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Book Review: On Thin Ice (Jamie Bastedo)


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As I speak…or write, the election results are being tallied up.  Who will win, Miss Julia Gillard, the current Prime Minister – Australia’s first female PM- who wasn’t even elected by the Australian people but gained power by backstabbing former PM K-Rudd?  Or what about Mr Tony Abbott, the Liberal Leader who won leadership of his party a few months ago by one measly vote, the man who is often seen running around in speedos or riding his bike?  To be honest, and I know many political commentators have said this, but this election campaign has been utterly boring.  Both of the contenders are boring and meh ish.  My tip?  I want Labor to win because I don’t like Tony.  Not that I like Julia either…her voice is so annoying.


Book Review: On Thin Ice (Jamie Bastedo)

On Thin Ice, Jamie Bastedo

The cover of On Thin Ice was what compelled me to read it.  The blurb was utterly boring, though, but meh.

On Thin Ice follows the journey of Ashley, a teenage girl living in a small Arctic community, as she deals with the impact of Climate Change on her community.  Could it be that the polar bears troubling her mind have something to do with the movement of polar bears as they struggle to cope with rising temperatures?

On Thin Ice was terribly slow to start.  The first 150 pages dragged on and on and were utterly boring.  The book kicked into high speed about halfway through and then abruptly ended.  The plot was confusing.  Ashley, a teenage girl living in an Arctic community, is a talented artist.  However, she regularly experiences dreams relating to polar bears.

Just weeks after these dreams start, a dead boy is found near the community.  Only one thing could kill a boy so savagely.  A polar bear.

Jamie tells the story in three ways, all of them diary entries.  The first and most prevalent are diary entries from Ashley.  These diary entries were confusing as she would often state some ground breaking news and then go backwards to describe it then leap all over the place.  We are also given Dream Journal Entries from Ashley – as the name suggests, these are diary entries regarding Ashley’s dreams.  The third way is diary entries from a mysterious polar bear.  I found these entries to be really strange.  So, Miss Bear, someone is calling you, you say?  You’ve repeated that for the past 300 pages.  And what’s a polar bear doing keeping a journal?

The plot was very lacking and anticlimatical.  I hate these kind of plots.  Everything was building up to Ashley meeting the polar bear that has been haunting her and BANG the book is over with Ashley not even meeting the bear.

The characters were lacking as well.  Ashley wasn’t all that interesting.  Gabe was great.  Gabe is Ashley’s adopted, autistic, blind brother who hosts radio shows and speaks in hilarious metaphors regularly.  Ashley’s mum was interesting as well.  I thought her whole ‘New Age’ beliefs would have more input into the novel, but they didn’t.  She sort of disappeared, like many characters in this book.

Aana and Uncle Jonah were interesting too.  They could’ve been fleshed out some more but I was content with the way they were represented in the novel.

A lot of characters sort of vanished from the plot halfway through.  Once we heard a huge conversation between Mum and Ashley, Mum didn’t appear again for a long time.  After Dad was attacked, he vanished until the last ten or so pages of the book.  This happened to many characters and was very annoying.

All in all, On Thin Ice was a very luckluster book.  It just goes to show, don’t judge a book by its cover!

Rating: 2.5/5




Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: On Thin Ice (Jamie Bastedo)

  1. 2.5/5 is a very low rating for a book by my standards, unfortunately.

  2. Hello Friend Thanks for the Review

  3. Nice review! The cover of the book looks interesting.
    And thank you for adding me to your blogroll 🙂 I shall return the favor!

  4. Didn’t Tony Abbot gain power by stabbing Malcolm Turnbull in the back? It’s politics, nothing new.

    The girl on the cover is so pretty! She has nice hair. 🙂
    I totally agree, I love the cover, but the blurb sounds meh – and I guess after your review I’ll be giving this one a miss. Doesn’t really sound like my type of book anyway. Nice review though, thank you. 🙂

    Covers are so deceptive! Sometimes they’re so nice but the book itself is an utter letdown. And other times, I read a book with a gross cover and its utterly amazing! But I think hay covers are one of the most important parts of a novel – I tend to pick up books in a bookstore because they have nice covers (or interesting names), so if be cover is bad, it definitely influences whether I buy/borrow/read the book or not.

  5. @Johnny; You’re welcome.

    @Sarah; Thanks! You’re welcome! Thankyou!

    @Sas; Yeah, something like that. I know she does, doesn’t she! Thanks!
    Yeah, I often choose books depending on their title and spine. If the title and spine look nice then I pick it up, look at the cover and read the blurb. Then I make my decision. Hay covers?

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