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App Data (Ilan) – 16th December, 2009

DarnStraight (Chad)  – 6th November, 2009

Luhy Blog (Luhy) 8th January, 2010

Poseidon’s Domain (Chad) – 15th October 2010

Project XV VIII IX Official Dev. Blog (Phi) 16th December, 2009

Tea Mouse (Sas & Roz) – 3rd July 2010

The Panic Button (Sssaam) – 5th January, 2010

Umph’s Ultra Bunny Site (Umph) – 14th November, 2009


Nominating your blog for a review:

If you would like to nominate your blog for a review, simply say so in a comment.  Before you nominate, though, I must be on your blogroll.


24 thoughts on “Blog Reviews

  1. I nominate my blog 😀

  2. I nominate mine as well 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t mind a review on my newest dev. blog (not personal like Phi’s Space).


  4. I would like reviewed please:


    Wow you have done a fantastic job with this site. I will be happy to become a regular visitor.

  5. Okay, this could be hard.

    I’ll be reviewing Chad’s site in the next week, and I’ll do the rest in order. Thanks for applying.

  6. Hey, Josh. Do you mind if you notify (a week in advance) me before? A comment on my blog’ll do. :); Just wanna clean things up before I get an inspection… xD

  7. Until I do some more reviews:

    Nominations for blog reviews are temporarily closed.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused, yaddah-yaddah.

  8. I would nominate my blog for review. I always love to hear the impressions my blog give people. It is only through the eyes of others that we can truly see who we are.

  9. ^ ^

    Did you really not see the comment above???

    But I’ll accept your nomination anyway.


  10. i would like you to review my blog. I didn’t see that comment you made about the nominations being closed, by the way.

    Josh’s Response;
    Well then DON’T ASK ;]

  11. Well you can take ur time and I see the comment but whenever u get up to it I’d like my blog reviewed please… Take ur time take as ling as u want if u don’t accept this nomination just tell and I’ll wait until they’re opened againn (: btw I am in LOVE with ur new theme, orange ish my favorite color! And all the graphics are amazingg I’ll be back here often (:

  12. The link is http://luhy.wordpress.com/ btw (:

  13. Seriously; it says don’t nominate your blog so DON’T. However, I’m feeling generous so I will accept your requests. But never again.

    Waiting list;
    1. Phi
    2. Ilan
    3. Jordan [if his blog gets some content by the time I review his blog]
    4. Sssaam
    5. Opus
    6. Luhy

    Nominations for blog reviews ARE CLOSED, at least until I have completed Phi’s and Ilan’s reviews.

  14. NOMINATIONS FOR BLOG REVIEWS ARE NOW OPEN! However, please note the conditions listed on the page

  15. There were listed conditions?
    Nonetheless, may I please have a review: I’ve never had one before, so this is exciting!
    Oh, and you know you’re already on my blogroll. 🙂

  16. I’d like to nominate my blog that opened a month ago. http://hockeyandmore44.wordpress.com/ It is currently locked and under construction, but it will be re-opened in the next month! 🙂

  17. Can you re-review my blog? Ive changed it 100% and want to know know what you think now. The new title is “Now Generation” and not “DarnStraight”

  18. Scratch that the new title is “Poseidon’s Domain”

  19. Accepted:

    Not accepted:
    *Hockeyandmore44: I’m not on your blogroll, from what I can see. And I can’t even see your blog.

  20. It’s because mine is private ATM and is under construction. I don’t want people to see what I’m working on! 😉 I will open it in the next month and I will let you know once it’s open. BTW, You are on my Blogroll labeled as “Josh’s Blog” << I like your blog! 🙂

  21. You keep changing names Chad! But I think I like Poseidon’s Domain. He was always a pretty awesome god.

  22. Hahah psh i know but i wont again 😛

  23. Waiting List

    Which means, if you want a review go ahead and ask :] They should be done by April 2011 lol jks.

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