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In A Lazy Mood



Yeah, I could be doing something productive.  I have a bit of homework, I could be writing a review, I could be making that header.  But no, I choose to be lazy.  Yay 😀

Tennis was great today.  Our season was on the line – it was the second last match in the normal season.  We were half a point above the team we played [which is nothing – you can get 8 points per round] and 4 points behind the team in 3rd, so yes we were 4th.  To make the finals we need to stay in the Top 4.

I was against this tall 16 year old leftie.  He is one of the most annoying people I have ever played.  He won 6-2, but he was so annoying!  The ball clearly landed out on my side of the court.  “Out,” I called.  “No, that was in,” he spat, approaching my side of the court.

Now listen up here, guy I played in tennis, if you are somehow reading this: who was closer to where the ball landed?  Me.  Who would’ve seen where it landed?  Me.  Who SAW that it landed out?  Me.  Plus, the Official Rule Book says something like “You may not inspect your opponent’s side of the court unless invited to.”  I didn’t invite you to inspect my side of the court, did I?  No, I didn’t.

In the first doubles match he did it again.  “Out,” I called, again, when it was clearly out, again.  “That was in, I saw it!”  The tall guy said.  “It was out!”  My doubles partner said.  “NO!”  The tall guy shrieked.  [Okay, he didn’t actually shriek, but…]  He made me SO mad.

We lost that match 6-4.

He did it again in the second doubles match.  We were trailing 4-1.  They hit it, we thought it went out so my doubles partner asked me to look at where it landed.  He called it “out”.  “You can’t call after you speak.”  The tall guy said.

WHAT?  What is that supposed to mean?

I could tell our opponent’s weren’t taking us seriously [we were playing TERRIBLY…tripping over, hitting the net thousands of times, hitting it on the neighbouring court…and giggling to ourselves] but we managed to come close, being beaten 7-5.  It was one of the funnest games of tennis I’ve played in a while.

So now we find ourselves hanging by a thread with our finals hopes on the line, again.  The team that was 3rd was playing the top of the ladder team.  If they lost badly, the team that beat us today would jump up to 3rd.  The team that was 3rd would drop to 4th and we would slip to 5th.  Next week, in the final round, we play the team that should now be 4th.  If they win, our season is over.  If we win, we should make the finals, for the first time.

And if we do make the finals at the expense of the team we are playing next week, we will be playing the team that beat us today.  Oh, joy.

But I don’t mind.  I think we have started a rivalry with them… :]



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

9 thoughts on “In A Lazy Mood

  1. “NO!” The tall guy shrieked. Lol, that made me laugh. Guys shrieking (or not really…) make me laugh haha. Hope you make the finals! wOOt

  2. Just wonderin’. Do you play tennis for a squad or just for inter-school sports?

    Don’t worry Josh, I haven’t forgotten about your blog. I been in Rye for the past week or so.

  3. I play tennis for a ‘squad’, but most call it a club haha. Interschool sports, ahh I remember when we used to do interschool sports…back in grade 6 haha. MEmories.
    Funny thing is we still kind of due interschool except you don’t get to pick what sport you do and not everyone makes the team. This term its soccer. And I made the team. All the year9’s and 10’s made the team due to our school’s tinyness.
    Rye? What were you doing there? Rye’s near Phillip Island, right?

    Ari; Bahahaha yes in my world guys do shriek. Thanks 😀

  4. Haha. I love soccer. I just started again (after a few years break) at a new ‘club’ (nah, we really call them clubs here). Can’t wait to play the old team. xD

    I was staying with a mate in Rye.


  5. Ahahah it would be fun playing your old team. Rivalry, eh?
    Ahhhh, I adore the new header that I made. I’m so proud of it! I actually cropped the images myself from a complex poster 😀 😀 😀

  6. 19,999 hits (yay!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HOORAY! And we’ve just ticked over to 20000! Thanks 😀
    It’s fitting that you were the 20000th visitor, since you were also the 1st visitor of Tinted Lens :]

  8. Argh! You missed me by 4 minutes! Haha, we would’ve had quite the conersation. 😛

    Of course I would have been the first visitor of Tinted Lens. I amyour biggest. 😆

    Congratulations on the big 20,000, Josh.

  9. Thanks Phi :]

    ACH 4 minutes!

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