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Electronics Reviews

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iPod Nano 5th Generation – 22nd October 2009


5 thoughts on “Electronics Reviews

  1. How about…the computer?

  2. The iPhone or iPod Touch! o_o

  3. iPod Touches are awesome. I never leave home without mine. ❤

  4. Hey Josh…
    Can you make the links for your reviews open in the same page? It’s a pet hate of mine. 🙂

  5. Urm… Electronics isn’t a really good idea.


    What I mean is that if you do a review on computers, it won’t make much sense. Y’know? Like who doesn’t have a computer (and they’re using it to view your blog)?

    PS3, Xbox, Wii and iPods are just too popular for people to not know about them.

    I’m not telling you to cut the reviews on electronics, but I really think you should classify it with the games section and just rename them to “Tech Reviews.”

    My opinion as all.

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