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What happened to May?


Hey guys!

I can’t believe that it’s been a month since my last post already!  Seriously, where has the month of May gone!?!  I can’t say I’ve done much this month, but wowwhat’s it flown!  Also I must point this out now: I’m typing this post up on my iPad and it’s being weird and not letting me click in other places in the post to fix stuff up so sorry if there are grammatical and spelling mistakes.  I’ll fix them up tomorrow.

So, May started off with the oral commentaries for English.  I think I mentioned them in my last post; you get given a random passage from one of the four texts we’ve studied and then get twenty minutes to annotate the passage before speaking on it to a tape recorder for fifteen minutes, describing such things as tone, diction, syntax, etc.  thankfully I got a passage from ‘Othello’, definitely the text I was hoping to get a passage from.  I feel that my commentary went pretty well overall.  Unfortunately I don’t think we ever actually find out what mark we got hahaha.


Also it was my birthday!  As if you forgt!  It fell on Mothers day this year and we didn’t really do much but hey, nothing wrong with quiet birthdays!  This does mean though that I’m now seventeen and have thus entered my last year of chilDhood before becoming an adult next year.  It’s a scary thought.


Thwts actually all the time I have right now.  I’m so sorry that thisimpost is of such low quality but I promise that in twenty four hours I’ll fix it up and add some more details so please come back here tomorrow to read the updated post hahaha (I only posted  this today because it’s the last day of May and I have to make one post a monthof course hahaha)


Ill fix this up tomorrow!




Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

6 thoughts on “What happened to May?

  1. Hey Josh!
    Wow. It’s been a while since I visited your blog and I was surprised by how far it’s come.
    It’s good that youre still blogging!
    Keep up the amazing work 😉

    I’ll drop by again, hope you’ll do the same 😆

    Mr Fun.

  2. How could I forget?
    Happy birthday dude!

  3. Hey Josh, remember me? 🙂
    I was bored on the internet, as usual, and was going through my old blogging stuff and remembered you and a couple other friends from WordPress! Just thought I’d drop by and say how awesome it is that you’ve kept up your blog, and I enjoy catching up on all your posts on the occasions that I visit! Keep up the good work, miss talking to you buddy.
    Oh, and happy (late) birthday!

  4. Happy (really really really) late birthday! 🙂 It is a rather scary thought. I’m turning 18 soon, so I know how you feel haha.

  5. Hey!
    Happy 2 month belated birthday! I turned 18 this past 5th of July. Adulthood has its ups and downs, I’m sure, but hopefully more ups!

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