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Hi, I’m Josh and I’m actually writing a post!


Yes, you are reading correctly :]

I’m sorry for being…distant, if I can say that?  I don’t know.  I’ve been busy, and lazy, and busy.  But here’s a quick rundown of everything that’s happened in Josh Land for the past…I don’t know, month or so?

  • I finished Year 10 at my old school [let’s call it O for old, since both my old and new school start with the same letter] and started Year 11 at N [Guess where that letter came from haha].  Year 11 is tough, as is School N.  I expected it to be full with lots of rich, snobby kids, like in the movies.  Well, there are quite a few people who seem to be like me – not rich, on scholarship – but I’ve discovered that there are many rich kids there.  One kid complained about his dad’s expensive car.  While walking to school I’ve noticed at least 60%, probably more actually, of the cars are BMWs or other expensive makes.  I was talking to a kid in my Physics class and he said to me, “Sure, I have a job at McDonalds, too, but it’s not like we [me and him] need the money; I mean, seriously, we go to N!”
  • So they all assumed I was rich too, and probably not too bright, I don’t know why but yeah.  I don’t look like the brightest light bulb, but that’s because I was on energy saving mode. …Yup.  We had a math test on binomials.  There’s this insanely smart kid, who I shall call…C.  He’s incredibly smart.  He got 94% on the math test and I got 100% :]  I was super excited to beat him, and I could see the looks of surprise on everyone’s faces.  Hehehe :]
  • I’m on school holidays now, up until the 31st of January, which is annoying because not only did N finish at least a week later than practically every other high school in Victoria, but I haven’t heard of a school which is not starting in February.  Oh well.
  • I want to get a job at Big W, K-mart or Safeway or something like that.  On the 30th, it will be a year since I went for my job interview at McDonalds, on the 31st it will be a year since I got the job, but I didn’t start at McDonalds till the 1st of February.  So, I suppose you could say I’ve been working at McDonalds for a year now.  Like, whoa.  My shifts are being cut down, and I’m getting really sick of working there.  My manager won’t let me get trained to do front counter either which is annoying.  So as soon as I tweak my resume, I’m going to apply for some other places.
  • If you didn’t notice, it was Christmas yesterday.  Lots of fun, I love Christmas! Once again the day started with the opening of presents and the eating of breudher.  We then went to church and visited my 95 year old great grandmother before going over to lunch at my Aunty’s house.  We ate a yummy lunch at 5pm [ahaha, yeah, that’s what we do at family gatherings.  When we have family parties for dinner we normally eat dinner at about 11 and my cousins leave at around 2, sometimes later.  That’s us.]  and played the awesomest game ever to be invented in the history of awesome games.  Just Dance 2.
  • Today was Boxing Day, and I grabbed a few bargains.  I bought The Sims 3 for my MacBook for $50 from JB Hi-Fi, and since I got a $30 voucher from my aunty I only ended up paying $20.  Yay :]  I also bought two pairs of jeans from Target; a faded grey pair of skinny legs for $35 and a charcoal pair for $15.  I’m happy with what I’ve bought :]
  • Right, presents.  I got a really cool iPod Dock which is really cool, $80 in cash, a $30 JB Hi-Fi voucher and 4 books – City of Bones and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, Fallen by Lauren Kate and Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.  Yay :]

Also, here’s a list of posts I am aiming to write before 2010 draws to a close, so you can hold me accountable if, errr, when I don’t post them all:

  • Three book reviews: FireSpell by Chloe Neill, Gone by Michael Grant and Night of the Fifth Moon by Anna Ciddor
  • The Top 50 songs of 2010; like the one I did in 2009 but with different songs, obviously.
  • A Reflections Post

5 posts in 5 days, can I do it?

So, how have you been?  How was your Christmas?



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

6 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Josh and I’m actually writing a post!

  1. So, how was your Christmas?

  2. Hi Josh. I’m Phi. Nice to meetcha! …I don’t believe it, man. I was (seriously) going to make a post with a similar title: “Hi, I’m Phi and this is you.” What’re the odds? 😆

    Anywho, thanks for the comment on Divum! And thanks for the “thanks”… but I’m not really sure why. Lol.

    Sorry, this was a quick comment. I’m kinda tired


  3. Haha, that would’ve been quite the coincidence if you did post that post ahaha.

    You’re welcome, and I think I was trying to thank you for all the hard work you put into this. I think.

    Have fun in Queensland :]

  4. Rich people are strange…lol. My Christmas was alright! The food was great haha! And spending time with family is always nice (but not too much time b/c then you start to get sick of them, kinda like how I am right now lol) We have to start school on the 4th. I’m not looking foward to that. Bleh! Great job on the 100 on the math test! I haven’t gotten a 100 on a math test this year yet. I did get a 98 on my Algebra final, which really annoyed me because I wanted a 100 lol. Oh, and thank you for reminding me that I desperately need to get a job XD

  5. Merry late Christmas Josh! Hope you had an amazing day 🙂
    Congrats on your mark! I literally LOL’d at ‘that’s because I was on energy saving mode’… hehe.
    I go back in January as well, I think. When did your school finish?
    Oooooh nice. I was on holidays in Queensland on Boxing Day and everything was on sale.. and I really wanted a new summer wardrobe but I didn’t have time to go shopping! I really want to go sometime this week 🙂
    Ehehe I really liked Hush Hush (:
    Oooh Night of the Fifth Moon! I got it signed by Anna Ciddor ahah 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  6. Josh,

    After browsing your blog, I believe we will enjoy some great conversations together.

    Todd Beal

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