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December 31, 2011 – I’ll be giving this page a much-needed update in the coming days.  I have updated my age now, though.

Hey there!

I’m Josh, a sixteen year old kid living in Australia.  You may (or may not) remember me from my previous blogs – fylliperguuse, fylliper and rainingwater.  I started blogging in late 2006 with fylliperguuse, a Club Penguin blog.  Soon after fylliper replaced it.  After 138,000 hits and almost one year, I left the blog and soon after created rainingwater where I blogged for over a year. After a six month break from blogging, I am ready to come back.  If you want to contact me, you can email me on tintedlensblog@gmail.com

My favourite colour is orange and I eat virtually any food apart from cucumber.  I love potato and chocolate – but not together of course.  I can’t stand rap music and I’m not into country, although my favourite artists are Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Mika and Kate Miller-Heidke.  My parents were born and raised in Sri Lanka but moved to Melbourne, Australia, where  I was born.  I have two younger brothers, Jacob (10) and Joseph (3).

I’m a Christian.  Reading and writing are two of my favourite things to do, and I dream of becoming an author and a teacher.  I play tennis and am currently playing summer competition in D-grade.  If you want to be on my blogroll, just ask and chances are I’ll put you on.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  I will try my best to answer all your questions and hope this blog will be just as successful, if not more, than my old ones!



30 thoughts on “Bio

  1. There was something about your posts (from Raining Water onwards…) that I loved… They were good and of quality. I am extremely glad that you have decided to return to blogging.

    In those past 6, 7 months, I occasionally visited Raining Water, waiting for you to say, “I’m going back to blogging.” lol And no, I’m not a stalker. xD

    Lol, you decided to add in “Food Fight”. Cheers, mate. =] <-Your trademark smiley, yeah? lol
    Josh’s Response:
    While looking back at my posts too, I was amazed at how “energetic” they were, haha. Of course I have to give you credit. I had a great idea for a game, then a minute later forgot what it was, and I thought it was Food Fight, though I honestly can’t remember =x

  2. And where has art thou been?? Hasnt thee missed thine fellow companions of the round table we call blogosphere?? But i shall digress, and welcome you with great honor back to this Fellowship of the World Wide Web, and so we can finish our quest to expell the dark cloud we call DEADBLOG away from our presence, and start anew! 😀

  3. fylliperguuse I never knew about,Fylliper I learnt about, and Rainingwater I can’t rememeber how I found it out, and this blog, as I predict, will be pswnsome. I mean, 573 hits ALREADY?!?!

  4. We’re like 31 hits away from getting 500 today! Wow!!!

    Go away, DEADBLOG.

  5. For me it says 631 hits

  6. Wow, you’re a lot like me! I love patatoes and chocolate, I hate rap and country (except taylor swift), I love writing/reading and I dream of being an author!

  7. so when are you gunna start adding some editors, and authors? :p

    Josh’s Response:
    I probably won’t. It gets confusing with lots of people on a blog. Opus, please get a blog for you so we can read your pretty posts ~

  8. I live in Australia, like the same music, and i like orange too 😀
    Love your blog!

  9. Hey, Josh! I recieved some comments from you a few days ago regarding copyright information. I edited my ”never ending song” page and gave you credit. However, I did not do so for the ”continue this story” page because of how many people also have this game on their blogs/website. Here are a few examples:


    I did not deny giving you credit for any other reason. The point being: I didn’t steal this from you or take this from your site.
    Thanks for understanding 🙂

    Josh’s Response;
    Thanks for giving me those links – I’ve been able to tell more people of the violations. Even though they have it, I had it first so you must give me credit.

  10. I’m aware that you and the owner of Luhy’s Blog are in a bit of a dissagreement. I’m under the education that you are accusing him of stealing your idea of the StoryBuilder or “3 Word Game”. He has told me himself that the idea was on many blogs before this and in no way did he get the idea from you. I know the owner of Umphulump, Emma Llosa has a game similiar to this on her blog. To be quite honest, Josh, you should just ignore the owner of Luhy’s Blog. People steal ideas from The Panic Button all the time, and I remain completely calm. The entire concept of a random post button is now on SEVERAL blogs, but everyone knows where it truly came from. Its just something you have to accept as your blog becomes more popular. Perhaps that’s why The Panic Button is where it is today; we don’t start arguments and believe that the Internet is a free world. You have no copyright over the ideas suggested by your blog. Having a copyright would require you to submit a form to the Australian Council. The only thing thats truly guarding you is law of plagearism (which can’t be proven at this point unless Luhy’s Blog’s owner makes a written confession). If you truly want this blog to succeed, you have to make sure to create as many friendships as you can, and not break them. Of course, this is my own opinion, and to each his own. Ignore the owner of Luhy’s Blog.

    Take my word for it. Ive been down this road, and the end isnt pleasant. I apologize if you don’t agree with me, please don’t assume my criticism harsh.


  11. Didn’t Josh already withdraw his request for the page to be removed/credited? Just wondering….

  12. He did, but Sam had to make a point. One that I agree with too.

  13. Oh, that I don’t dispute…I was just wondering is all..

  14. AY, you left out the part where we all went raiding stores and villages as Vikings in the 110’s.

    Silly josh has bad memory :p

  15. Hey! My name’s Julia and I found a comment by you on Umphulump55’s blog. Your blog looks really cool. I’m gonna go and check out some of your other pages!

    Also, can I please be on your blogroll? If you do add me, please leave a comment on my blog (link is at the end of this comment) and tell me that you’ve added me to your blogroll. Then I’ll add you to mine! Thanks!


  16. HEY! Long time no see =) Great site!

    I LOVE lady gaga too 🙂


  17. Hey Josh! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

    This is a little weird, but I’m a Lankan-Melbourner too. Small, small world.

  18. D-Grade????

  19. Ahh, remember the old club penguin/Fylipper days? We were so young and immature – not to mention obsessed! I’m kinda using my blog as a blog nowadays – only problem is that its kinda been abandoned… The only comment I’ve had since restarting the other day is from Will (aka Mazemaker – remember him?) and I’ve had hardly any hits at all! So if you want to have a look…

  20. Lakera! I remember you! We exchanged a couple of comments! I will try to find you again.

  21. I remember you too, though only vaguely…and please don’t take offence to that, my memory is scratchy at best. I attribute the fact that I can remember only the most pointless (and odd) things to having multiple personalities…they merely take up too much room for me to retain any real knowledge, and sadly out few conversations seem to be something that hasn’t stayed in the save file that is my brain.

  22. Don’t worry, Ieth taketh noeth offenceth. Buteth Ieth cannnoteth be-eth botheredeth toeth doeth aeth propereth blogeth. Or put ‘eth’ on the end of every word. So, I’m just going to post some stories for now (until I get bored of that, too)…

  23. Cool Bio 🙂 I’m from Australia as well, but I used to live in Gold Coast, Queensland. But right now I’m living in Europe, after much travel 😀 Please check out mine.
    Well, wish you luck with your blog 🙂

  24. Josh! You’re still here! Hopefully you remember me.. I just read the cucumber bit and was like, “:O That sounds like meeee!”


  25. Waddy, of course I remember you! How could I not?

    Eep, you don’t like it either? 😀

    I really need to update this page and stop lying about my age haha..

  26. you guys probably don’t remember me, but i knew a lot of you on club penguin.
    my name was salsa nacho, & i was SUCH a tryhard.
    like forreal. i was only like, nine & i was trying to fit in with all these bloggers.
    but now i’ve grown up.. i’m fourteen, & i’m trying my best to forget the club penguin days where we were all so young, & immature.
    i bet we’d never even thought of looking back at that & laughing.

  27. Salsa Nacho does ring a bell, I must admit. I can’t remember if we were friends or ever talked, though. Thanks for stopping by nonetheless (:

  28. Josh,
    I so appreciate your comments and visit to my blog. I like what I’m reading here so am subscribing to yours as well.

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