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This game is a little bit complex.

You know what alliteration is, right?  Tony talked to ten turtles.  Rob rode Rhiannon’s reindeer.  That sort of thing.

All you do in this game is write an alliteration sentence – all starting with one letter.  The letter’s go in alphabetical order.  1st person does A, 2nd does B, 3rd does C, etc.

An example for you:

Andy: All antelopes always attack ants.

Bruce: Big boys ban bullying.

Claire: Can Cameron cancel cannons?

Dominic: Dead dodos do dance dauntingly.

Yeah, you get the point =D


14 thoughts on “A-little-ration

  1. Aliens answer “Alright, Anna ate asteroids.”

  2. Because Batman beats bananas by biting brown bushes.

    That was a lot of ‘B’s’. Love the name. It’s really clever. 😉

  3. Come come, can’t cats catch colds?

  4. Dumb donkeys don’t dive down deep.

  5. Edam eats Emily.

  6. Frightful fogs flatten fearful fudge.

  7. Gosh golly gee, green giraffes got gunned!

  8. “Hand Harry his hippopotamus, Harriet!” Helga howled.

  9. I insulted Ian’s injury

  10. Justin jacked Jermain’s juice…

    Yeah, this is complex Josh.

  11. Kaleidoscopic kangaroos kayak.

    (that one was really hard!)

  12. Luara likes licking llama lice

  13. “Mom!” moaned Mia, “My monkey made me muffins!”

  14. Nosy Nina noisily netted nine nostrils.

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