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Fire and Water


The Boy sighed at the sight of his favourite elm tree in the backyard.  It was truly destroyed by the fire.  If this had happened three or four years ago, he couldn’t have cared less; but now this tree was close to his heart.  The Boy had nursed it from a young tree and it had grown, albeit slowly, into a slightly larger elm.  Sure, it wasn’t a towering tree providing shade like the eucalyptus out front, but this tree was special.

The Boy remembered how he used to love gardening.  He was addicted to it.  He chuckled at the thought of that; other people his age were addicted to alcohol or killing people in video games, and here he was being obsessed with gardening.  Then it happened.  The Boy adopted a puppy – a playful little beagle with a brown patch covering its ears, contrasting with its white fur.  Macy.  He sighed, reminiscing in the fun memories The Boy had enjoyed with Macy.  He spent countless hours with the beagle, and began to neglect his little orange tree.

It died.

The dog, that is.  Run over by a heartless man who was clearly going over the speed limit on his suburban street.  The Boy was distraught.  His run was broken and tears constantly streamed down his pale face.  He blamed his parents.  He blamed his best friend who was over having a drink with him.  He blamed himself for lifting his eye from Macy.  He blamed his garden for being a distraction.

Out of sheer anger, he destroyed his little orange tree, and his quaint petunias that he cherished so much.  If Macy can’t survive, nothing should, The Boy thought.

Years passed.  The Boy stayed away from gardening completely and found new hobbies.  Baseball, painting and playing the clarinet.  The Seed was planted in his heart when he visited his best friend’s house that warm Summer’s night.  His friend was having a party in his beautiful garden.  The Boy gazed at the magnificent plants in the garden, tears forming in his icy blue eyes.  How beautiful the plants were.

The Seed in his heart blossomed into a longing desire to start gardening again.  And he did.

But it was all gone now.  The fruits of his labour, all his beautiful trees and flowers and shrubs, destroyed.  The fire had been ruthless, but had miraculously left his house unscathed.  Deep in his heart, The Boy knew he would’ve gladly sacrificed his house to save his garden, but it was too late.

The Boy fell to his knees and started weeping at his loss.  He had tried to bring his garden back to life with water and rich fertiliser, all in vain.  Nothing could save his garden.  He cried for what felt like days, but must have been only an hour.  He hadn’t cried that hard since Macy was killed.

It was getting dark, so The Boy went back inside and fell asleep like a log.

The next day The Boy went to greet his dead garden.  With jaw dropped.  On his mutilated elm tree was a single bud.  A bud of hope, that would hopefully grow and blossom.  He found himself crying again.  It was alive.  His garden lived.


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

15 thoughts on “Fire and Water

  1. Interpret it as you wish :]

    Just a note; this is a totally fictitious story that I wrote off the top of my head. It means something to me, though; it represents something. Idk, make of it what you shall.

    Also, in response to a reader survey which revealed a large proportion of my readers wanted more…Josh posts, I’ve decided to write less Bible Studies and more classic Josh posts :]

  2. YES!

    I loved that story 🙂 and I liked this post 🙂 well written!

  3. Great piece of writing, Josh.

  4. Wow, that was brilliant! Good work!

    Phi, how have you been? I haven’t seen you around much of late…

  5. Josh… It’s almost Christmas! Do y’know what that means? Mr. O’shi’s contests! Baha. Any plans for this year? I seriously don’t believe that it’s been (almost) a year already.

  6. Thanks Phi and thanks Sas!

    OMIGOSH MR O’SHI! YES! That’s a good idea…after all, I’ve had a grand total of half a contest this year [Mr O’shi’s Christmas one carried over till like the second week of Jan] and that’s it. Hmmm…contest it is!

  7. Well, let’s just hope that Mr. O’shi won’t go back to his “old ways” as shown on his Wii game. 😆

    I finished school a little while back. Yourself? Holidays have been pretty good. Today, I went to Highpoint for the first time in, like, five years. It was alright but wasn’t worth the tram ride there. I can see myself going there a lot more now though. 😆 Nah, I don’t think I’m going anywhere these holidays. What about you?

    Yes, the header is last year’s. Thanks!

    Have a good week(/end) Josh!

  8. Bahahaha. I spent like 5 minutes looking for the post with the contest in it and found it and laughed. It’s so good! And funny! Hahaha.

    I only finished on the 9th [last Thursday]. =/ I went to Southland today. I guess we can now officially say we’re on opposite sides of the city haha 😛 We might be going to Phillip Island from like Boxing Day to New Years with the cousins, possibly. I hope so.

    Have a great week :]

  9. Wow Southland? What a coincidence, I was just at a Northland today. 😆 No, seriously, I was! xD Haha. Pretty neat having a buddy on the other side of the city.

  10. Bahahaha. I don’t think I’ve been to Northland, but I have been to Eastland [I think…Eastland’s the one on the Ringwood side of the Eastlink, right?]

  11. I’m not sure of an Eastland… I don’t think I’ve been that far out. My preferred place to catch up with mates is (pretty much) always the city. For me, it’s just the most convenient place ’cause I live (literally) right next to a train station. Get on and I’m in the city! Lol. I just want to expand my ‘world’ so I’ve been going to places outside of the ‘comfort’ zone. Wbu Joshua?

    Merry Christmas and have a good one at Phillip Island!

  12. I live about fifteen minutes from a train station…there are about three different ones ten or fifteen minutes away haha. Southland works for me, though. Not too far away.

    Same to you! :]

  13. You have a talent! Fantastic writing :)!

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