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Book Review: Lies (Michael Grant)

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Lies by Michael Grant

‘Lies’ is the third book in the ‘Gone’ series by Michael Grant, following Gone and Hunger.

It’s now been seven months since everybody over the age of fifteen in the little town of Perdido Beach, California, disappeared.  Poofed.  The kids have survived attacks.  They’ve survived hunger.  But can they survive what waits for them now?

A dead girl is supposedly walking the streets at night.  A fire, set by Zil, leader of the Human Crew, the group of normals against the freaks, has ravaged the town.  Tensions are rising between normals and freaks.  And could it be?  The boy that Sam fears the most, the boy that is surely dead, can’t possibly be alive; the boy of his nightmares: Drake walking the streets amidst the flames?  And amongst all this chaos, Orsay the prophetess, who supposedly walks dreams, and her friend Nerezza spreading rumours like wildfire that death is the answer, the only way to escape the FAYZ.  But are the kids really that desperate to die to escape this world they are trapped in?

I thought Gone and Hunger were great, with marvelous plots and well fleshed out characters.  Lies definitely takes it up a notch.  Whereas the previous books had thick plots and the pace was fast and intense, Lies had a plot that was even thicker, had even more twists; a plot that constantly left my heart hammering against my chest, reading to burst out at any moment due to the sheer suspense created in this novel.  It was amazing.

Once again Grant masterfully juggled several plots, intertwining them to create a large and interesting plot.  It’s unique, it’s exciting, it’s absolutely amazing.

The majority of the characters from the previous books appeared once again in Lies.  Sam finally had his breakdown, and although it seemed unresponsible and selfish, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him; just an average fifteen year old with such a heavy burden.  Astrid was more likeable in this book compared to the previous, in my opinion; she seemed a slightly stronger character, ready to stick up for her friends.  And family.

Zil emerged as the main antagonist in this novel.  He was an antagonist in Hunger, although a minor one; in Lies, however, his evilness definitely overshadowed Caine’s tenfold.  In charge of the Human Crew, the band of people who want to exterminate the freaks, those who have mutated with strange powers, Zil is absolutely ruthless in this book.  It’s really amazing to read how the lust for power can so greatly destroy people.

Lies did not disappoint; it was an intense, suspenseful book, with great characters and a writing style that although wasn’t flashy, was sufficient and really drove the novel forward.

Rating: 4.25/5


Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

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