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The Vending Machine

Thanks to Phi for the idea.  See, the ideas can become reality!

This game is pretty simple.  The first person puts a coin in the vending machine.  The next person tells them what they got, and puts a coin in the machine, so on.


Lily; *puts coin in vending machine*

Joel; You get a pet cow!  *puts coin in vending machine*

Marissa; You get a fake coin.  *puts coin in vending machine*

No commenting twice in a row.


107 thoughts on “The Vending Machine

  1. *Puts coin in COIN (lol) Machine*

  2. You get a mouse. Squeak squeak.

    *puts ten dollar note in vending machine*

  3. You get my pity. xD

    *Puts coin in vending machine*

  4. You get a Hippo. Sadly, you cannot pull him out of the vending machine, because of his excessive fatness.
    *Puts coin in Vending machine*

  5. You get my pity. D:

    *Puts coin in vending machine*

  6. You get a death warrant! Muhahaha!
    *Puts coin in vending machine*

  7. You an out of order message? D:
    *puts coin in vending machine*

  8. You get Roundhouse Kicked.

    -Secretly puts in Monoply money- Heh heh.

  9. Isn’t this just the best game ever?

    You get my pity. D;

    *Puts coin in vending machine*

  10. You get a wet noodle.

    -Secretly inserts a hippo-

  11. You get a jammed vending machine

    *puts coin in vending machine*

  12. You get my pity.

    *Puts coin in Coin Machine*

  13. You get a note that reads: “I am a vending machine.”

    *inserts fake coin in vending machine*

  14. You get the hippo that was jammed.

    -Looks around corner, and inserts LBP disc-

  15. You get a thankyou note: “Thank-you for getting that big hippo out of me.”

    *inserts one million dollars in vending machine*

  16. You get my pity.

    *Puts coin in wallet*

  17. You get nothing.

    -Inserts Chuck Norris-

  18. You get my pity.

    *Puts coin in pocket*

  19. You get MY pity.

    -Inserts coin-

  20. You get my half-eaten hot dog. Lucky man.

    *Slams Aussie Boy’s head into Vending Machine*

  21. Phew! Luckily I’m an Aussie Guy!

    You get a pet T-REX that wants to eat you. Enjoy!

    -Inserts a milky way bar-

  22. LOL!

    You get my homework.

    *Puts coin in Coin Machine*

  23. Your homework,huh?
    -Writes down all the wrong answers-

    You get a T-rex Voodoo doll. Use it well.

    -Inserts Kit Kat-

  24. You get Milky Way Spread.

    *Puts coin in Coin Machine*

    Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milky_Way_%28spread%29

  25. You get an AK47 with a silencer and extended mag that is illegal due to safety laws (you was arrested but got released a day after so you went back to the vending machine).

    *Puts coin in Coin Machine*

  26. You get Phi’s pity.

    *Puts Josh in vending mahchine*

  27. You get my pity.

  28. *Puts coin vending machine*

  29. You get your blog eaten alive.

    -Inserts shoe-

  30. You got a shoe.

    -Inserts Phi’s pity into vending machine-

  31. You get an I-O-U voucher for 1 “Phi’s Pity”.

    *inserts Christmas tree in vending machine*

  32. You get a couple needles and paper.

    *Inserts a my blog in vending machine*

  33. *Vending machine starts sputtering and smoking due to things that shouldnt go in a vending machine going in*

    You get a broken vending machine.

    *Inserts coin in coin machine*

  34. You get a Evil Teddy Bear with long, pointed claws…

    -Inserts Plastic Needle thing-

  35. You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Coin Machine*

  36. You get a speeding fine.

    *inserts Phi in vending machine*

  37. You get my pity…

    *Inserts coin in Coin Machine*

  38. You get Phi.

    *inserts coin machine token in vending machine*

  39. Oh dear, oh dear… That’s gotta be bad…

    You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  40. whats with all the *puts coin in machine* stuff? get creative people 😉

    you get my virginity.

    *puts Josh in vending machine*

  41. You get an angry Josh.

    *punches vending machine and shakes it*

  42. You get my pity.

    For your information, monsieur Opus, we have been saying things other than “coin”.

    *Puts coin in Vending Machine*

  43. Ahaha. You were too soon, Josh.

  44. *you get DR,OCTOGONAOUS!!!!! BLLAHHH!!!!!!!*
    *inserts the U.S.A*

  45. Oh great, Opus. You’ve done it this time. Break the Vending Machine, why don’tcha? lolol

    *Stares at broken Vending Machine…* How I wish you’d get fixed.

  46. You get a genie who grants you a wish and fixes the machine.

    *inserts bomb in Vending machine*

  47. Oh great, Josh. You’ve done it this time. Blow up the Vending Machine, why don’tcha? lolol

    *Stares at broken Vending Machine…* How I wish you’d get fixed.

    (I realise that I am taking advantage of the genie that only comes round when you stare at the machine, looking sad.)

  48. You get a brand new, state-of-the-art vending machine, that can fit items like A WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Enjoy putting really big things in here!

    -Inserts Elephant Giraffe-

  49. You get my pity.

    *Puts coin in vending machine*

  50. You get my pity.

    -Inserts cup of frozen water-

  51. you get vital vipers virginity

    *inserts whole universe*

  52. You get my pity.

    *Kicks Vending Machine*

  53. you get a punch in the balls and a bad look from the vending machine, and a gift card for anger management class.

    *inserts iPod*

  54. Oh Noes…

    -Inserts Phi-

  55. You get a broken vending machine.

    *inserts my hand*

  56. That wasn’t a very good joy ride, I can tell you that. (I’m referring to being inserted into the damn vending machine.

    You get pity; you did lose your hand after all.

    *Inserts 50c into soda machine*

  57. You get a gift voucher for the gym. The vending machine says, “You’ll need it, buddy.”


    *inserts credit card in vending machine*

  58. *you get nothing*
    Vending machine says you just got PUNK’D!

    *inserts The Tinted Lens Blog*

  59. You get my grandma.

    *Inserts pity into Vending Machine*

  60. You get Phi’s pity.

    *inserts the BOOTY Awards into vending machine*

  61. You get my grandpa.

    *Inserts pity into Vending Machine*

  62. You get a half-eaten squirrel with no lower body! A mer-squirrel! Happy birthday!

    *Inserts Miley Cyrus party mixtape into vending machine*

  63. You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  64. Gets rabid hungry lobster, sues vending machine company.

    *Inserts the evolution theory*

  65. You get my pity…

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  66. Wow, Phi, you can’t think of anything else? Lol.

    Throws Phi’s pity on ground, furiously beats it to a pulp, drinks pulp.

    *Empties the national debt into vending machine*

  67. Nope. I’m original, see? xD

    You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  68. You get your maths teacher screaming at you.

    *inserts hungry monster-eating bunny in vending machine*

  69. Lol, my maths teacher just had a baby boy, and his head was in the clouds when he came back to school. He let us out early too. Happy man, eh?

    You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  70. A screaming monster with pink eyes jumps out of the machine. A fluffy ear and fluffy white tail pop out, and then out comes the big hungry monster-eating bunny.

    *inserts bad romance in vending machine*

  71. You get nothing. I, on the other hand, gets my pity.

    *Inserts TSB in Vending Machine*

  72. You get your pity.

    *inserts Phi in vending machine so no one gets his pity*

  73. You get an angry Phi shaking his fist at you.

    *inserts Phi’s fist*

  74. You get a turtle with an extra leg.
    *inserts a mouldy orange cat*

  75. You get a tacklehug from an overweight fish

    *inserts the weather man*

  76. You get cloudy with a chance of showers.

    *inserts meatball*

  77. You get Phi’s pity

    *inserts the Nile River*

  78. You get a computer
    *insets coin*

  79. You get a free telemarketer!

    *inserts a maple tree*

  80. you get mple syrup.

    *inserts spam comments*

  81. You get delicious SPAM meat

    *inserts Hollywood*

  82. You get my love.

    * inserts coin*

  83. You get Bob Parker saying “Come on down! You’ve won a NEW CAAAAR!!!”

    *inserts a teddy bear*

  84. You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  85. You get a picture of me eating ham.

    *Insterts a talking squirell*

  86. You get a demented French Space Llama!

    *Inserts the end of time*

  87. You get teleported to 2012

    *inserts a dancing frog*

  88. You get a bottomless pit of Phi’s pity.

    *inserts sandcastle*

  89. You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Coin Machine*

  90. You get your own pity

    *inserts a pinecone into the vending machine*

  91. You get Lipton tea…

    aaaand my pity.

    *Kicks soda machine*

  92. *throws cola bottle to the tummy of phi*

    *puts coin con vending machine*

  93. You get Niagra Falls

    *puts a figure skater in the vending machine*

  94. You get my pity.

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine*

  95. *you get lady gaga*
    (ah, tough luck, champ)

    *inserts The Beach Boys mixed with The Monkees*

  96. You get a beach ball with a tail. Ooh ooh a a.

    *inserts little red riding hood*

  97. You get a key chain that’s the kind that is an animal which when you squeeze it, fake poo comes out.

    *inserts everything in the whole wide universe*

  98. You get a present from Josh. Inside is “a key chain that’s the kind that is an animal which when you squeeze it, fake poo comes out.”

    *inserts Lucky Eye into the vending machine*

  99. You get a Lucky Toe

    *inserts a Tv remote into the vending machine*

  100. You get my pity.

    *Inserts $100 into wallet*

    (This is the 100th comment here ^^;)

  101. You get a crazy salesman shouting “YOU ARE THE 100TH COMMENTOR!”

    *inserts the crazy salesman*

  102. You get a crazy hobo

    *inserts Apolo Ohno*

  103. You get an angry Apollo Ohno.

    *inserts watermelon*

  104. You get my pity.

    *Kicks Vending Machine*

  105. You get a new coin machine.

    *Places Coins*

  106. You get my pity.

    *Inserts Coin in Vending Machine*

  107. You get a llama. Wearing a sombrero.

    *inserts catfish into power point at back of vending machine*

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