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Why So Serious?


Hey there~

Yes, I’m back from Phillip Island; okay, so I got back more than two weeks ago, but I’ve been busy.  The weather was beautiful.  Last week it was really really humid and horrible and wet and there have been floods [thankfully nowhere near me, but in other parts of Victoria and Queensland].

So, where to start?

Phillip Island was great!  We stayed in a tiny little awful house.  Sure, it was quirky, but it was pretty bad.  When we got there, there was dirt everywhere, furniture blocking each other, an awful paint job on the walls, a torn mattress on the floor in one of the rooms, another bedroom with the bed over concrete [the rest was plastic flooring], the toilet was broken but still useable, a tap in the bathroom wouldn’t close, there were no rugs in the bathroom near the shower and there was an axe in the laundry.  An axe.  Yup.

We went to the beach, to the shops, chilled, played Uno, so on.  They had a Super Nintendo which was really cool, and we played Super Mario World for a bit.  Haha.

Phillip Island was great.

But there was a robbery while we were there.

No, not at the house, but at a McDonalds.  And it just so happened to be the McDonalds that I work at.  It was on the first day, I think, we were just sitting and the news was on, and I heard them say “robbery at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx McDonalds”.  I thought I heard wrong, but I didn’t.  I was shellshocked, to say the least, that it could’ve been me working when the robbery occurred – the bandits, who I don’t think have been caught yet – have weapons and demanded money.  Of course, it was at 3am so I wouldn’t have been working, but it was still terrifying to think that it happened to my store.

I’ve been working quite a bit lately, earning some money.  Next week I’ve got three shifts, but since I’m working on Australia Day [double time YAY] I’ve calculated how much I should earn, and it should be able $160, which is the most I’ve ever earned in a week.  Coincidentally, next week is the 52nd week of me working at McDonalds – the week after I will officially be in my second year of employment at McDonalds.

I’ve applied online to K-mart and Coles last week, but haven’t received a reply.  I tried applying to Big W and Safeway too, but I couldn’t figure out how. I think I’ll just go in-store and hand in my resume to these places as well as a few others and see how I go.

I’ve had a stack of homework to do.  I’ve only done a bit of it, and I’m going to be pretty busy doing the rest next week, which is somehow the last week of Summer Holidays o.O  They’ve gone by way too fast.

Speaking of going by way too fast, time has been going really quickly and I haven’t gotten around to writing posts or tackling the pile of six (and growing) book reviews I need to write, as well as a few Game Reviews and an album review.  Busy busy busy.

And I think I’ll finish this post here.  I’ve just gotten back from my now 8 year old cousin’s birthday party at a place that does laser force, go karting, mini ten pin bowling and mini golf.  It was incredibly fun 😀  My teeth are going to die from it though, I ate like three of my older cousin’s homemade mini cupcakes [they were delicious], a slice of birthday cake [mmm, sponge cake!], some random lollies and a lollypop.  Hehe.

Erhem.  I shall finish this post now.  I’ll get to replying to comments and hopefully sprucing up the blog.  Yay :]



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

5 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. Wait how old are you? Here in Turkey if your younger then 18 your not allowed to work.. and I was wanted to ask this to a person who works at Mcdonals, is it dirty / disgusting? Be honest! 😀

  2. Ah, the Phillip Islands sounds amazing! And oh my gosh a robbery : o !

    I’m also right now in the middle of finding a job, even though I’m 14. But I think I’m allowed to work for certain areas. But right now I’m in the middle of writing an application for a tutoring place. My friend was just recently hired there too.

    And btw your header looks amazing!

  3. @Dunya; I’m 15. Really? Well, it’s not too bad. I mean, the stores are actually really really big on being clean. Some of the food is a bit disgusting, but it’s not too bad. Everything smells incredible though!

    @Sarah; Haha. Good luck with your job hunting, and thanks…except I don’t like it 😛 I’m making a new one :]

  4. Thanks for the comment!I’m not sure how complex the decisions you make will affect the outcome of the game. For now, I’m not one to want to make multiple endings.

    It’s great that you enjoyed your little holiday.

    I did hear about those McDonalds robberies. Apparently there was more than one… ?

  5. Just itsy bitsy differences would be nice, tbh :]

    Yeah, there were three robberies. In three nights. Then they stopped -.-

    Also, new header, yay! 😀

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