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Food Fight!

Credit goes to Phi for the idea.

It’s time for a virtual food fight!  The first person will throw some type of food at the next person.  The next person will do the same to the next, so on.


Harry; *throws cake at next person*

Chris; *gets hit in face* *throws raw egg at next person*

Louise; *dodges egg* *throws carrot at next person*

No commenting twice in a row.


53 thoughts on “Food Fight!

  1. zOMG! Food Fight. I truly hope this game will be successful. Mine never was (reference: TSIM).

    *Throws “edible cling wrap” at Josh* hehe.

  2. *cling wrap wraps over face*

    *throws cake at next person*

  3. *Throws cucumber at SECOND person*

    Alas! I know your weakness, Joshy-boy.

  4. *cucumber hits nose*

    *throws poisoned meat at next person*

  5. Well…. I’m not going next. That’s a relief.

    *Walks away from food fight…* Josh, you’re a one man band now.

  6. *Phi walks away and Chad is standing right behind her and gets his in the arm* OW!
    *Throws sloppy joe at next person*

  7. Her? Joshy-boy, tell Chad here that I’m a guy.

    *Throws COIN/vending Machine at Chad* lolol

  8. *Pops out from behind door and hurls gum balls at everyone before ducking back behind door*

    Go the sneak attack.

  9. *Catches gumballs with ninja prowess*

    *loads up a potato gun and shoots down the door*

  10. *Fails to dodge* Grrr! -Pulls our Steak Machine Gun 3000- -Fires all over the room-

  11. *shrugs* alright, don’t throw food at me.

    *throws fairy floss at next person*

  12. *Eats before it hits him*

    *Shakes up sodas and fires the liquid at next person*

  13. Ewww…I’ll all sticky!!!

    *throws mixed nuts at next person*

  14. *Happily eats the nuts*

    I shall now be neutral in this fight.

  15. -Takes out an apple with a flesh-eating worm inside it-
    -Throws it at next poster-

  16. (Sorry, Phi, thought u was a lady xD)
    -Catches apple-
    -Throws it at next person

  17. -Gets knocked unconcious with apple-

    -Next person slips on the apple-

  18. *slowly crawls out from under flattened door*
    I’m going to find a better weapon…gumballs suck.

  19. -Grabs a Wizz Fizz, then slams it on the floor, and the Wizz Fizz acts like a smoke bomb-

  20. *starts coughing maniacally* While on the subject of maniacs…

    *grabs chainsaw to cut down an apple tree, and throws apples at everywhere*

  21. *Apple hits me in nose. I fall down and pick up a rock, who I toss at Chad*

  22. Oof! I’m hit! I’m..fading away..-Snickers then pulls out a licorice whip-

  23. Ahhh not a licorice whip!?!
    *Pulls out new and improved weapon: toffee apple nunchucks and whirls them round*


    *gets sticky*

    Ew. *throws pie at next persn*

  25. SPLAT

    -Pulls out Gumball Machine gun and fires at Josh-

  26. *Jumps in front of Josh seconds before the gumball hits him* (I saved your butt, Joshyboy.)

  27. HOW DARE YOU? I wanted to eat those gumballs!

    *throws Phi’s birthday cake at next person*

  28. Ooh. Those gumballs were good.

    *Happily eats my birthday cake and walks off*

  29. ACH!

    *throws used tissue at next person*

  30. So much for “food fight”, Josh. D:

  31. It was an edible tissue. Duhhh.

    *throws meet-scented carrot*

  32. …At?

    *Sits down and think about using gift voucher for the gym that the Vending Machine gave me* Hm…

  33. *Walks in right as meat scented carrot is thrown, acquires 35 stitches. Dies the next day of blood loss. Family sues Josh.*

  34. This is one of the moments getting my pity in Vending Machine helps. 😥

  35. …*dodges Phi’s pity*

    *throws carrot-scented fake carrot aimlessly in the air*

  36. *feed the carrot to my rabbit*

    *tosses a bucket of sloppy joes on the next person’s head*

  37. *lands on head*

    Ewww. Makes a nice hat, though, don’t you think?

    *slips on banana peel, flinging empty can of baked beans in the air*

  38. Yuk! I hate baked beans!

    *Baked beans land on my head and I began to run around in circles, screaming*

  39. *runs into Umph* Oof!

    *bombards the next person with a full fledged slushie attack!*

  40. *Deflects Luna’s sushi with a banana*

    *Throws a watermelon and hits the next person in the head*

  41. *Happily eats the watermelon*

    *Gives a “thumbs up” to the next preson”

    d(^ ¸^)

  42. *Decides to go cannabilistic and eats thumb*
    Mm. Yummy.
    *Begins to such happily on hand*

  43. Erm, I’m not too sure what to do if someone “begins to such happily on hand”

    *throws lamb at next person*

  44. *Gets hit by lamb*

    *Gives a “thumbs up” to the next preson”

    d(^ ¸^)

  45. *bites thumb*

    *throws royal creme brulee cooked by gourmet king*

  46. *Gets hit in the face*

    *Gives a “thumbs up” to the next preson”

    d(^ ¸^)

  47. *returns the thumbs up and gets ambushed while he is distracted*

    *pops out an eyeball and throws it at the next person*

  48. This is turning to be a very gross food fight.

    *Eyeball hit my eye and my eyeball hits the next person.*

  49. *swallows eyeball*

    *Tries to get it out but ends up pulling up the entire digestive system out instead, then finds someone evil and makes them sniff it up their nose* xD

  50. Im not going to respond to that…….

  51. Hm… Food Fight!, anyone?

    *Eats cake*

  52. *builds a catapult and launches blueberry muffins in the air* KAPOW

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