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So I decided to finally update this blog.  Hopefully it will be more active from now on?  Hopefully?

Anyway, this post is a continuation from the previous one in which I wrote about my whereabouts and life.  Enjoy.  Yup.



  • Exams!  Ahh!  Yeah, that’s meant to be a scream, not a sigh of relief, hahaha.  I had my midyear exams in May.  Thankfully I only had three: one for Math, Chemistry and Physics.  I got 99% on Chem (ironically my only error was in error analysis), I think I got roughly 90% on Maths as well, which is good, and I think it was 79% on Physics or something, which I was disappointed with.
  • I turned sixteen!  I feel so much older now 😛  We had a ‘surprise’ birthday for me; well, it wasn’t really a surprise since I kind of knew about it from the start but I went along with it because I’m a good person.  I got some money and some jumpers and stuff.  Yay!
  • The roads became a lot more dangerous on May the 13th.  Yup, I got my learners permit.  I found driving really difficult those first few days, but then we decided to get me an instructor who came around once every couple of weeks and now I’m doing pretty decent.  Unfortunately I’ve only driven for roughly 13 hours – I need 120 hours in total in order to get my P’s – but I’m sure I’ll catch up.  I don’t get much of a chance to drive, mainly because I walk to school.
  • Lady Gaga’s album came out.  It was pretty impressive, I must say!
  • It was my mum’s birthday.  Since her birthday is a week after mine, we had a party for my birthday, her birthday, and my brother’s birthday (his was in April) so yay!  Yay!


  • Uhhhhh… I honestly can’t remember what happened in June, if anything.  School was still on.  I suppose I had just had my first driving lesson, which was quite nervewracking.  But apart from that, I don’t think anything of note happened.  Hooray for a boring month which I have forgotten about!


  • I did some volunteer work at Salvation Army.  No, unfortunately it wasn’t entirely out of the kindness of my heart.  You see, one of the requirements of IB is that you do a set number of what they call ‘CAS Hours’ – Creativity (which ranges from art to music to drama, which I still haven’t started…), Action (sports) and Service (volunteering).  In our school, you need to do 50 hours of each.  So far I’ve done 44 hours of Action thanks to tennis and 18 hours of Service at Salvation Army.  I’m hoping to finish my Service Hours in the Summer holidays at a Nursing Home, but as for Creativity, I’m not sure.  Drama workshops are an option, although they’re expensive. Anyways, I volunteered for three hours a day for six days during the Winter school holidays, and did things such as cleaning up the store, sorting through clothes, bagging clothes so they could be sent to other stores, pricing bric-a-brac and using the cash register, the last of those two reminding me of when I was a kid, playing shops.  It was a great experience and loads of fun.
  • I didn’t do much else in the school holidays, with the exception of homework and playing Animal Crossing – seriously I was literally craving this game in the lead up to the school holidays for some weird reason.  But as they say, quiet holidays are the best!
  • It was my youngest brother’s fifth birthday.  He had a birthday party at an indoor play center, and I embraced my inner child and went on the slides and crawled through the mazes and whatnot.  Sure, it really hurt my knees, but it was loads of fun and I doubt I’ll be able to do it again so why not have some fun while I can?  I can’t exactly remember what I got him for his birthday, although he did enjoy his party.
  • I helped out at my brother’s kinder for a day.  Since my school is so cool (yo, yo, I’m so pro at rapping) and I got an extra week of holidays, I was able to go visit my brother’s kinder for a day and help out.  It was my first time visiting him at kinder this year and it’s safe to say he was thrilled to have me visit.  I must admit I felt quite special playing hide and seek with the majority of the children when it was time to go outside, and I tasted a fair few sand-cakes, sand-coconuts, sand-coffees and other sand-related food items.  I also got the chance to sit on the mat and have lunch with them, and also read some books to the children if they so desired.  However, something which…disturbed me a bit was being called ‘sexy bum bum’ by a five year old.  o.O  I mean, I was flattered and all, but…
And that’s all that I can remember, or that is worth mentioning, from the May/June/July period.  I will endeavour to post the conclusion in this rather dragged-out series, hopefully tomorrow, which shall include August and September.  And I apologise for any odd comments in this post; I’m a little bit tired.

Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

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