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Three Wishes: You’ve Been Tagged!



Sometimes I wonder, if I could have three wishes, what would they be?  I think this could start a lot of discussion and would be a nice topic for a post.  If I could have three wishes…

1. I wish for world peace.  Is fighting in war really necessary?  Thousands of deaths – both military and civilian – is not justified, especially in the latter case.  I’d love the world to be at peace with each other.  No war, no fighting, no terrorism.  A safe, peaceful world.

2. I wish it wouldn’t be illegal to share the Gospel in countries like China.  Hundreds, no wait, probably thousands of missionaries have been tortured and killed in countries such as China in which it is illegal to talk about Jesus and God.  I wish it wouldn’t be like this…everyone needs to be able to receive the love of God.

3. I wish I could sing.  Seriously, I’m awful at singing.  I’d love to be able to sing 😀

Now for the fun part.  I’m going to tag five people.  If you’re tagged, you need to make a Three Wishes post of your own and tag five more people and so on so forth.

I tag:






Make a wish :]



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

8 thoughts on “Three Wishes: You’ve Been Tagged!

  1. Oo, I wish for world peace as well 🙂 All the pointless fighting and people dying, just makes me think was this war really worth it. And haha, I wish I could sing too, I’m horrible at it.

  2. Even though you may have deleted fylliper.wordpress.com
    they’ve been archived:)


    click on a date and look at your old site and your old posts 🙂 it brought back tons of memories for me, i hope it does for you too!

  3. sorry, some of the link didnt turn blue so just copy and paste it into the url box 😛

  4. That archive site is great, right Chad? 😀
    Hey Josh, old pal. I kinda quit blogging for now. I’m sorry.
    I made a post about it on my site.
    I would love to keep in touch, though!
    You wanna read the post? I kinda get all sappy about it there 😛
    It’s fine if you don’t really want to stay in touch, because we are just internet friends, but you can decide 🙂
    See you around

  5. Thanks Sarah. I think pointless fighting is pointless too ahaha.

    Chad, thankyou so so so much for sharing that link! I’m shifting through all the updates and wow, all the memories are flooding back 😀

    Carly, I’m going to miss you soooo much. Thanks for being such a great friend. I left a comment on your post. I’m going to miss you :[

  6. I wish I could sing too! To belt out in a song being confident in my singing abilities would be awesome lol. Unfortunately, I can’t XD

    World Peace would be nice too and so would the Gospel thing too!

  7. Josh, im with Carly… im leaving too 😦

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