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One Or The Other

In this game, you write a pair of things in a comment, and the next person chooses which one they like best and they write a pair of things in their comment…so on.

Don’t understand?  Here’s an example:


Let’s play!


44 thoughts on “One Or The Other

  1. White.

    Chicken or Hot dogs?

  2. Hotdogs anyday.

    King Kong or Godzilla?

  3. King Kong!

    Fire or water?

  4. Fire!

    Grim Reapers Powers or five superpowers?

  5. Five Superpowers.

    Super strength or the ability to fly?

  6. Fly!

    Apples or worms?

  7. worms ftw

    Food Fight or Coin Machien; lol two of the best games that ever came from my mind/memory.

  8. I like the food fight one 😀

    Dead Duck

    Or Dead Goose 😮

  9. Dead Duck

    Giant man with curly armpit airs or a pet dog?

  10. :]

    Giant Man Eating Monkey or Giant Mokney Eating Man?

  11. Errrr…Monkey Eating Man.

    Tests or exams?

  12. Test.

    Old Storybuilder or New Storybuilder?

  13. Neither. I prefer Present Storybuilder.

    Mac or PC?

  14. PC FTW

    Ipod or PS3?

  15. What a silly question. xD Course I’d choose the PS3.

    Mario or Luigi?

  16. Luigi! 😀

    Witches or Ghosts (on the topic of halloween)

  17. Ghosts.

    Circle or Sphere?

  18. Circle.

    Sphyra or Glint?

  19. … Glint?

    Phi or Fee?

  20. Fee =p

    Saturday or Sunday?

  21. Sunday. I don’t have school.

    Square or Rectangle?

  22. Square!

    Hades or Zeus?

  23. Zeus.

    Cubes or Spheres?

  24. Cubes.

    Dice or Spinners?

  25. Spinners.

    An expired frozen yogurt cup or a rabid jar of pickles.

  26. A rabit jar of pickles. =S

    Two or three? Or fourty seven! But really, two or three?

  27. THREE!

    *puts on music* “1, 2, 3 getting down with 3P everybody loves meeee”

    Britney or Lady Gaga?

  28. They both stink. Lady Gaga

    Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie?

  29. =o

    Apple Pie.

    Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?

  30. Chocolate!

    Indiana Jones or Chuck Norris?

  31. Indiana Jones.

    Christmas or Easter?

  32. Christmas.

    Peanut Butter or Jelly Time?

  33. Jelly time!!

    Markers or crayons?

  34. Crayons!

    BBQ Sauce or Tomato Sauce?

  35. Tomato sauce.

    Autumn or Spring?

  36. Autumn. Sping is the rainy, gross, muddy, crushed worm season. Ew.

    Roller blading or ice skating?

  37. omg roller blading all my life!

    myspace or facebook?

  38. Facebook (though I don’t have it. I don’t need it.).

    Typewriter or pencil?

  39. Typewriter!

    Couch or beanbag?

  40. Beanbags are cool.

    Llamas or Cows? < Random

  41. Llamas.

    One or The Other?

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