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With yesterday’s post, you may have realised the title had very little to do with the post.  That’s because I kind of steered off track haha.  Today, however, I intend to keep on track.  You know when memories pour out?  Yup.

I just noticed pretty much five seconds ago that tomorrow is the 24th of January 2011.  At this time last year I was blogging away on the new Tinted Lens.  This time in 2009 Raining Water was quickly coming to an end.  On the 24th of January 2008, something massive happened.

I deleted my Club Penguin blog.

Shock.  Horror.

It was a big decision back then; sure, I was ‘past my prime’ in terms of my CP blog, but I still had a loyal group of viewers, some of which are still here today [:D] but I felt the time was up.

I lasted just over a year in the Club Penguin blogging land; a month or two on fylliperguuse.wordpress.com and 11 months on fylliper.wordpress.com.  It was a long time.

But the times on Club Pengiuin – they were so fun!  Sitting on the Dock with the ‘cool kids’…doing those sled races, secret agent missions, cooking pizza, throwing snowballs at innocent passers-by…ahh, the memories.

And the excitement when the parties started!  I remember coming home on a Friday afternoon and logging onto Club Penguin so I could be the first to post about the items or the pin or the new secret and whatnot.  Sure, I was rarely the first to do so, but the possibility of being the first was just too good to pass up.

I remember hunting for secrets in the clothing catalog, holding parties to celebrate milestones.  One of the first parties I held was for reaching 25,000 hits…I almost missed that party but I met one of my best friends at the time.  The parties kept getting bigger, and I remember one I had was actually pretty good.  Ah, what fun we had.

Logging onto Mammoth server, or Big Foot, or whatever other servers us ‘cool kids’ used to hang out back in the day, heading down to the dock, talking to people.  I recall feeling such excitement when I met Holagurrl25, Antras, and so on, and even more excitement when they accepted my buddy request.

And one of the best feelings was that feeling I got when someone actually recognised me.  Someone who had never commented on my site, but had apparently read it and was a fan.  That made me feel so…happy!

The CP days were good ones, the golden times, when practically everything was perfect.  Nowadays, we’ve stepped into darker territory but we’re still having fun, right?

Without CP, I wouldn’t be here and many of us wouldn’t be blogging either.

It’s funny, to think Club Penguin is the thing that has ultimately brought us such joy and fun so many years after we shelved our penguins away.


PS, like the new header?


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

11 thoughts on “Pour Out

  1. Club Penguin was fun while it lasted for us. Haha, those collectible pins that came out every fortnight. Remember those? And let’s not forget the funny pictures! The talking green Puffle in the Club!

    We’ve all moved on to different kinds of blogs… Music, life, books, games, art. Some of us don’t even blog anymore.

  2. That’s true! Club Penguin gave us a start to blogging.. When we used to advertise our blogs around, making drawings and headers for people to “order”.

    Good times.. good times.. 😉

  3. @Phi; Omigosh, the pins. And omigosh again, those funny pictures! How hard I tried to ‘edit’ them with Paint xD The Green Puffle was the king of the funny pictures. I can’t remember what I made him ‘say’ though 😛

    @Waddy; Ahaha, all of our little shops! I think I had a header shop for a bit, but my headers were awful haha. :]

  4. Your headers so weren’t awful! Mine were shonky. I cringe to think of the days when I tried to make art with Microsoft Paint. Some people can work that program… me? Not so much. I stick with good ol’ PS now.

    Club Penguin was awesome. I mean, sure, it’s not the same anymore, but it really was what brought a lot of people together. I wouldn’t be blogging the same way if I hadn’t found Club Penguin. I might not even blog about books.
    And plus I met so many of you amazing people. How crazy is that?

    I was actually thinking about CP the other day, and my friend and I were chatting about it. We kept thinking about all of those old things we used to love. How everyone used to hang around in the Town looking for lovers and we’d laugh at them. How we thought puffles were the coolest thing around and how we acted all cool just because we were members. Wow, how life has changed. I mean, I did the same thing you did. I used to get home and dash onto the computer just to update about something new. I took it so seriously, and I guess in a way that may have been good since it got me where I am now. But it was fun, and that was what was and is important.

    Okay, I’m rambling, but you’ve got me reminiscing. Oh gosh, those were the days. 🙂

  5. CP times! When you think of it, you and me have known each other for 3 years now. It’s fascinating isn’t it? I couldn’t agree more with on “The CP days were good ones, the golden times, when practically everything was perfect. Nowadays, we’ve stepped into darker territory but we’re still having fun, right?” That’s exactly what i think! Except I never exactly worded it in my mind. When i had a CP blog I had a much bigger range of viewers, now it’s just a couple old friends left from CP.
    We should have a CP party ! For old times sake. What do you think? 🙂 And I just logged on CP out of curiosity 😛


  7. @Sas; Nah, my headers were pretty awful. Extremely awful. Ah yes, those were the days :]
    @Dunya; Haha, yeah, we totally should! We should talk to everyone who still blogs and try and organise a time! It will be the party of the year!! And haha, what a coincidence [although I don’t remember Qtpie]

  8. OMG.

    You’re so right about the CP times being the golden age, and that now weve stepped into darker territory. Life was so perfect then. And the contests! CPA, FCPS, CPs next top model!

    Oh the memories. You and I, we were like best friends. Even on your quitting CP post, when I look back in the archives, you said my name first on the people you’ll remember “Bigmonkey123 – probably my best friend.”

    I remember when I thought you were so famous, then t become such good friends with you was amazing! Like meeting hollagurl for me 😉

    I would have never have thought that 4 years later, we’d still be talking to each other… somewhat.

    I miss it.

  9. My CPA site is still up… go read your finale page if its still there xD clubpenguinidol.wordpress.com

    omg. memories 😦
    I agree, we should have a CP party 🙂

  10. @Chad, oh I remember CPs next top model – I participated in that! I’m laughing so hard at myself now, trying to figure out what was a ‘winning’ outfit on CP. Oh, how fun. 😛

    Yes, a reunion party is a great idea! Ah, it will be annoying to organise times though.

  11. @Chad; Really? You felt that way about meeting me? Cool :] We were as close as…ummm [insert quirky metaphor here]! Yeah, to be honest I thought that when I quit CP I’d be gone from WordPress for good. But apparently not :] And I read that post. You have no idea how excited I was on that night to read that post and the CPNTM post on the same night. Mega excited. I was literally trembling with excitement, I kid you not.

    @Sas; Hahaha :] It’s a shame we had to pay for membership though =/ And the fact that once we were non-members we couldn’t wear our cool clothes was so annoying! :@ Yeah, it would be the hardest thing to organise…it would need to be in the morning here, probably, to convert to evening/night in Europe and afternoon in the US.

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