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Hey guys, what’s up?  Bleh sorry for being lame and not posting much.  Though the blog is doing better than ever in terms of stats; February saw an average of 60+ visitors per day, and March was the first time we cracked 2000 hits in a month (2,001 hits! hahaha) since March 2010, averaging 65 hits a day.  In fact, the daily average this year is 62, compared to 42 last year…and I’ve posted, what, half a dozen times or less this year?  Hahaha.

Stuff on my end’s been good and bad.  Hmmmm, where to start?

The Hunger Games movie was absolutely stunning.  Loved it from start to finish, and I loved how it stayed so true to the books.  Sure, there were a few tiny inconsistencies, but overall wow was it good.  I especially loved Effie (THAT IS MAHOGANY!) and the Seneca-locked-in-the-room-with-Nightlock scene; that was definitely really clever and well done.  It was intense and funny and Jennifer Lawrence was spectacular.  Okay, confession time; I dressed as Effie to see the film.

How did that happen, you ask?

Well, at school that day was the Library Trivia Challenge and well my friend and I were hosting the Hunger Games portion.  She dressed as Haymitch, complete with a beard, and I Effie.  So I wore my Effie costume (pink blazer, big flower pinned to it, pink wig. I wore jeans though hahaha, I wasn’t prepared to walk around in a skirt :P) to the movie.  Believe it or not, one girl who can’t have been younger than 14 asked me if my hair was real, and what was more alarming is that she was actually serious.  o.O

Taylor Swift

Taylor, please marry me?

So Taylor Swift was amazingly amazing like seriously I don’t know how to describe it.  I guess you can say I was left wonderstruck, but that’s putting it lightly.  Like wow she was wow wow wow PERFECTION.  Not only is she even more beautiful in person, but boy can she sing live.  And oh my gosh I was in the mosh and she was so close and wow amazing view of her, got some great photos, it was perfect.

And what’s even better, is that Taylor Swift held my hand.

She held my hand.

She walked through the audience, my friends and I were standing next to the fence thing that she was going to walk around and when she appeared I just reached out and flailed my left arm about and I couldn’t really see but I saw my hand touch hers and I couldn’t pull back and about half a second later I realised she was still holding my hand, like actually squeezing my hand.


It still hasn’t sunk in to be honest.  ❤

But unfortunately I didn’t have time to propose to Taylor so we’re not engaged.  Yet.

Hmmm, what else?  It was the Boys Formal the day before Good Friday.  Basically, we’re a cool posh school so we have two Year 12 formals, the Boys Formal and the Girls Formal.  For the Boys Formal, guys ask girls, and vice versa for the Girls Formal, so girls can’t go to the Boys Formal unless they’ve been asked, and vice versa.  So I took this really nice and pretty girl and we had a great night.  It was heaps of fun and she looked stunning and the photos came out really well as well, hooray!  (:

We didn’t go to an after party, but we chilled on the beach with about eight others until about 2am and then we went to a friend’s place to stay the night, except my date couldn’t come because she was flying to South Africa on Good Friday and needed to leave for the airport at 5am hahaha.  ❤  So the night was great!

But I’m not too sure what’s going on with us now, though.  This is going to sound terrible of me but on the beach another friend of mine, well she was cold, I was cold, so we cuddled for warmth and I don’t know how to say this but it felt nice.  So um I don’t know.  I’m not making any sense here but that’s okay.

And now for the panic part.

Oral commentary on Tuesday.

It’s pretty much one of the hardest parts of the course.  We get twenty minutes to annotate a forty-line passage from one of the texts we’ve been looking at – Othello, Fly Away Peter or some John Donne poetry.  We then get taken to a room with just the teacher and a tape recorder and have to speak for twelve minutes on the passage, on things such as literary techniques (tone, diction, imagery, symbolism, characterisation, etc) and also why this passage is important in the text (or in the case of poetry, how it fits into Donne’s catalog of poems).  It sounds okay on paper but wow is it difficult.  I’m really hoping I get an Othello passage as I adore Othello (mainly because Iago is such a deliciously manipulative person) but in the end as long as I don’t get poetry I’ll be happy.

So I’ve been feeling really panicky about that because it’s pretty difficult, scary and it counts for 15% of my English mark.  But I should do fine, hopefully.

Also, leadership.  So I think I told you that I went for prefect last year, and that I was shattered that I didn’t get anything.  Well after that, I’ve been snubbed of Library Captain (okay it sounds lame but hey, Library Club is pretty intense.  And the Library Captain, well he quite clearly hasn’t touched a book in his life) as well as getting House Colours (basically you get a cool different tie saying that you’ve contributed massively to the house) but those will still be handed out throughout the year.

However, I’m now the Editor of, well, Editorial for the school, handling the Yearbook and stuff, which is pretty cool.  (:  So, woohoo for being Editor!  Not only do I get a really cool badge, but it will surely look impressive later on.  Basically, I’m thinking of going into journalism in the future; sure, I’ll always want to get published one day, but I can’t rely on that as a primary source of income, at least not until I’m established and have a massive following hahaha.

On the last day of term, second-round prefects were announced, and one of my best friends was told he would be becoming a prefect and he really deserves it – he’s practically a fundraising machine.  He’s started two charities, and I’m not even exaggerating there.  But I didn’t receive prefect-hood.  And to be honest, I wasn’t shattered.  I just shrugged, said, “Oh well,” and moved on, vastly different to how sad I felt last year about not getting it.  I guess it’s showed me that leadership positions and many things in general are difficult to attain, and I shouldn’t let defeat consume my soul.  (:

Also, one last thing.  Community is an amazing TV Show.  I’m now up-to-date and oh wow I absolutely adore the show.  I’d heard about it heaps (mostly because quite a few people likened me to Abed hahaha) and decided to start watching it in January I think, and yeah.





Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

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  1. Nice post. Good job!

  2. Hahahahahaha… so funny!! Totally agree about Community though. 🙂

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