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Do You Think…?

Do You Think pigs can fly?  Do You Think she’ll meet the president?

In this game, the first person posts a comment with a question starting with the words “Do You Think”.  The next person answers it and posts a question of their own, and so on so forth.


Jim; Do you think my hair is cool?

Rob; If you put it in the freezer. Do you think dogs are cute?

Cassandra; Cats can meow.  Do you think this game is good?

Lindsay; It’s alright.  Do you think I’m a guy or a girl?

So on, so forth.

No commenting twice in a row, the questions can be about anything and the answers just be just as random =]


39 thoughts on “Do You Think…?

  1. Do you think that I think that you think that your grandma thinks that her dog thinks that his owner’s son thinks that his cousin thinks that her mum thinks that my mum thinks that this is good? lol

  2. No, I think you’re nuts.

    Do you think that the chicken came first, or the egg?

  3. No, for I don’t think at all.

    Do you think school is our punishment?

  4. No, because I’m hungry.

    Do you think can dance dance dance?

  5. No, I think about food.

    Do you think you can do the can-can like Willy can?

  6. Yes I do.

    Do you think Wally knows where he is?

  7. Course he does!

    Do you think that getting my pity in nearly every single Vending Machine is getting boring?

  8. Yes. Very.

    Do you think I can fly?

  9. Course!

    Do you think that refreshing this blog many times will make Joshyboy happy?

  10. Actually, I don’t know.

    Do you think Epik Sauce should be poured onto your steak?

  11. Only if you spell it right next time ;p

    Do you think “Do You Think” thinks of what you think is really what you think of what other people think?

  12. Understandably, yes

    Do you think statues run around and have epic battles while we’re asleep?

  13. They do that all the time. Duh. They just have stunt doubles.

    Do you think my “who’s online” counter is messed up? It says four online…

  14. No, I think there are two randoms watching us….plotting their rise to power in one foul swoop. Then, once they’re rid of us they’ll squabble over territory until one of the reigns supreme. Naturally, that one ruler will have the power of the force to back him up.

    Do you think hamburgers are all an evil plot to kill us all?

  15. No…not unless you take out the pickles.

    Do you think the word overrated is overrated?

  16. No, not really.

    Do you think speaker sets can be sold for OVER 9000 bucks?

  17. Course!

    Do YOU think speaker sets can be sold for OVER 9000 bucks?

  18. Yes. Yes I do.

    Do you think I do?

  19. Course!

    Do YOU think I do?

  20. No.

    Do you think he thinks I do?

  21. Course!

    Do YOU think I think you do?

    Oh god…

  22. Not if its Tuesday. Do you believe in miracles?

  23. Course!

    Do YOU believe in miracles?

  24. YES.

    Do you think I ask what you think too much?

  25. Yes, but that’s because you are plotting your revenge on a jar of mayonaise and you are trying to distract us.

    Do you think ‘ultra’ is a dumb word?

  26. Of course.

    Do you think this ultra-sized burger is made out of seaweed?

  27. Yep, finest in the sea.

    Do you think that this fruit cocktail would go better with maple syrup?

  28. Nope. It would go better with maple syrup and soy sauce.

    Do you think I really care what you think?

  29. Yes. No. I don’t know or care about what you care about. Im confused…

    Do you think the Beatles are awesome. I do… (Say yes or else….)

    Hehe 8)

  30. Yes, don’t hurt me! (i love the Beatles 🙂 )

    Do you think green is unlucky on Tuesday?

  31. weird question… no its not unlucky on tuesdays… only on 4th of july

    What’s better? Muffin mondays or pancake tuesdays?

  32. Muffin mondays, but only twice a month.

    Do you think the Olympics should be every 3 years instead of 4?

  33. Course!

    Do YOU think the Olympics should be every 3 years instead of 4?

  34. YES! I love the olympics!
    Do you think i’m dumb?

  35. No! Of course not! *whistles*

    Do you think Snuggies are uncool?

  36. Well, duh! Their basically robes turned around!

    Do you think we will ever visit Mars?

  37. Yes, and we’ll set up a Dunkin Dougnuts there.

    Do you think cats are cooler than dogs?

  38. No. Dogs are so much cooler.

    What’s better: Twitter or Facebook?

  39. Facebook.

    Do you think I think about what you think I think about?

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