.  For some strange reason, as I have already said, Nina insists on taking control of Goldenfaces’ army [a King who wears a gold mask, hence the name] and battling the Ruts for no reason.  It makes no sense.  Her thumb-hurting essentially meant that she was pretty much told the answer to every dilemma.

The names given to the towns and people are terrible as well.  Goldenface is one bad name, but there’s a town called…Walltown.  Sure, it has walls, but seriously, Ken Catran could’ve come up with a better name.  Even Wall-City is an improvement.

Ken has this terrible habit of writing every second sentence as a fragment.  For example: Her sword sheathed.  Ruts approaching.  In fact, it was worst than that.  Short sentences is good when used in moderation, but Ken heavily overdid it.

The ending made absolutely no sense.  Nina shed not a tear when one of her best friends died.  The reason for her journey which was partially revealed in the end made no sense.  The ending was abrupt and made no sense.  It was revealed that Alen was a thumb-hurter too.  As was another of her friends.  And a dragon.  What???

I suppose Ken could be hinting towards a sequel what with the terrible ending.  If a sequel does come about, I won’t be reading it.

Rating: 2/5




Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Nina of the Dark (Ken Catran)

  1. There’s nothing like following up a highest scoring game with a lowest ever score on a book review. Keeps you guessing, eh? :p

  2. Hullo again, Josh!
    Haha, I’ve never been a footy fan, but the Bombers were pretty impressive today 🙂
    The good thing about books like this is that you realise ANYTHING can get published – so there’s always hope for the rest of us 😛

  3. The girl on that book looks like a girl that goes to my school. Like a lot 😮
    I might read this book just to see what you’re talking about xD

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