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Book Review: Fallen (Lauren Kate)


Fallen, Lauren Kate

Note: This review is bursting with spoilers, so read at your own risk.  I couldn’t write a review for this book without necessary spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Lucinda Price has never met him before in her life, and she’s sure of that.  However, when she first meets Daniel Griggori she feels drawn to him, but she doesn’t know why.  It’s as if she’s known him for ages…but that’s can be true.  Luce must find out why she’s so attracted to Daniel and why he seems so familiar, even if it kills her.

I wish it had.  Killed her, that is.  I wish Luce’s curiousness killed her.  She’s the most annoying main character ever.  But more on the negatives later; I’ll start with the positives: the book had an appealing cover.

Now, for the negatives.

The plot was as holey as the holey-est Swiss cheese ever made.  It was boring and dull.  Luce is sent to reform school for killing her last love interest.  By setting him on fire.  This reform school has got to be the least monitored reform school in the world.  There’s barely any teacher supervision, which makes absolutely no sense.  The whole plot was pretty lame, as well.  Plus, Kate has her facts messed up.  So now there are good fallen angels and bad fallen angels?  Um, no, all fallen angels sided with Satan, so how in the world can some be good and some bad?

The prologue was another lowlight.  Lauren, dear, giving the plot away – that Daniel is a fallen angel and that Luce is his reincarnated love – in the prologue and through the title and then having your main character realise it 400 pages into the novel, 400 pages after the reader, is stupid.  It’s awful.  The book was really slow paced and hideously boring.  I would’ve enjoyed watching paint dry more.

Now back to our delightfully horrible main character Luce.  When she first ‘met’ Daniel, he gave her the finger.  Luce appears to be as thick as a brick, and she doesn’t get the hint. Daniel obviously doesn’t like her. After numerous occasions.  She was slow, stupid, making the worst decisions countlessly.  It was really annoying.  And for at least 300 pages, all she does is stalk Daniel.  Great plot.  Wonderful.

Daniel was another awful character.  He knows that kissing Luce kills her, only for her to be ‘killed’ and then reincarnated for the whole process to repeat again.  Does he ever think to, I don’t know, end this endless process?  No.  He goes and kisses her.  And like some fairytale she survives.  Daniel and Luce are the most selfish characters I’ve ever read.

Arianne and Penn are the only remotely likeable characters, with the former evaporating from the plot entirely after the first 100 pages until the last 50 or so pages.  Penn was an interesting, tell-it-like-it-is character, and it was a shame to see her killed.  Speaking of the big fight, it happened offstage.  We didn’t get to see ANY of it.

I could go on and on and on, but I suppose you know you don’t like the main character when you agree with one of the villains, Miss Sophia:

“You’re nothing more than you appear to be: a stupid, selfish, ignorant, spoiled little girl who thinks the world lives or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good-looking boy at school. Even if your death wouldn’t accomplish something long-awaited, glorious, and grand, I’d still relish this moment, killing you.”

At that moment, I really wished Sophia would kill Luce.  I’ll read the next book in the series, only because I know it can’t get any worst.

I hope.



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: Fallen (Lauren Kate)

  1. I’m sad that you didn’t like this one as much – but it is definitely one of those series that people are firmly divided on. You either love it or hate it.
    I do admit, the books lag quite a lot but I found that I enjoyed them. It was all worth it for the epilogue. 🙂

    The covers are stunning though. Have you seen the one for Passion yet? Pretty pretty. ❤

  2. Hi Josh! Thanks. I had loads of fun in HK. 😀

  3. Hey man. How’s it going?

  4. How could you not like this book, it is soooo much better than the twilight series… You’ re one of those readers that have nothing better with your time but to put down teenage fiction novels…

  5. Woah there Sarah… I think you need to realise that everyone has different opinions about novels and some people are more critical than others. I think if you look at Josh’s reviews of City of Bones and City of Glass you will see that your point is untrue. I liked this book too, and I’m sad that Josh didn’t, but it’s the way he felt and he has a right to his opinion, most especially on his own blog.

    Also, not EVERYTHING has to come back to Twilight. Just sayin’.

  6. And Josh… Where are you?! Come back to us!!!

  7. Okay so this review is really helpfull. i hear alot about how great books are, and then when i read it, it doesnt live up to expectations. EXAMPLE *Kissed by an angel* it was an interesting book, but everyone failed to mention how sketchy, and jumpy the book was. it was annoying. I havent read fallen yet, but i just got it a hour ago, so i will soon. and its nice to be able to read it knowing that its not some god-perfect book, and then being let down!!!!

  8. I am a firm supporter of Lauren Kate and her Fallen Series, I am behind the supporters of this book 100%

  9. FINALLY! I’m fourteen years old and I had to literally FORCE myself to continue reading in hopes that Luce would become a bit better. The death of Penn was barely shocking because she doesn’t dwell on it enough, the plot was slow, I didn’t understand ANYTHING that was going on in the last 100 pages or so, and Miss Sophia was totally right.

    So basically, he hates her, she stalks him, he’s a rela jerk to her, etc, etc. And I really, REALLY liked Cam and he turned out to be freaky so hey, this was kind of disppointing. And you’re right–she did give it away in the title and everything. When I saw all of the wonderful reviews I thought they all had lost their mind.

    A waste of two days of my life that I can’t get back…


  10. I was surprised with the reviews it got, I was actually shocked this series got such a big wrap, to me it was rather shit. I’ve read a lot of books and some of the facts didn’t line up. Like fallen angels are that fallen angels, they can’t really be changed or edited like Vampires. You need to research the shit out of them to make sure your writing about them the right way. Anything that sucks blood can be called a vamp, fallen angels or angels in general need to be researched.

    Also they dragged this love out too long, it’s all self-sacrificing and pain. It’s like the most toxic relationship ever… It wasn’t realistic; the love was to full on.

    I’ve read the other two only because I hate leaving a series, and I don’t think there much better…

    For those who like it, that’s your opinion and good luck to you. But yes stop comparing it to twilight for Christ sakes. There aren’t even vamps in Fallen, and Twilight was better written I think anyway. It was an interesting take on vampires; this take on fallen angels is rather pathetic…

    x Scarlet.

  11. I completely agree with you, Scarlet and Sarah R.

    @Scarlet; Yeah, Lauren’s obviously lack of research was irritating at best. Fallen angels are bad, there’s no such thing as a ‘good’ fallen angel at all. Yeah, I also agree with you regarding Luce and Daniel’s relationship. I haven’t read the other two, but I promised (I think I did?) that I would, so one day I will read them in the hope that things can’t get any worst. Thanks for your comment. :]

    @Sarah R.; Glad to see you enjoyed my review :] I agree with everything you’ve said, and I must admit I’m a full Miss Sophia supporter when it comes to her thoughts on Luce. I too find it odd that it got so many great reviews, but I guess it’s just one of those books that you either love, or hate with a fiery burning passion.

    @Polly Starr; That’s cool, you have your opinion and I have mine (: Nothing wrong with that~ Thanks for your comment!

    @Dez; Glad my review may have been of some help. I’m normally not one to read reviews before reading a book – in general if I know I’m going to be reading a novel I just skip straight to the score instead of reading the whole thing because I like being surprised by absolutely everything – but there are exceptions.

  12. anyone who hates this book is an idiot and if everyone can have their opinion she is allowed to refer back to twilight, you twit!!

  13. @Chloe; Ummmm…thing is, Chloe, dear, there’s just a few slight problems with your logic. Firstly, if everyone can have their opinion like you say, then I fail to see how I am apparently ‘an idiot’ for hating this book, when clearly I am allowed my own opinion as you just told me yourself. Secondly, Lauren didn’t just ‘refer back to Twilight’; she sort of ripped off the plot. Majorly. Thirdly, I have no clue how I am apparently a ‘twit’ for having my own opinion like you have encouraged me to have. I also fail to understand what calling me a ‘twit’ in the first place is going to achieve, anyway. Also, Chloe, dear, it would be much appreciated if you could avoid using incorrect grammar; apart from looking sloppy, it makes you look childish and makes me think, “Hmmm, this child has no clue what they are talking about. They haven’t taken the time to ensure they are respecting the English language and hence are just writing on a whim.” In your words, it really makes you look like a ‘twit’. Thankyou for stopping by.

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