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Blog Review: Poseidon’s Domain


Poseidon’s Domain is a wonderful blog owned by Chad.  Formerly known as DarnStraight, Poseidon’s Domain, or PD as I will be referring to it throughout this review, is a very nice-looking blog which wears the colour blue beautifully.  As I visit the blog I am greeted with a Home Page with blue buttons.  The background on each of these buttons is dazzling and unique on each button.  The text is also easy to read.  There’s a ‘Share This’ bar underneath the buttons, for some reason.

The header, however, is quite lacklustre.  The whites and light blues clash with the deep blues in the navigation buttons.  Also, I can’t make out the tagline; it looks like “The ______ won’t change on its own” since a page is obstructing it. The sidebar is chocablock full of widgets.  The first one seems to just be Chad’s avatar [it looks nice with the blues of the navigation bars] but upon further inspection there is actually white text which you can only read when you highlight it.  After scrolling down I realise that many of the widgets have white text and thus you may not notice there is actually text there.  The sidebar, apart form that, is satisfactory.  I like the fact that although there is a music player on the sidebar it doesn’t start playing straight away; I hate blogs where they play music automatically as I often read blogs while listening to my own music.  However, a music player really isn’t needed on a blog like Chad’s.  It could probably be removed.

The next page I visit is the Blog page, which contains all the blog posts written by Chad.  The first thing I notice is the sticky post: July Challenge List.  This probably isn’t needed as it is now October… The rest of the posts written by Chad are very well-written.  I really like his unique writing style; mostly casual yet a bit sophisticated as well.  It’s nice and easy to read.  However, the text colours are not so good.  The light blue used in the first post is hard to read on a white background.  I don’t mind the dark blues.  Colour used for text on a blog needs to be consistent.  If it’s not consistent, it gets too distracting and messy.  Chad’s spelling and grammar isn’t the best in the world, as well.  His habit of centering text would be better changed.  I personally find left-aligned text neater to read.  Centerting text is really best saved for highlighting an important point.  I like the fact that Chad’s posts aren’t just words, but include images and videos to spice up the content.

The next page I head over to is the Biography.  I love the title image thing on this page.  It really stands out and attracts me to the page.  It’s simple and nice.  Without even reading anything I notice that Chad is alternating his text colour on this page between the dark blue which suits the site’s colour scheme and the light blue, which is difficult to read.  The alternating colours are also very distracting.  Other than that, the page is full of good content and information about this wonderful blogger and it’s set out in a good way.  The images put in complement the text.  On this page I notice a link to Chad’s story and hence click it.

Doh!  Something has gone wrong!  Well, that’s the message I’m greeted with after trying to read Chad’s story.  This needs to be checked; all the links need to lead to the right page.  I then decide to head over to the Games Room.  The title image there looks different and nice.  The blue blends in well.  There are a variety of games.  Ruin The Wish is a simple game, however Chad’s grammar in the “instructions” of the game isn’t the best.  StoryBuilder’s description is more grammatically correct [but then again I did write it…] but he’s reverted back to the light blue text.  Ridiculous Riddles hasn’t been updated in over a year, though.  The rest of the games pages are fine.

Next I head over to the page called “Go Green”.  I’m greeted by a lovely green badge.  It looks marvellous.  Although the light green text colour is a no-no, the writing on this page is detailed and amazingly well written.  It links to other sites with similar goals and gives you a list of ways you can help.  I have just one question: did Chad write this?  If so, well done, it’s very well written.  If not, where is the credit?  I click on the Earth Saver’s Club link at the bottom.  It should be placed up higher.  I get told it’s password protected then realise I should’ve clicked on the Sign-up link underneath, so I do.  It’s a nice idea, this club, and I think it might work.  But why is the text all bold?  And why is there a random splodge of red and blue text?  And it’s not mentioned on the page what to do when you get 100%.  Do you email Chad?  Comment?  What happens?

I decide to head over to the next page; not the blog but the untitled page.  And I’m back to the Home Page.  But what?  Why not just call it Home?  Now that I’m back at the Home Page I realise there’s a Photography page which isn’t listed in the navigation under the header.  I head to the Photography page, expecting photos taken by Chad but then find out it’s actually a Polarise-your-photo service.  It’s quite cool and the polarisation looks good.  After reading the page and details of the free service, I click on the pick up your photo link and am greeted by some eye-burning light blue text.  Apparently no orders have been completed yet.  That’s a shame, because the polarisation looks really good.  If Chad hasn’t got any orders, I suggest he just deletes the page and instead polarises his own photos in a gallery or promote the page more.

I make my last stop: The Extra’s Page!  I adore the title image thing.  It’s really nice.  Chad really has a lot of potential in terms of blog design and skill.  I notice the Polarise Your Photo link and decide to click on the next one: App Data.  I get directed to a page explaining what App Data is about.  The picture isn’t loading for me, but the description is well written and persuasive.  The final sub page is the Noodles Page.  This contains images and information about the Noodles Club, an old group of friends started by Chad.  The biographies here are written in eye-burning light blue again, unfortunately.


All in all, Poseidon’s Domain is an impressive blog.  It definitely has the potential to be a top blog if more thought is put into the design and the colours chosen don’t clash as much.  Chad has a great writing style and has created a great blog and it’s a shame to see it go.  He definitely has huge potential both in his writing and his design and I can really see that through his great posts and impressive images.

Design: 3/5

Content: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

9 thoughts on “Blog Review: Poseidon’s Domain

  1. Wow, long post; Chad, I’m sorry this took so long, so I put extra thought into it. This took well over an hour to write…all 1200 words haha.
    Like the new theme?

  2. Thanks Josh! I’ve been waiting for this! Its a really good review. Im glad you put alot of thought into it too!

    Sorry about the design issues :/ As you may have noticed, in between the time I asked you to do this review and now, my CSS has expired, and since I quit blogging, I didnt try to spice it up anymore after it was gone.

    I agree with the eye-burning light blue text though. I should have noticed it. Thanks for the constructive criticism… even though I wont be blogging anymore xD

    Great review!!

  3. Lovely review Josh. 🙂

    The buttons on the home page are really gorgeous Chad! They are seriously stunning!

  4. Thank youuu 🙂 I worked hard on them 🙂

  5. Thanks Chad :] It’s okay. Anything you disagree with at all?

    Thanks Sas :] I agree, the buttons are beautiful.

  6. these old screenshots that you took of my blogs for two of your reviews are bringing back so much nostalgia and memories! reading them is crazy… can’t believe you reviewed me in 2009 and 2010, SO long ago!

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