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October Wrap-Up


Hey there.

If you didn’t know already, I like wrapping things up.  With wrapping paper and with words.

*crickets chirp*

October was a huge month for Tinted Lens; the biggest month it has ever seen.  Ever.  …That’s partly because it hasn’t seen any other months.

*crickets chirp louder*

The blog was created on October 18th, and eight posts were written in October [that’s a post every day and a half!]

Tinted Lens was open for eight days that month; since the 24th.  Here’s the lowdown on the stats:

-A total of 1,889 hits

8 posts

618 hits on 25th October – not even RainingWater made it over 550 hits on a day.

1,245 hits in one week!

-An average of 172 hits per day (only counting the days in which the blog got hits – 11 days in total that month)

22 pages, including 10 games

32 tags

337 comments, including 46 on The Vending Machine game


The awards will be coming soon.  Did you know this is the tenth post on Tinted Lens?



Author: Josh

Josh is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Politics & International Studies and English & Theatre Studies. He enjoys eating ice cream, jamming to Taylor Swift, and procrastinating on readings.

26 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up

  1. Congratulations, Josh. Maybe you should mention my superb searching 5ki112*. lolol

    What did I search again? All I remember was that I got sick searching the word “Josh new blog lens”.


  2. Ten just made me think, only three post away untill…

  3. eyyy 13 is my lucky number mr.

    and yuh i bought my css

  4. *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*


    Gonna add you to my blogroll soon Josh.

  5. Make the 13th post an unlucky one XD

  6. congrats :p we should have a party..only 10 people invited :-p

  7. How can a post be “unlucky”?

  8. Maybe about an unlucky event…JUST SOMETHING UNLUCKY.

  9. congratz, josh : D good luck with the blog and all!!

    ..get your hands off of my star, it.s not your part but all your fault..

  10. 13 is my lucky number thankyou very much.

    Like the new design?

  11. Nice. Congratulations. ^-^
    Liking the new theme btw. And superbtastical header. The grass really makes it. It is grass, right? ‘Cause otherwise, that would just be awkward.

  12. Very nice, Josh. Now we don’t have the same themes anymore! You’re header-making are improving.

    Guess our long weekend’s over now, eh?

  13. Beat me to it, Squishy.

  14. Nice new design. Great header, and I just added you to my blogroll. Thanks for adding me. 🙂

  15. I must ask, how do you make these amazing headers? What program do you use?

  16. @Squishy; Thanks. Actually, it’s just green with added effects =]

    @Phi; Thanks.

    @jordan; Thanks, you’re welcome.

    @Chad; It’s a secret ;] Joking. I needed Macromedia Dreamweaver to make websites for school at home, so my IT teacher gave me a Macromedia pack to install on the computer worth $2000 – for free. In it included Dreamweaver and Fireworks, which I made the header with.

  17. Oh. I guess I could try an Illegally Download it. I have Photoshop, but someone needs to teach me how to use it 😐

  18. I hate dreamweaver. It is like the devil program that plagues my sleep. A.K.A. we have to use it for Multimedia at school to do all this boring CSS stuff (which just confuses me). Thus, I hate it.

    Chad, photoshop is awesome! Unlike dreamweaver I love it. If you want any help I’d be happy to…help that is.

  19. Oh and Josh, yeah…now that is awkward so lets just say it’s grass..lol

  20. I love the new site design 🙂

  21. Yuh squishy do u have CS4 cuzz thts wat I have,

  22. No, I don’t, but I know how to use it. I’ve used CS3 and CS2, which are basically similar. Tutorials are really your best bet for doing anything. Scour the internet, and umm…. ‘psdtuts.com’ is a good site if you want to try and make a few things.

  23. Building a site for the school now, huh? It’s good seeing you’re taking the next big step into real life business. (:

  24. I just noticed something:

    The Vending Machine is so popular. D:

    ===Lame Speech===

    Oh… I feel so proud of Vending Machine. It feels like yesterday that I inserted my first coin… *sigh*

    *Inserts coin in Vending Machine* hehehe

  25. Hahaha, no. They were for a project…if only we got money for it. 😥

  26. Cool, you’re site’s doing pretty good so far!

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