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Drop Everything Now


Meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain; ’cause I see sparks fly whenever I see you smile ~

Hey there, I’m Josh and yesterday I finally bought Taylor Swift’s brand-spanking new album Speak Now!

I would be treating you to a review of this impeccable album which took me a long time to hunt down [more on that later] but it’s late now and I have exams to study for.

The day the album came out, two weeks ago, I went to Big W but they didn’t have it.  Neither did Kmart.  I went back to Kmart on last Sunday, but once again they didn’t have the album, and neither did Big W.  At Big W I thought, alright, maybe I should just get an iTunes Card.  And there’s this sign that reads “iTunes cards not for sale today.”  Seriously?  I went to JB Hi-Fi yesterday and got the Deluxe Edition for $20, and have been listening to it since then.  The title of this post is the start of a line from Sparks Fly…the first line of this post continues the line haha.  Yeah.

And exams are this week.  Since I’m leaving this Friday and start at my new school on Monday, I have to do seven exams in three days instead of five.  So on Wednesday I have Business Management 1+2 and Maths; Thursday I have three exams [ouch] – Geography, Physics 1+2 and Extension Maths.  Friday is a lot easier with just English and History.  Then I’m done with this school.  It’s scary; I’m moving from a school of 300 with 17 Year 10’s to a massive school with, like, at least ten times that amount of Year 10s.  At least that much.

And mcHappy Day is on next Saturday, and I’m working over lunch.  Yikes.

But I’ve finished up at this school really strongly.  I got 97% on my Physics Motion test, which absolutely stunned me – it was a very hard test, tbh – and my history/English teacher marks on a Bell Curve…I got a perfect 20/20 for a History Assignment.  To put that into perspective, up until late last year my highest mark was 17/20 and I got 18.5/20 at the end of last year, and up until Friday that was the highest mark he had ever given out.  My teacher said it was the most perfect assignment he’d ever seen.  I was stunned.

I hope I can get a Bible Study up this Monday.  If I don’t, I’m sorry.  I’ll be studying.  Wish me luck :]



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

4 thoughts on “Drop Everything Now

  1. I saw the title of this post in the sidebar and almost freaked out again. I’m listening to it right now – ‘Mean’ to be exact…
    And it’s freaking amazing!!
    I had a terrible time hunting it down too, I mean, nowhere had it! Finally I found the delux in Sanity yesterday, but I had to pay more since, well, we’re talking about Sanity here.
    But it’s still amazing. And so, so worth it.

    Have you figured out this difference between the normal editions of like, ‘Mine’, ‘Back to December’ & ‘The Story of Us’ compared to the US versions on the extra features? I can’t tell…
    So which songs are you loving the most? I adore ‘Dear John’, ‘Better Than Revenge’, ‘Haunted’ and ‘Ours’…. okay, so all of them…. hehe.

    I hope you go amazingly in your exams! I’m sure you’ll be brilliant. 🙂
    And then you’re new school… wow. I remember you being indicisive about going there, and then didn’t your principal say something rude about it too? Anyway, you’re almost there, and I’m sure you’ll love it once you are.
    My exams finished on Friday – can you believe I’m not a school student anymore? It’s so freaky!!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the album (other than it being amazing, which it obviously is. Duh.)

  2. Bahahahaha! It is amazing, I agree! Perfection! Bahahaha. Definitely worth it. And the booklet thing is also extremely cool haha 😀
    In ‘Mine’ the normal version has more electric guitars and the US version has more acoustic, I think. Not sure about Back to December but I think The Story Of Us, in one of the versions the guitars are slightly different. I think. Haha.
    I’m loving ‘The Story Of Us’, ‘Sparks Fly’, ‘Ours’, ‘Haunted’, ‘Innocent’ ‘Better Than Revenge’, ‘Dear John’ and the four previously released ones – Mine, Mean, Back To December and Speak Now. And practically every song on the album haha 😀 I really like the Acoustic Back To December too.

    Thanks 😀
    Yes to both, but everything’s all ironed out now and I’m set 😀 Whoaaa, congrats! That’s so cooool! Whoaaa!
    Haha, hopefully a review next weekend. Busy.

  3. I love Taylor Swift’s new album! The album art is also so pretty haha.
    Hope you do well in your exams 🙂 Hope your new school is going great, too!
    Congrats on your marks 😀 Wow 97%, I hate physics, I reckon it’s the worst bit of science class. Its all just.. really confusing haha.

  4. Yeah, the album art is really really pretty ❤
    Thanks, and thanks, and thanks! Meh, to be honest I find Biology to be the hardest. Probably because all the things about cells and microscopes and different parts of a cell…they all confuzzle me so much haha.

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