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I Say This, You Say…

This game is simple.  We start with a word and you write, in a comment, the first word that pops into your head.  And so on, so forth.

No commenting twice in a row.

For those who can’t understand the simplest of games, here is an example:



45 thoughts on “I Say This, You Say…

  1. Tasty

  2. Noodles in a cup

  3. Microwave

  4. Comic.

  5. KA-POW!

  6. Transformers

  7. Lord of the Rings (My brother’s two favorite movies)

  8. Lord of the Fries; a little joint place in Melbourne.

  9. Vera’s Burger Shack, who’s menu includes a fry platter called “Lord of the Fries”


  11. Your mom.

    You know! Really lame jokes. Blonde jokes. Your mom jokes. HAH!

  12. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus

  13. I saw mommy kissing Tiger Woods

  14. Affair

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